Backup Option missing everywhere even after added Data Storage for it


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Dec 12, 2022
Relatively new Proxmox user, running Proxmox 8.0.4 and the "Backup" option is nowhere to be found on either VMs or containers, the button I've seen in tutorials all over the web is simply completely "missing", even after I setup a Directory backup storage and an NFS backupstorage location. I haven't tried rebooting server/host but I've logged in/out of Web Gui to no effect.

I simply needed to convert an Unpriviliged container to a Priviliged container since apparently kvm will error with permission denied (can't get permission to /dev/kvm even though used correct cgroup2 allow and lxcmount and its visiable inside lxc-container but with owership of nobody and nogroup etc which is a problem). So to convert to priviliged which seems to be the only way to get kvm working inside lxc, I need to backup and restore, which I've never done before. Since I don't have any PBS, I simply added a Directory datastore but that didn't bring me the "backup" button, so then I tried adding in storage an NFS backup option and still no "backup button"...

Am I doing something wrong?
fyi, i found that although right click backup option missing, i did find it if opened a vm/container and click to "scroll" more and scrolling down found it. Not sure if this just started appearing more recently and that's why it appeared last and needed to click downward arrow to scroll more to see it, or if it was always there and i was blind. But it's still not available on right-click as I think i saw in some tutorials.

But OUCH, no warning that DRIVES that were NOT set to be "backed up" were then DELETED from the /var/lib/vz/images/container# directory. They were even set with chmod gou-rwx but apparently the RESTORE completely WIPED the "entire" directory/folder along with secondary .raw drive in there. Would be nice if we had more warning about all the files to be "deleted". I assumed it wasn't going to delete drives that were set to "not" be included in backup, when I did a "restore".


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