1. N

    Forming a 10Tb WD Ultrastar DC HC330 hard drive (part: 0B42266 and 0B42305) in Proxmox does not work, but ,in Windows10 formatting works.

    I can't format my hard drive in proxmox. It gives an error (file attached below). The latest current version of the proxmox update has been installed. But when running in Windows 10 through the disk management partition, formatting in ntfs format works correctly. Files on the disk run without...
  2. K

    Choose between EXT4, XFS, ZFS and BTRFS ? Why ?

    Hi there! I'm not sure which format to use between EXT4, XFS, ZFS and BTRFS for my Proxmox installation, wanting something that once installed will perform well and hold up. I've heard that EXT4 and XFS are pretty similar (what's the difference between the two?). ZFS and BTRFS have some...
  3. K

    Extend directory

    Hi, I have deployed the PBS server on top of VE, to test it out, before potentially rolling it out in production. I initially created a 100GB disk for the backup, and then wanted to extend it afterwards with 50GB. The PBS instance can see the new size, but i cant seem to figure out how to get...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] 7.4 cluster with mixed storage (XFS and ZFS)

    I have issues since on my Proxmox cluster since I added a new node with ZFS (RAIDZ2) storage. I had a 3-node cluster (version 7.3) where each nodes (names: node1, node2 and node3) had a single disk using XFS filesystem, I added a new v7.4 node (name: node4) having 8 disks ZFS RAIDZ2. Note...
  5. F

    Filesystem Features XFS vs BTRFS vs ZFS

    For better decisions according filesystem choice I thought it would be a good thing to see the possibilities. filesystem XFS BTRFS ZFS Compression with VDO layer inline / offline inline Deduplication offline inline / offline inline Metadata extern yes no yes, special device...
  6. T

    Which Filesystem for Hardware Raid 1 SSD drives?

    Hello, My understanding is some file systems will keep writing logs on the drives all the time. So if a drive is SSD and hardware RAID 1 this should be avoided because SSDs can only have so many writes before they start marking sectors as bad. What is the best filesystem to hold the VMs in...
  7. R

    [TUTORIAL] xfsdump a running pve node root partition?

    Would it be possible to use xfsdump (or xfs_copy) to backup a running pve node root partition, which is xfs within a LV? The reason: I only have one PVE, so no cluster. I have all my containers backed up offsite to PBS. But not backing up the PVE makes me a bit vulnerable. I've made all sorts of...
  8. G

    Gast Filesystem: XFS vs. ext4 auf ZFS-Host?

    Hallo, dank einem Beitrag habe auf eine Frage von mir habe ich nun meinen Server auf ZFS umgestellt. Nun stellt sich mir die Frage: XFS oder ext4 als Gast FS? Bisher war ich immer ein Freund von XFS: - defrag online möglich (auch unter Linux relevant; ggf. weniger/gar nicht bei SSD?) - stabil...
  9. R

    Shrink / Reduce a volume with an LVM-XFS partition

    I need to shrink a Proxmox-KVM raw volume with LVM and XFS. Now, XFS doesn't support shrinking as such. It's possible to hack around this with xfsdump and xfsrestore, but this would require 250G data to be copied offline, and that's more downtime than I like. Whats the alternative? I was...
  10. William Edwards

    File system in VM

    I am trying to decide between using XFS or EXT4 inside KVM VMs. My goal is not to over-optimise in an early stage, but I want to make an informed file system decision and stick with that. Situation: Ceph as backend storage SSD storage Writeback cache on VM disk No LVM inside VM CloudLinux 7...
  11. E

    Remove unused directory from gui

    Hi. After testing some new disk with ext and xfs, i end up with a Server/Disks/Directory with "/mnt/pve/test-disk /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxx ext4 defaults" This disk in now gone/formatted and replaced with xfs manually. But this line in gui i cant find out how to remove. (its not in...
  12. L

    Intel NUC single SSD - best filesystem?

    We're planning on using a few Intel NUCs in lab conditions with Proxmox. They take a single M.2 NVME device. What would be the best filesystem to use in this case? Also if ZFS would a RAID1 or RAID0 array be the correct option?
  13. J

    XFS with Thin Provisioning

    Hi, I have set up a thin pool for container creation. When I create Cts the filesystem is formated with ext4 automatically. is it possible to create containers with XFS instead of EXT4 using thin provisioning? Regards
  14. M

    Strange disk performence in Windows guest

    Hello everyone! I have proxmox home lab, and now I try to choose filesystem for my virtual machines. I will run Windows VMs and I need better filesystem for that. I setup Windows VM with this config: agent: 1 balloon: 0 bootdisk: virtio0 cores: 4 cpu: host memory: 4096 name: Test-IOPS net0...
  15. Q

    Low overhead low-level method of sharing filesystems

    Hi, Wondering what methods there are of sharing a filesystem from a host to a guest in Proxmox. I looked into 9p and found a forum thread from 2012 where dietmar says "[...]We do not want to implement that now." Long story short, I have a 10TB XFS filesystem that I need to access read-only from...


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