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    Swapping Disks in ZFS Pool

    I have a zfs pool and its getting full (raidz2), I want to swap 2 of the disks with new ones with higher capacity. I've read the instuctions for the swap & resilvering. i have 2 quick questions 1. Can I swap 2 disks simultaneously OR do i do it 1 at a time? 2. WIll there be an issue with useing...
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    Failed to start zfs-import after upgrading to PVE 8 from 7.4

    Hi all, i was testing the upgrade from 7.4 to 8 on one of my lokal nodes. The upgrade itself went fine and I was able to create a new test lxc etc. But after restarting the node it does not boot up. After connecting a monitor I saw that during the boot process the following error occurs...
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    Removing ZFS Pool and Preserve VMs

    I am new to Proxmox. I ended up doing a ZFS mirror for the two 1TB HDD I have, and started spinning up VMs. Is it possible to delete the mirror (so I get my drives back) and my VMs be ok? Or do I need to move the data on the VMs to a new HDD, delete the ZFS mirror, wipe the drives, and re-do...
  4. H

    VM Wiederherstellen funktioniert nicht

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe Proxmox 8 neu isntalliert und alles aus dem Backup wiederhergestellt. Doch einzig und allein eine meiner VM's mmacht Probleme. Das Backup ist abgebrochen, und seitdem krieg ich das BAckup nicht wieder korrekt gestartet. Hier das log vom Restore Job: Header Proxmox...
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    ZFS share

    Hi, I'm trying to mount ZFS pool, called it 'giant' (consists of 3x 12TB hdd) with the existing VM which runs OpenMediaVault, can't assign whole available space to the hard drive. Hardware Hingle mobo, standalone proxmox installation on nvme which means I have 1 proxmox node i my datacenter...
  6. O

    Cannot Create VM on ZFS pool only local storage shows up for option

    Hi I am very new to proxmox and have the following setup: 2x 60gb ssd enterprise drives in zfs raid 1 where proxmox is installed that shows up as local and local-zfs - here I can create vm's without an issue, the problem of course being there is very little space. So I added 2x 900gb scsi 15k...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Trying to replace a "failed" drive in existing raid

    I may have done things wrong thinking that just putting in a new drive would allow the RAID to rebuild itself. That said, I have a 5 disk RAID, but only 4 disks are still recognized. I have the 5th disk plugged in, but cannot get it to be seen so it can be added to the existing RAID so it...
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    [solved] zfs pool not usable

    hello, sorry for may english, since I'm a little frog eater :) Then on my node : 2x 250Go HDD in mirror for pve 4x 1To HDD in raidz1 for the vms I create a pool with the 4 HDD in raidz1 named "fpvm" it appears in : Disks=>ZFS and is noticed as ONLINE but in the left menu I don't see it and...
  9. J

    could not activate storage '[POOL NAME]', zfs error: cannot import '[POOL NAME]': no such pool available (500)

    Hello! I'm new to the world of Proxmox and have been having a great time. I had created a ZFS pool of 8 HDDs and a few VMs (TrueNAS, Home Assistant, Windows 10) ). Everything was working well. Then, this afternoon, my ZFS storage pool has a grey question mark next to it, and I get the error in...
  10. Z

    VM storage on ZFS pool vs ZFS dataset

    Hi, I'm planing the installation of a new proxmox instance, and I'm thinking about the storage model to follow. In my case, I will have a 2x Samsung SSD 860 PRO 250Gb disks on mirror mode for proxmox boot, then I'll create a ZFS pool of mirrors (raid10) for storing data. My initial idea was...
  11. M

    Migrating PVE to new server hardware

    Currently I have PVE 6.4 running on an HP Microserver Gen8: - PVE running on an SSD (ext4) - VMs stored on a ZFS pool of 2 HDDs I want to migrate this setup to a HP ML310e Gen8 v2. Also I wan to upgrade to PVE 7.1. Questions: 1. Would you start a fresh install of PVE 7.1 on another SSD and...
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    Host Disk full - no access to GUI - How to safely cleanup /var/tmp and other affected folders

    Hello Everyone, I've searched through forums here for a bit and have determined I am having a space issue on my proxmos host drive. This is not an inodes issue as far as I've determined. These drives are 2x 256 SSDs running in a ZFS pool - ever since I upgraded to a recent proxmox version to...
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    I can't manipulate drives on specific sata ports in proxmox

    I attempting to make a new zfs pool with more storage everything worked, and the drives showed up but, when I went to do anything to the drives no changes occurred. Then i tried several other commands that didn't work and finally reinstalled proxmox. That didn't work then I swapped Sata...
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    RAIDZ-2 oder RAID10

    Lieben Gruß an die Community, aktuell beschäftige ich mich damit, open media vault als VM laufen zu lassen. Die Festplatte für den Datenspeicher in OMV würde ich als virtuelle Festplatte zur Verfügung stellen wollen. Ich habe 4 x 4 TB, die ich über Proxmox in einem ZFS Pool zusammenfassen...
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    Drive not showing in GUI

    Hi, I am not new to computers but newer to PROXMOX and Linux. So could be mixing up device/drive/partition/fileformat. Playing around with a PCI Flash card aka FUsionIO drive. Think all looks good on that side root@pveD1541:~# fio-status Found 1 ioMemory device in this system Driver...
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    PVE 5: VM on mounted zfs?

    In PVE 5.2 I can add say couple of HDDs as ZFS based mirror. Then the ZFS pool can me added as storage. But ZFS pool can be as well mounted as general disk. But say I added this way the ZFS pool as storage or added it as dir storage. How is the pros or contras to do both options? ZFS pool...
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    Configuration for ZFS pool

    I've a 12 slot Supermicro chassis and have 12 x 1TB Samsung PRO SSD drives. Configuring them for ZFS pool, which one is better to go? 2 VDEVs striped, each has 6 drives with raidz2, usable space 8 drives 1 VDEV with 11 drives with raidz3, usable space 8 drives Also I have an Intel P3700 PCI...
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    Proxmox v5 and Ceph + ZFS

    Hi, I have 3x nodes with last version of Proxmox 5.x this 3 nodes has 3 local hard drives for each nodes 1 hard drive use for boot and Proxmox OS 2x Samsung SSD SM863 using for ZFS pool with RAID1 now, I try to Install Ceph and: 1. during the installation I got this error: root@server203:~#...


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