1. A

    [SOLVED] Problems after upgrading 7.X to 8.X. Can't file restore via PBS

    Hi! Everything was ok, but when i upgrade proxmox from 7.x to 8.x, i can not use file restore option in backup. When i'm trying to restore file, i've got message - "VM exited before connection could be established (500)" Log from /var/log/proxmox-backup/file-restore/qemu* Packages version: 1...
  2. G

    restore failed: OpenSSL error

    Hello, Having this error when trying to restore VM from PBS on the same network. `restore failed: OpenSSL error` Here is the full log : Using encryption key from file descriptor.. new volume ID is 'local-zfs:vm-4120-disk-0' restore proxmox backup image: /usr/bin/pbs-restore --repository...
  3. F

    Restored a VM from Backup and it has no hard disk

    Recently i had restored a VM from a backup, id restores without hard disk, in addition to this when i try to restore it again it gives the following error "TASK ERROR: command 'set -o pipefail && zstd -q -d -c /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-qemu-100-2024_03_17-14_41_03.vma.zst | vma extract -v -r...
  4. O

    Missing .conf files from old installation

    Hello all, I've recently (as in 2 days ago) switched motherboards since my last one seems to have been destroying HDDs. I had a perfectly working Proxmox 7 installation with a desktop and everything. Now, that installation won't boot on my new motherboard (it gets stuck at "Loading initial...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Backup & Restore LXC container to new Proxmox server issues

    Yesterday, I backed up and restored a LXC container to a new Proxmox VE 7.4-17 server using the information in these two resources and it was a new "template" on the new server. Both servers are running Proxmox VE 7.4-17...
  6. J

    Error bei Restore aus Backup "Cannot mkdir: No space left on device"

    Hallochen in die Runde, es gibt ja diesen Fehler, dem schon einige sinnlos aufgesessen sind und auch ich brauchte jetzt 2 Tage um zu kapieren, was hier schief läuft. Wäre es möglich, dass man den Entwicklern hier mal einen Schups gibt, dass im GUI beim "Zurückspielen" eine weitere Option mit...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Cannot do restore from one node to another in a cluster.

    So I've got three nodes, when I try to restore a Container from node to node, I get this error: recovering backed-up configuration from 'local:backup/vzdump-lxc-556-2023_11_29-18_01_03.tar.zst' mounting container failed TASK ERROR: unable to restore CT 305 - cannot open directory...
  8. J

    Proxmox Backup Server restored. Unable to restore old backups

    Hello everyone, I am having difficulty restoring my backups.Unfortunately, the error message isn't helping either: recovering backed-up configuration from 'restooooooore:backup/ct/102/2023-11-26T18:49:00Z' Formatting '/var/lib/vz/images/103/vm-103-disk-0.raw', fmt=raw size=8589934592...
  9. A

    How to restore list of vm and data.

    Hello. In datastore was lost all fidx blob, json blob(except :) and also I have date of snapshot). Chunks is set and ok. May i restore data from chunk or restore all fidx and json blob file for take data? Thank you.
  10. I

    Restore VM mit Passthrough Disk auf neues System

    Hallo Forum, Ich würde gerne meinen PVE Server neu aufsetzen, da die Systemplatte zu klein ist und ich diese als RAID1 ZFS erneuern möchte. Ich habe 2 LXCs und 2 VMs mit jeweils einer Passthrough Disk Auf einem Terramaster ist PBS mit 2 Platten installiert. Backups der LXCs und VMs sind...
  11. D

    Backup Option missing everywhere even after added Data Storage for it

    Relatively new Proxmox user, running Proxmox 8.0.4 and the "Backup" option is nowhere to be found on either VMs or containers, the button I've seen in tutorials all over the web is simply completely "missing", even after I setup a Directory backup storage and an NFS backupstorage location. I...
  12. D

    Backup(BMR) vom PBS Server erstellen und wiederherstellen?

    Hi zusammen, ich würde gerne einen PBS(physische Maschine) selbst sichern, so dass im Worst Case dieser Server auf einem anderen Gerät wiederhergestellt werden kann. Eine "Sichere deine Konfiguration" in der GUI wurde schon öfters als Feature Request gewünscht, bisher scheint es leider noch...
  13. M

    Restore Single Disk from PBS

    Hi all, I have a PBS running nested in PVE. All good so far. I also have OMV (NAS) running as VM in PVE, and as you can imagine, this is a lot of data. The good thing, the data is stored on multiple (physical) disks. Now one physical disk which I used exclusively for OMV died and I want to...
  14. L

    Backup Verschlüsseln

    Hallo Ich möchte gerne wissen, was genau geschieht, wenn ich Backups verschlüssle. Welche Option ist die Beste und was muss ich genau achten bei einem Restore, wenn die Backups verschlüsselt sind. Danke im Voraus.
  15. CH.illig

    File Restore aus Proxmox Backup Server

    Das Backup wurde bereits genutzt und auch für den restore, ich habe nun aber seit neuerem (genauer Zeitpunkt unbekannt) folgenden Fehler beim File restore: drive-scsi 1&2 sind beides identische Festplattenkonfigurationen mit NTFS Diek 2 funktioniert einwandfrei, bei Disk1 erhalte ich...
  16. M

    error before or during data restore, some or all disks were not completely restored. VM 106 state is NOT cleaned up.

    Hi, today I reinstalled my server. I back-uped all my VMs. When I had proxmox freshly installed, I went straight to restoring my VMs. All went well except the most important VM for me. The size is 1.7TB. Server config: -old dell r710 -wd purple 4tb in raid 1 and other drives -128GB RAM -Xeon...
  17. T

    Restore VM qcow2

    I've restored a machine that initially has a qcow2 format disk, but when I restored , it was restored with a .raw format, now I can't make snapshots on a directory pool, when you restore a VM you can't select the format of the disk , there is some configuration in backup server that sets the...
  18. UdoB

    [SOLVED] How to restore a VM from encrypted PBS via CLI?

    Good morning, this is for preparation of a desaster recovery, I am just evaluating ways to handle a problematic situation. Let's assume I have a dead PVE a working PBS another PVE Node (in another unrelated Cluster) to run a restored VM; already connected to PBS - but with a different...
  19. A

    Question about restoring from backup (not Backup Server)

    I wanted to know about backup and restore of a VM (or container), as I am evaluating a plan to create a cluster for my two NUC devices both running Proxmox. So, I wanted to do this after the fact, which requires me not to have VMs to join a cluster. If I make a backup of the VMs (option on the...
  20. W

    Container storage sub volume disappeared

    On Sunday I manually shut down my proxmox ve server for a planned power outage. During this process I did the following: 1: shut down my samba file server container (#107) 2: deleted an old test VM (VM105) -there was an option to included purging unreferenced disks, I wanted to recover the...


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