1. Y

    Error 599 too many redirections

    Hello everyone, I am contacting support because I am encountering a persistent error when creating a VM via API and Terraform. To be more specific, my goal is to clone a specific VM from a template. My code is below. However, an error constantly appears, interrupting the process with "error...
  2. N

    shrinking disks is not supported

    Hello Experts, I've using terrform to provision. Here is my config provider.tf terraform { required_providers { proxmox = { source = "bpg/proxmox" } } } provider "proxmox" { endpoint = "" username = "root@pam" password =...
  3. J

    Proxmox Cluster Terraform

    Hello, I am running a couple 20+ node cluster today and we are deploying VMs using terraform (bgp/proxmox) Since as far as we know in the API you have to specify which one of the nodes you want to deploy the VM to we have created a javascript in between Proxmox and terraform that translates...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Creating clone using terraform always results in unused disk

    Hello, I have created VM template using packer. Template is working properly, if I use PVE GUI, I can use prepared cloud-init config and deploy it perfectly. However, using terraform with Proxmox plugin from Telmate/proxmox version 3.0.1-rc1, I can create full clone without issue but it always...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] automating with bpg/proxmox; How to find URL and checksum of LXC images?

    Howdy, folks. I'm trying to populate my proxmox servers' LXC templates with the bpg/proxmox Terraform provider. Pulling from Debian's site, that would look something like this: resource "proxmox_virtual_environment_download_file" "debian-12-amd64-lxc" { content_type = "vztmpl"...
  6. S

    Creating Vm without bridge causing warning.

    Hi, first of all let me thank you for this community and Proxmox team. Right now I'm doing an evaluation regarding proxmox setup. My proxmox version is 8.0.3. I want to create a virtual machine with 2 nics. I have 2 bridge on my proxmox host, one for wan traffic other one for internal network...
  7. P

    iSCSI, LVM and HA confusion

    So I have a simple 3-node Proxmox lab + Synology NAS. My goal is to be able to build images using Hashicorp Packer and create VM's using Terraform declarations based on those images later. As far as I understand in order to create a VM from an image the storage of this image must exist on a...
  8. N

    cloudinit disks not cleaned up

    Hi We are deploying cloudinit images from terraform (telmate/proxmox), by cloning a template in proxmox already configured with cloud init. The new machine gets created with the next available VMID, and a small 4MBdisk is created to feed the cloudinit settings. The disk created for cloudinit is...
  9. F

    Proxmox with Terraform and Ansible

    Hi. Im trying to use Terraform to build VMs on proxmox and config them with Ansible. Does someone have a sample code or playbooks for ansible. I have some stuggels getting everything together. Hopefully someone can help me.
  10. C

    Windows Server 2022 with Cloud-init and Terraform

    Hi all, I'm trying to prepare Windows Server 2022 template so that it could be deployed with Terraform. I've managed to create new WS2022 VM, install Cloud-Init on it and do a sysprep. After VM is created by Terraform I'm stuck on language selection screen and don't know how to proceed further...
  11. S

    500 unable to parse directory volume name

    Hello. I get this error after terraform apply: Error: error creating VM: 500 unable to parse directory volume name 'ubuntu-20.04.5-live-server-amd64.iso', error status: {"data":null} (params: map[agent:0 args: bios:seabios boot:c bootdisk:scsi0 cores:2 cpu:host description...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Cloud-Init Drive Not Auto-Regenerating

    Hello, I am experiencing an issue with the CloudInit Drive 'auto-regenerating' after a clone, a virtual hardware hotswap, or even a reboot. The Regenerate Image button must be manually clicked in the GUI. I have used Packer to create an image of Alma 9 Linux with cloud-init installed. It also...
  13. R

    Terraform network configure Debian

    Hello! https://registry.terraform.io/providers/Telmate/proxmox/latest/docs/resources/vm_qemu#preprovision-for-linux-ubuntu--centos The documentation states that only Ubuntu / Centos distributions can be used to configure a network without cloud-init Is it possible to set up a network like...
  14. C

    Error: error from PVE: "500 QEMU guest agent is not running"

    Hi everyone, I've several days trying to deploy a virtual machine and I'm stuck with this: 1. First I make a template by executing the following commands: qm create 9002 --memory 3072 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr1 qm importdisk 9002 debian-11-generic-amd64-20210814-734.qcow2 R51_3-17 qm...
  15. P

    Cloud-init ready image fails to set login credentials from a terraform script

    Hi, I would like to provision basic architecture consisting of several master, agent and balancer VMs, totaling at 8 resources. All of the VMs are to be cloned from a prepared cloud-init ready VM template using a Terraform script. When cloning from a template with login credentials already...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Strange behaviour after reboot

    My Proxmox Hypervisor 6.3-2 behaves really strange after reboot. It was used to test terraform deployment and after reboot it changed his hostname to one of the machines that were deployed by Terraform. Now I cannot access the 8006 port and it also has got out of the cluster. The logs says that...
  17. C

    Official Terraform Provider?

    Hello, are there any plans to develop and release an official Terraform Provider so we don't have to rely on 3rd parties? If yes, that would give us more confidence in going the Proxmox Path for Kubernetes Clusters :) Cheers!
  18. J

    OpenAPI/Swagger REST API Spec

    Hi! First time user of Proxmox. Looking to automate and store my infrastructure changes as code using Terraform. Found a Proxmox Terraform plugin, but it only covers basic details, not the full suite of options available via the REST API. I was looking into adding to it when I noticed that the...
  19. S

    Terraform Proxmox - Error: 400 Parameter verification failed.

    Hello, I'm making use of the proxmox terraform repo (https://github.com/Telmate/terraform-provider-proxmox/) which has been great to use but there is one bug/issue that I've come across. Promox VE 6.1 Terraform 0.12.14 What I am trying to do: I am trying to provision 3 compute...
  20. U

    Automate deploying Windows Server 2019 with Terraform and Cloudbase-init

    Good evening Proxmox community, I use the Terraform-proxmox-provider for automated deploying of Windows Server 2019 instances. https://github.com/Telmate/terraform-provider-proxmox I prepared a Windows Server 2019. Installed Cloudbase-init and configured the cloudbase-init.conf and...


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