1. G

    Database Server With vRack & Failover IPs

    HI, I'm struggling to get my head around H/A with OVH and vRack. I have a small database server I want to provide some redundancy too. I have three servers located in the same region and vRack configured with a subnet of IPs. Can someone give me an example of the networking? I was thinking I...
  2. J

    Install Proxmox in an OVH Vrack

    Hello, I am trying to install Proxmox on a dedicated server at OVH but cannot find much instruction and know Chinese for me. Here is what I have: two dedicated server with ProxMox. Both servers have an external ip address but I would like the VMs to communicate with each other via private IP...
  3. J

    OVH with multiple subnet?

    Hello! I have OVH server with multiple subnet /25 and /27 which i would like to use on my server. I do also have vRack available, which i can use. Also with and without. Is it possible to use all of available IPs on my machine, without the need to generate new MAC for each of available IP (there...
  4. Q

    OVH vrack and VMs

    Hello, I'm looking for help on configuring the ovh vrack for VMs hosted by proxmox ve 6. I already configured public IP and vrack private IP on my proxmox host and, through vmbr0 bridge, I already assigned a different public ip to my ubuntu 20.04 VM. I'm a kind of lost on how to bridge the...
  5. F

    proxmox5.2 bridge is not working. OVH Vrack.

    I have two lxc (ct) machines configured with public IP from a RIPE block in a ovh vrack and they can pinging between lxc machines but not to their gateways. I have other machines in soyoustart and the need a /32 netmask configuration and a virtual mac created in soyoustart panel and works...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Cluster without vlan / vrack (ovh)

    Hey! I want to create a proxmox cluster but don't have the possibility to create a vlan(vrack). I don't want to use the cluster for HA, just for migrating Containers between the nodes. Are there any problems with this or can I just use the external IPs? My second question: What if I have...
  7. O

    ProxMox 4.4 - cluster on OVH servers in vRack

    Hello. I have 2 serwers (SP-64) from OVH in their vRack, each with ProxMox 4.4 OVH's distribution installed. Adding linux container is not a problem, containers are connected to the "outside world", everything works just fine, except... I created new cluster on the first server, and I try to...
  8. C

    Proxmox / OVH vrack / Private - Public IP

    Hi there, I have 2 OVH hosted servers that are in a vRack. The first one is Debian machine with a database (only eth0 is linked). The second one is Debian / Proxmox with several VM (only eth2 is linked). Both olds public and private IP. The idea is for the VM to communicate with the database...
  9. R

    OpenVSwitch, pfSense and CARP

    Hello everyone, for HA of some services I'm trying to setup two pfSense-Firewalls on two different Hosts which are connected via a vRack at OVH. The network is configured on top of OpenVSwitch with several VLANs which are working great between the cluster-nodes, except for the CARP of the...


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