1. A

    Need help with Proxmox hotplug CPU issue

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue with hotplugging CPUs in Proxmox. Here's what's happening: Set a limit of 6 vCPUs. Launched a Windows VM with 2 vCPUs. Enabled NUMA and hotplug options in the VM settings. When I try to increase the number of vCPUs using the edit option in the hardware...
  2. M

    Create vm - how to allocate cores sockets cpu and memory allocation

    Hi I use following Ram and processor Ryzen™ 5 5600G Desktop Processor (6-core/12-thread, 19MB Cache, up to 4.4 GHz max Boost) 16gb 3200ghz ram I want to create truenas and win 11 as VM's inside proxmox. While creating vm under cpu and memory tab what specs can be allocated for best...
  3. S

    vcpus: hotplug problem - you can't add more vcpus than maxcpus

    Hi When I want to hotplug vCPU and increase it, I will get below error : Parameter verification failed. (400) vcpus: hotplug problem - you can't add more vcpus than maxcpus while the "CPU limit" is unlimited . I'm using proxmox VE 7.2
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Sockets vs Cores vs Threads vs vCPU vs CPU Units

    I've read everything I can about this and I still don't understand how this works in Proxmox. I have a 2 x E5-2698 v3 Server which has 2 sockets, 16 cores per socket, 2 threads per core. So that's a total of 64 threads, 32 physical cores, 2 physical sockets. Proxmox is showing this like this...
  5. G

    Best overprovisioning settings for this setup?

    So I'm setting up a small homelab on a PC: CPU: Intel Xeon E31268L v3 - 4 cores 8 threads - Around an i7 4770 in performance RAM: 16GB DDR3 SSD: 128GB mSata => Boot and VMs HDD: 2x8TB HDD 1Gbps Network I'll install Proxmox on that and set up these VMs: 1. OpenMediaVault 6 with the 2x8TB HDD...
  6. M

    TASK ERROR: MAX 6 vcpus allowed per VM on this node

    I just rebooted my server and one VM did not start with the error "TASK ERROR: MAX 6 vcpus allowed per VM on this node". My server is runnung on a Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2 with 6 cores (12 with Hyper-Threading). Before the restart the VM was running with 8 vcpus without any problems!
  7. C

    Question regarding vCPU for KVM

    We are looking to enable hotplug for the CPU for KVM guests. I've seen that it's only possible with vCPU and not Sockets nor Cores. Assuming the host has 32 cores, would it be best practice to set Sockets: 2 Cores: 16 and set the vCPU to 6 or according to the guest CPU need. If I understand...
  8. V

    VMs utilize only one core

    Hi everyone. I have the following setup: Windows 10 PC with Virtualbox with Proxmox running inside. VM with Proxmox was given 6 cores (I have Ryzen 1600 with 6 physical cores). Inside Proxmox I have created an Ubuntu Server 18.04 VM (1 socket, 4 cores, 4 vCPUs, CPU limit: unlimited) Then I try...
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    Hotplug CPU

    Hi all, Im' working on PVE 5.1 and i get some issues with cpu hotplugging. I added /lib/udev/rules.d/80-hotplug-mem.rules and /lib/udev/rules.d/80-hotplug-cpu.rules file config on the node I also modified vm config file to get this: numa: 1 hotplug: disk,network,usb,memory,cpu ... When i...
  10. F

    How many KVM with this server's configuration?

    Hello, My School has bought 5 servers and i need config to provide VM to students. My server info: Processor: 2 x E5-2683 Memory: 4 x 32GB DIMMs SSD: 1TB/Raid 10 My question: Is possible to create 300 KVM VPS with this configuration in PROXMOX? (Example each VM is 1vCPU, 1GB Ram, and flexible...
  11. K

    vcpu unhandled rdmsr

    Hallo, ich erhalte seit mehreren Tagen Fehlermeldungen wie folgt: Diese Meldungen erscheinen nur wenn ich ein Linux System als KVM boote. Es dauert ca 3-5 Sekunden bis die Fehlermeldungen erscheinen. Auf dem Node laufen aktuell nur 3 Linux KVM und 1ne Windows KVM. Vielen Dank im voraus...


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