1. K

    LXC load averages are wrong in Zabbix on PVE 8.x in LXC containers

    After upgrading to PVE 8 and several CTs to Debian 12, I experience a loadavg discrepancy. The load averages shown in the CTs are that of the host, divided by the number of CPU cores of the LXC container (per-core loadavg in Zabbix), instead of the load of the LXC guest itself. The commands...
  2. J

    Install Zabbix Agent on Proxmox Nodes

    Hello, I want to install Zabbix Agent in my Proxmox Nodes but I have issues. Version: Virtual Environment 7.4-3 When I am trying the installation failed due lib requirements The following information may help to resolve the situation: The following packages have unmet dependencies...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Proxmox Ceph Zabbix

    In case this helps someone. Today, I was testing proxmox ceph cluster monitoring with the ceph built in zabbix monitoring module and followed the following ceph documentation on doing so But since I want to monitor my the cluster through proxy I had...
  4. L

    Proxmox ceph monitoring via zabbix agent

    Hi guys! At the moment we trying to configure monitoring by manual But now we got error Cannot fetch data: Post "https://admin:***@": tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake. We trying get information from ceph-manager by 6856 and 6857 ports, but...
  5. C

    Proxmox and Zabbix

    I have tried everything under the sun to get this to work, from PSK configuration to API Token, etc..., but nothing works, and this is just trying to add the PVE host, not a VM. Please let me know if you need any further information. I would really like to get this working.
  6. B

    Zabbix monitoring - cluster

    Hi, I am using the official Zabbix template: "Proxmox VE by HTTP" I set up my first host and to my surprise it discovered all the nodes in my cluster and added items & triggers for them, but under the first host pve01. I think if I add the other 4 nodes in the cluster I am going to get a lot of...
  7. L

    Monitoring of LXC Mount Point Metrics via API

    Hi there, Is there a way to monitor an LXC's mount point metrics (disk IO, size, usage) via the API? From our testing, all that is made available is the rootfs. Is possible to append this data (when applicable) to the follow calls? ...unless someone has a solution already :) Desired...
  8. A

    Zabbix monitor whole ethernet port usage

    As I try to gather PVE node stats with Zabbix I found I can not get real port usage for physical port that faces the WAN link. Vmbr0 stats seems to show only own node usage, but I need whole link usage (own node plus all of VMs usage). Silly question I know but can’t fond a way. Vmbr0 vs switch...
  9. H

    Monitor emails received and sent from Proxmox by Zabbix

    good afternoon, I would like to monitor with Zabbix the emails received and sent by Proxmox Mail Gateway. Has anyone implemented this type of monitoring? Which command on the Proxmox Mail Gateway can I check the quantity in numbers of emails received and sent? Thanks in advance for your...
  10. D

    Updating Python from 2.x to 3.x in Proxmox VE 6.1-7

    Hi all, I am currently running Proxmox VE 6.1-7 ( Linux proxmox1 5.3.18-2-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.3.18-2 ) which includes Python 2.7.16. As I also run Zabbix 4.x as a monitoriting tool in my environment (in a VM) I would also like to monitory my Proxmox hosts. I stumbled upon this article/solution...
  11. R

    Migrate Zabbix appliance to Proxmox VE

    Hello, I'm having problems at importing a Zabbix appliance (Download Zabbix) to Proxmox VE. First I tried with the one in .qcow2 format and then with the .raw and so on, but with not much luck with any. In all of them I got the same result, the web interface works fine, ssh works fine but the...
  12. A

    LXC memory monitoring with Zabbix

    Hi! I'm using Zabbix to monitor my Proxmox containers and I faced the problem. Zabbix item for getting total memory vm.memory.size[total] returns amount of mem on Proxmox host instead of memory inside a container. Although, value MemTotal from /proc/meminfo is correct. Also, Zabbix uses...
  13. A

    pve-zsync monitoring

    Hi, everyone! I want to announce my module for pve-zsync monitoring. I'm using zabbix to monitor hosting, so module written for Zabbix. Leave your comments here or at Any proposals or suggestions are highly appreciated.


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