1. J

    Proxmox VLAN Help - Virtual OPNSense router with hardware switches not working.

    I have a proxmox host with two interfaces, one for WAN connectivity and one for the LAN, with a OPNSense firewall VM on proxmox. I have several VLANs in place which up until now, have solely segregated VM traffic and worked well. However, I now want to include non-virtualized devices in specific...
  2. A

    how does it work with the switch

    I'm just starting to work with Proxmox, my question now is that I don't quite understand why my server has a virtual switch and doesn't have its own network card. Can someone please explain this to me
  3. M

    Use unused LAN ports as switch ports for networking possible

    Hi all, I have got a question about unused nics on a proxmox server, i don't use the server as a firewall/router (eg PFsense) because that is handeled by my fibre Fritz box and im happy with that. My Proxmox server is running on a Topton Intel 13th gen 8505 mini pc with 8x Intel I226-V nics and...
  4. C

    Problems with VLANs on (OPNsense) VM: I need a sanity check

    Preface I am not sure if the problem lies with configuration in proxmox, or in the OPNsense configuration. I started on this forum because I have a feeling it has to do with virtualization, but mainly because I am not as familiar with it. The Goal & current configuration An OPNsense setup on...
  5. E

    Unable to access Proxmox after installing Pfsense

    Hi All, I am trying to get a pfsense router running as a VM to have more control over the stuff I run on my network. I got Pfsense up and running; however, I am encountering an issue. Have pfsense connected to its own Network interfaces in the form of a dual intel 2.5Gb NIC plugged into my...
  6. A

    VM connectivity lost after bond failover

    Hi there, I am seeing a loss of connectivity after bond failover of an active-backup bond to two switches. My setup is as follows: +-------+ +-------+ |switch1|----(inter switch lacp trunk)---|switch2|----client +-------+ +-------+...
  7. C

    How would Ceph/Proxmox handle a switching failure

    We've been looking at a new setup that has three nodes. They will be running Proxmox and Ceph in a hyperconverged config. Each node has theoretical switch redundancy using LACP. However, not for the first time our providers switching has had some kind of failure with a switch and LACP standby...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] VLAN Setup for pass Vlans to AP

    Hello my fellow Proxmox Users/Guru's Just wanted to take advice for the potential changes I am planning on to make in my Home LAB. I have 4 Port NIC + 1 onboard on my Proxmox Node, so far it has been working fine. I run Sophos XG and Sophos AP55. I want to move few wireless and wired devices...
  9. M

    how to communicate vm's through vSwitch

    Hello all, I suppose that my knowledge about switching is strong for physical switch, but when i start use proxmox i feel a little confuse :( Initial setup is quite simple: 1. vSwitch 2. 1st VM 3. 2nd VM Actually i created some VM with debian on the board. Installed vSwitch from repo, and...
  10. M

    Will the switch see the frame leaving the virtual machine with a properly assigned tag? and inter vlan-routing

    Hello All, I'm new in proxmox and i want pass all traffic from virtual Vm through external switch, not an internal switch. I have switch with .1q support (tp-link TLSG108E), so i want use that, there is some easy way to do that ?:). I have created a few vm and i want separate them from other...
  11. L

    Thinking of switching from vSphere

    We have a small vSphere cluster in our lab but we're increasingly using Docker. This however isn't ideal since we'd like a GUI managed solution which natively supports Docker (like Synology's DSM). Does Proxmox have Docker support in the web interface? I see mention of it in 5.3 but I can't...
  12. J

    Virsh and OVS alternative for Security Onion on Proxmox

    Hi everyone, im trying to build a proxmox server with 3 nodes in it. First nodes for security onion,second nodes for honeyd and the third one for web server, Physical server and every nodes are using public IP , and i will do some penetration testing to webserver node from a private network and...


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