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    USB passthrough disks becoming RAW after proxmox update

    Hi, as i stated in the title, i have a couple of USB HDDs held in a external usb enclosure, connected to a VM, with W11 installed. I've selected "use USB port" to passthrough the HDDs to the VM. The disks were directly formatted to NTFS in Windows After updating proxmox, one of them reads in...
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    External USB Disk

    When connect external usb disks to proxmox some are listed with lsblk (even some pendrives) and others do not. Disks not listed are able to be passedthrough and accessible by VMs. Any idea how to connect the the usb disks? Disconnecting and connetcting the disk back to the usb port I get the...
  3. C

    USB Device disconnects frequently and doesnt re-connect

    Hi all, having an issue with my proxmox storage, i have a 8TB sata HDD in an external caddy connected via USB 3.1 to my server. this drive is used for the storage for my file server and seems to disconnect randomly (with a tendancy to do so when there are high reads/writes to it) i have done...
  4. K

    Access Files already on USB Disk

    Hi. I've been running ProxMox for a few weeks. I have a Home Assistant VM and a Linux (Mint) box running. I want to add a NAS. I was looking at OpenMediaVault. I have a FAT32 formatted USB drive which I'd like to attach and serve the files from it. Is it possible to attach it to ProxMox in...
  5. P

    [TUTORIAL] Virtual Pendrive on VM

    I searched a lot on the pages but found nothing interesting so decided to write a short tutorial. Virtual Flash Drive is very helpful, many systems require it instead of an iso image, and it will also come in handy for quick tests or fast move files beetwen VM. 1. We create an image of our...
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    [SOLVED] Good Practice for Disks Setup

    Hi, in my 2nd attempt to switch over to Proxmox from OMV, I want to move away from an ancient Dell Server with Xeon X3440 that is great for disk storage capacity but terrible on power consumption, noise and thermal exhaust. Therefore, I want to downsize my homelab server to an unused MacMini...
  7. R

    ZFS kann nicht gelöscht werden

    Hallo, ich nutze jetzt zum ersten mal Proxmox und habe mir ein ZFS auf einem USB Stick angelegt. Anschließend habe ich ihm formatiert aber sehe immernoch unter Disks->ZFS das Laufwerk. Dort kann ich den Pool nicht löschen. Was kann ich dagegen machen?
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    Emergency Mode - USB-HDD richtig einbinden?

    Hallo zusammen, nachdem mein PVE nach einem Neustart nicht mehr hochgefahren ist, habe ich den Monitor angeklemmt und gesehen, dass ich im "Emergency Modus" bin. Nach kurzer Recherche bin ich auf dieser italienischen Seite gelandet und habe mir den Text übersetzt...
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    Proxmox USB/SD Card Boot Recommendations?

    In my home lab, I have 2 Intel NUCs (both only allow 1 * SSD and 1 * NVMe) and I’m currently booting them (UEFI) from the internal SSD. The 2 NUCs are setup in a cluster with an external qdevice for corosync quorum votes. I would like to use these internal SSDs as VM storage to maximise...
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    Backup to ext usb also take space on local-zfs

    When backing to external usb drive and cancel backup before completion all space occupied during backup process is reset like it was cache. However once backup successful all occupied space remaining on local zfs and there is no way to remove it. Any idea?
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    Passthrough Usb Disk to Windows 2012 R2 Server

    Hi, Is there anyway in Proxmox 4.2 to pass physical devices such Usb Disk to Windows 2012 R2 to perform USB Backup or to have some usage of removable devices? I tried following this and this...


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