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    [TUTORIAL] (FOSS Module) Proxmox VE for WHMCS - Free integration for VMs and CTs!

    G'day, We'd like to inform you of our FOSS module, Proxmox VE for WHMCS[1], now that it's approaching v1.3.x and has been overhauled from the original developer's iteration - fixing several issues, such as updating to reflect LXC being used for CTs, resolving many errors, adding functionality...
  2. R

    Connection Error to port 8006

    I am trying to setup proxmox official supported module for whmcs and while testing connection to my proxmox server, it gives me this error "failed to connect to 107.150.**.*** port 8006 after 1000 ms: connection refused" Ill be really grateful if someone here can help me regarding this error...
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    Proxmox cloud-init kvm template creation for hostbill automation - need help

    Hello! I am trying to to create a CentOS 7 template for my proxmox setup which I want to use with Hostbill for automated creation of VMs I tried everything but nothing works.. VM creates and online but can't login Right now I can create VM and they are online sucessfully But I can't login using...
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    Cloud-init - User root password blank

    Hi Guys, I wonder if someone could help me, I have been struggling for about a week to get proxmox to set a vm's password though whmcs. I have honestly exhausted everything I can think of. From debugging the 'cloud-init.log' files to trying multiple cloud ready images all which have the same...
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    WHMCS installed in VM on Proxmox Host

    Hi, Just a question, currently we run our WHMCS installation in a Proxmox VM running DirectAdmin. Before when WHMCS was hosted on a totally different server the Proxmox VPS Module could just connect to the Proxmox host. But currently that the WHMCS installation is in a VM on the Proxmox host I...
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    Can't Start VM : Image is not in qcow2 format

    When I made a system image and purchased the automatic activation product from whmcs, the automatically created parameters were correct, but the VM could not be started, and the disk was also qcow2 Use of uninitialized value in split at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/QemuServer/Cloudinit.pm line 99...
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    WHMCS module for proxmox

    hello all , i am using whmcs module for proxmox and its not wokring properly ! do you have any tip or idea :? it doesn't allocate ip for the vms it doesn't create the vm on the proxmox server ( VMID problem !! ) how to solve it :? whmcs module =>...
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    Assigning IPs to Windows Server Template

    I'm using WHMCS and Proxmox, also I'm using the Proxmox Module Garden addon to create a VM after I accepted the order, then its automatically cloning the template. Everything works, except for assigning the IP to the network adapter. So I need to change the IP manually to get an internet...
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    [SOLVED] DHCP Server, Proxmox and OVH

    Hello! I have been pulling my hair out in an attempt to set this up, so any assistance to get this going would be greatly appreciated, thank you. I am on the OVH network (i.e. SoYouStart) and have been trying to follow this guide here...
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    PRVE, open-source whmcs 6.x module for PROXMOX

    At the Feb 2016, I did wrote a module for WHMCS and tried to sell it via www.moduleland.com But there was no success and i didn't sell at-least one copy. So i decided to sell the domain (moduleland.com) and publish the PRVE module source code. You can find it on github ...


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