usb drive

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    Can't add external hdd drive to TrueNAS Scale VM

    Hi All, I am new to Proxmox and need some help with how to attach or add all my usb external storage, in my case I use "ORICO-3559C3" with 5-bays HDD drive. My goal is to provide ZFS storage to the VMs in Proxmox (with TrueNAS-Scale), I have VM 100 with TrueNAS Scale 22.12 on My Baremetal...
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    [TUTORIAL] Virtual Pendrive on VM

    I searched a lot on the pages but found nothing interesting so decided to write a short tutorial. Virtual Flash Drive is very helpful, many systems require it instead of an iso image, and it will also come in handy for quick tests or fast move files beetwen VM. 1. We create an image of our...
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    Mounting USB NTFS drive on host at start up, and sharing it with VMs

    I was able to mount an external USB drive (NTFS formatted) on proxmox host using: mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/pve/USBDrive (after installing ntfs-3g, looking up drive name, and creating mount point) I could then go into Data Centre -> Storage -> Add -> Directory and point to...
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    SFTP to USB passthrough for VM (Ubuntu / Plex)

    Hi all, I am VERY new to Proxmox. I set it all up only yesterday. I have two VMs working - one is Home Assistant (OS) and the other is Ubuntu 20.04 server. The Ubuntu server is running plex and unifi controller. These work nicely. I have managed to mount an external USB drive which has my media...
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    [SOLVED] Node shows wrong USB disk size

    Hi! This is something, I did not see anywhere else. I've got PVE 7.1-7 with a single node. For backup purposes an 8TB USB HDD is attached. "Disks" shows /dev/dsde and sde1 as 8 TB (it's one single EXT4 partition). When I click on that Volume (listed below the node's VMs), the summary shows 4.24...
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    Unstable USB drive causes problems

    I have an 8TB WD usb drive connect to the proxmox host that I then share to containers and VMs. The problem is that it often becomes completely unresponsive and causes the web dashboard to have question marks (communication failure 0) and no communication to the services, which remain running...
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    How to share storage between VMs and proxmox?

    Hi, I have attached a large HDD over USB3.0 to my Proxmox node. I use it to store backups of VMs and containers. However, I also would like to run many media-heavy Docker containers in a VM (Plex, family photos, Nextcloud, etc) and would have to store the media on that said HDD. What is the...
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    USB Drive not detected

    I know there have been several posts on the topic but I can't find one that helps resolve my issue so figured I'd ask. I have a new USB backup drive which is an external enclosure with 2x 8TB Seagate drives in a RAID0, so total of 16TB. It shows up as a device in lsusb and generates a device...


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