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    Durchgereichte USB Geräte in Windows auswerfen

    Hallo, ich beschäftige mich seit kurzem mit Proxmox und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Heute stellte sich mir die Frage ob es eine möglichkeit gibt eine externe HDD, die an eine Windows VM durchgereicht (Port) wurde, in der VM auszuwerfen und diese dann am Host abgehängt werden kann. Grund meiner...
  2. D

    Random USB NIC Disconnects (TP-LINK UE306 AX88179)

    Hey! So I'm really out of luck with this and have to ask for help because I might go crazy. We've recently had to add a couple of USB NICs to our cluster to be able to migrate our OPNSense Firewall VM, as we don't have managed switches or the budget for more dedicated network hardware, and have...
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    USB drive not working at all

    I've got an 8TB USB drive with a ZFS filesystem that I litterally just unplugged (after correctly unmounting and exporting) from a neighbouring system. I've gone to plug it into my Proxmox 8.1 system with the intent of mounting into an LXC that will replace that neighbouring system but it's not...
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    No USB device on host

    Dear, Suddenly on the Host (Proxmox VE) there are no usb devices detected anymore. We have tried several things such as 3 different USB 3.0 ports, different devices etc. Even an manual rescan of the usb devices. The problem is that also nothing shows up in the syslog (host). If we tried to...
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    Difficulty connecting USB HDD XFS format inside unprivileged LXC

    Hello everyone, I had previously connected a USB HDD setup as a zpool and used lxc.mount.entry inside an LXC setup with Debian and Proxmox Backup Server. I got it working but one of my other drives is a single drive and the ZFS was causing errors. I followed some recommendations to try out XFS...
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    [SOLVED] Zooz USB Zwave controller not showing in USB devices

    Plugged in a Zooz USB Zwave controller into my proxmox server. I want to passthrough the controller as a specific device to an VM. Unfortunately the Zooz does not show in the list. lssub does not show the device either (although several other devices do. I know the Zooz controller is good as...
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    Using USB Port on VM Like Normal Computer?

    Hi! I’m new to Proxmox. I’ve tried to add “USB Device ID” as well as “USB Port” to the VM from Web GUI. But the VM only detect flashdisks that had been added in the Proxmox. Expected result, naturally: (From VM) Insert flashdisk A —> VM detect flashdisk A —> Eject flashdisk A —> Insert...
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    Windows VM Some Hardware Greyed Out

    Hello everyone, I've ran onto this issue where I cannot seem to add any more USB devices to my VM, nor EFI Disks nor TPM states as the UI has them greyed out. Has anyone run onto this issue and can provide some input on how to address it? I'm on Proxmox 8.0.4 Thanks in advance!
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    Proxmox 7.4 USB speed issue

    Kernel: pve-kernel-6.2.11 When I use my USB NIC, all USB ports are at USB 2.0 (Includes usb3 interface) The wire has been checked and there is no problem. Because of this strange problem, my windows 11 virtual machine is not performing well (such as USB sound card audio stuttering). I have...
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    NUT Server leading to USB Questions

    I spent a few hours yesterday on a Proxmox LXC (un-priviledged) trying to setup a NUT Server to monitor my office's two UPSes (both Cyber Power). Things were going swimmingly until near the end when try as I might I couldn't convince the NUT monitor to start. I won't go into detail here as my...
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    Not getting "Trust This Computer?" on iOS devices

    Hello, I have created a Windows 10 VM on Proxmox 7.3, installed the virtio-win drives, installed iTunes, and passed through both an iPhone and iPad via the "Use USB Vendor/Device ID" option in the Hardware settings of the VM. After starting the VM, I get an "Allow this device to access photos...
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    USB PCIe device dead on boot - xHCI host controller not responding, assume dead

    Hello all, I'm having some trouble getting a PCIe usb controller working with my system and I'm not sure where the exact problem is. As an FYI, I am successfully passing 3 GPUs (1660 Ti, 3060 Ti, and a RX 6400) and 2 usb controllers (they are motherboard controllers and NOT pcie add-ons) as well...
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    [SOLVED] SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 - no serial-id

    Hi there, i am trying to get my SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus by ITead running, but i can not get a serial-id from this stick (another Zigbee Stick is working - Texas Instruments, Inc. CC2531 ZigBee) root@pve:~# lsusb -t -v /: Bus 02.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=xhci_hcd/10p...
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    new Update issue with USB / GPU

    i'm using Proxmox 7.2-3, USB2.0 and NVidia GPU passthrough to VM after the update , start getting a strange issue, when i plug usb keyboard directly to passthrough usb ports or to kvm switch, i lost guest gpu output. restarting VM not solving prob, need to restart whole server to make it work...
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    Adding a USB Device via command without resetting the computer ?

    Hi, Proxmox When I want to add an external USB disk or usb stick, how can I identify the USB Device via the command prompt without resetting the computer from the Proxmox Interface?


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