zfs encryption

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    Feedback for PVE setup for large Nextcloud installation (with other services)

    Hi there, Current Situation: We have a Nextcloud install with about 1000 users (but many are inactive). Everything is currently running on a Debian bare metal server, with caddy as a reverse proxy and Nextcloud (and other services) in Docker behind. Our current server (4 cores, 32 GB RAM, no...
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    Need help installing Proxmox with automatic decryption and multiple drives

    I'm trying to install Proxmox on a server that is going to be running Home Assistant, a security camera NVR setup and other sensitive data, I need to have the drives be encrypted with automatic decryption of drives so the VMs can automatically resume after a power failure. # My desired setup...
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    [SOLVED] Plama, WiFi, ZFS encryption

    If you use WiFi, want Proxmox as your desktop OS with encrypted ZFS, follow these steps: 00 Prepare these three USB sticks USB-1 - Proxmox VE 8.0 : proxmox-ve_8.0-2.iso USB-2 - Debian 12 DVD : debian-12.0.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso USB-3 - with script1.sh and script2.sh 01 Boot - USB-1 - Proxmox VE...
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    Move vm images to encrypted zfs dataset

    I am currently in the process of transitioning my server to a state where all vm images are encrypted. I decided to do this by using ZFS encryption. I currently have a encrypted dataset created at pool/encrypted. How can I move my current vm disk images to this new dataset (they are at the root...
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    [SOLVED] Is it safe to backup a PVE with encrypted zfs pool (native) to PBS

    Hi, I am slowly migrating some of our systems from dm-crypt to native ZFS encryption. Most hosts are pve-manager/7.3-4/d69b70d4 and PBS hosts are v2.3.2-1. I usually have one actual pool with tank/data and tank/data-encrypted which are our unencrypted and encrypted PVE pools: root@atlas:~#...
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    Allow migration and replication of disks on ZFS encrypted storage

    Hi, I came across the problem, that migration and replication does not work if the disk(s) are on a encrypted ZFS storage - which is not well documented by the way. The problem arose since the ZFS export function in pve-storage use the -R option of zfs send and this option does not work with...
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    ZFS root fs and special device for separate hdd

    Hello, having this hardware setup for Proxmox VE: 32GB RAM 2 x 500GB SSD 2 x 6TB HDD I want PVE to be installed on a SSD RAID1 with ZFS. LXC system files shall be stored also on that SSD RAID1. LXC data shall be stored on a HDD RAID1 with ZFS. To make use of the benefits of special devices I...
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    [SOLVED] Can't mount encrypted ZFS dataset - zfs mount fails sillently without an error

    Hi, I have problems with mounting encrypted zfs dataset after boot. Pool is properly imported and visible in `zpool status` output. Then I manually load keys with: `zfs load-key -a` - still no issues. And here comes the mounting part. Dataset has `canmount=on` and `mountpoint=/mnt/ssd`...
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    Problem with ZFS encryption

    I have a problem with the encryption function of ZFS: I followed the wiki tutorial: zfs create -o encryption=on -o keyformat=passphrase tank/encrypted_data pvesm add zfspool encrypted_zfs -pool tank/encrypted_data After a reboot of the pve I can see the filelist (ls tank/encrypted_data) and...


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