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    [SOLVED] When installing pve 8.2, there is a problem with the output to the monitor.

    Hi, I ran into a problem when installing PVE 8.2, after selecting the installation mode in grub, the monitor does not display an image, asks to bring the configuration to 1920 by 1080 60 hz, tried gui and tui modes (vga connection on the board), also connected a DVI video card.
  2. M

    PVE working fine but no local console video output

    PVE 8.0.3 installed and is working successfully. Host is a Dell Optiplex Tower Plus 7010, with Intel i7-13700 CPU. There is no discrete graphics, it's using the IGPU only. This machine has 3 full size DisplayPort video outputs, no other video output type is available. I've connected an old VGA...
  3. M

    How to "sleep" the video card

    Hello, I am using Proxmox 7.3-6 on a x86 device with a VGA and HDMI video output. Everything works fine, apart that the VGA signal never put the monitor to "sleep" even if I am not using the Console. As I have attached different devices to the same monitor this is very inconvenient as I need to...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] USB Tuner Problems

    I am having some trouble getting my USB tuner to work properly. I've been working on this for awhile, and I've tried a lot of solutions. Over the course of working on this, I've seen some symptoms I don't understand. I'll try to present what I've tried, and what problems I am running into as...
  5. B

    Viewing console on an Intel GVT-g virtual machine

    Is it possible to have the video still visible on the console UI when running a VM with no video adapter, and Intel GVT-g configured? Right now running like this and heavily dependent on RDP working. I see these instructions for libvirt on an Arch system with an GVT-g VM, but not sure how this...
  6. B

    Intel GVT-g GPU and no other video card

    I have Windows VMs with just an Intel GVT-g GPU and Display set to None (so there's no other video card present in the VM). How can I still obtain access to the console via noVNC, SPICE, or anything else?
  7. J

    Create a ProxMox VM as an everyday personal computer?

    New to this forum and to ProxMox VE and starting to like it must better that ESXi. So is there a way to use one of the VM's as your everyday personal computer? I have 2 Dell Poweredge R710's, 1 Dell 690 and 1 Dell 670 and would like to utilize them all as Proxmox servers and not a desktop. I...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Changing Video Card Broke Networking

    My first Proxmox install has been working pretty well. I'm trying to get my video card to passthrough. I read about the trick of moving it to the second pci-e slot. I stuck some old card in the first slot and my main in the second slot. Everything seems to boot right, but I could not connect to...
  9. D

    Linux guest (with GPU passthru) issue with pulseaudio

    Hi, This is my first post here. I'm running proxmox 5.1-42. I recently managed to get GPU passthru up and running in both an Ubuntu desktop guest and Windows 10 guest (Nvidia GTX1050Ti GPU and drivers installed). After rejoicing in my achievement I decided to kick back view some Youtube...
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    Video Card "helping processor when virtualization OSs "

    Community, I am new to the world of Virtualization and fairly new also to the world of computers, because of this please do apologize my ignorance. Recently a friend of mine gave me an old AMD based PC with 8GB of RAM and I had a video card around so I installed it. GPU: GeForce GTX 750 Ti...
  11. J

    QEMU Driver in Ubuntu Guest

    Hi all! I have a Ubuntu Mate VM (Proxmox 5) but the only res while running in the console is 800x600 which is way low. The display settings in Mate have no other resolution to switch too. Monitor type is "unknown" .Is this related to the QEMU video driver limitation? How can I fix this. I need...
  12. J

    "Video mode not supported" when trying to install Proxmox on an HP Microserver

    I have an HP Proliant Gen7 Microserver with 8GB of RAM. I'm trying to install Proxmox from a 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive plugged into the internal USB port. The first time I tried to install Proxmox on it, the installer worked perfectly, but I changed my mind halfway through the installation...


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