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    Is it possible to have 2 Virtual Disks and then combine them in Proxmox? Or is there a better solution?

    I'm looking at upgrading a few of my disks in my Dell R530. Currently, I have 3 x 2TB and then 5 x 4TB. I'll be upgrading 4 drives to 8TB. Currently, in Proxmox, I have 2 LVM Storage groups, 1 6TB, the other 18TB. If I create 2 separate virtual disks on my Dell raid controller, is it...
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    Need help with partitioning

    Hello, I've recently re-created my proxmox setup (I'm kinda noob on this) following guides. I've partioned my disk during the installation (ssd 500G) in order to have free space as VM storage. How can I use this free space? I've look around and find that I should use fdisk but when I do it says...
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    Creating RAID Storage for media

    Hello all, I'm VERY new to Proxmox and am completely in over my head on starting a server. I've only touched the surface in understanding how any of this works but am plenty willing to learn. A friend of mine gave me their old pc to use as a Plex media server for my kids and family, and I've...
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    Dúvidas sobre armazenamento (Storage questions)

    Instalei o Proxmox no virtualbox para estudar, mas não consigo entender algumas coisas. Poderiam me repsonder as seguintes perguntas, por favor?: 1- Quando a gente vai em DataCenter/Armazenamento/adicionar, aparecem diversos barramentos ou sistemas de arquivos (lvm, zfs, ISC, SCSI etc), o que...
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    Disk at the Datacenter level without specifying space

    I'm a beginner in proxmox, so excuse me if I'm not expressing myself well. On one physical server I have: OS: Proxmox VE 8.0-2 RAID1 ZFS 960GB (boot/proxmox): 0: Samsung 960GB 1: Samsung 960GB RAIDZ2 ZFS 6TB (data): 2: Western Digital 2TB 3: Western Digital 2TB 4: Western Digital 2TB 5...
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    Accessible Storage and Adding it as Resource to other VMs

    So I have a Proxmox server up and running with Jellyfin and NextCloud containers. I also have a large external HDD that I have connected to the machine running Proxmox to which I mounted to the Node. The way I have been enabling access to these files for Jellyfin and Nextcloud is that I go into...
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    Truenas as storage error

    I an trying to add my Truenas as a storage to proxmox using CIFS, But i keep getting this error, create storage failed: error with cfs lock 'file-storage_cfg': mount error: Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) (500) the version of the proxmox is 6.1-7, and it worked on...
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    Storage Menu

    hi i need explanation about this function ? Checklist on "Shared" function thank you for want to answer ... ^_^
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    Adding an Enterprise NVME to Proxmox for VMs

    Hi All, I just received a HGST SN260 3.84T enterprise NVME to host VMs within Proxmox. How do I connect it to Proxmox? What would you recommend? A directory mount or LVM-THIN or something else?? What's your favourite? thanks
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    How does "pvesm alloc" work?

    I'd like to use `pvesm alloc` but not matter what kind of filename I use is always returns the same error: root@host:~# pvesm alloc hdd_raid10_data01 100 foo 100G unable to parse volume filename 'foo' How is this tool supposed to work?
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    ISCSI as a shared drive to deploy templates from

    Good Day, I have added a remote ISCSI share from a starwind vsan. Setup was flawless and I can see the drive and space assigned. I also kinda already know the answer (been testing it) but would like a official confirmation from anyone in case I am doing it wrong. Is it possible to use a ISCSI...
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    Proxmox: adding Synology iSCSI host freeze, then has duplicate serial number.

    Hi Community! Proxmox VE: add a LVM storage on top of iSCSI Error: create storage failed: device ‘dev/disk/by-id/scsi.....’ is already used by volume group ‘[unknown]’ (500) it happen Add iSCSI... it has time out error (see picture 1), then I reboot the host server. it shows add iSCSI...
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    Migration - storage is not available on target-node

    Hello, we are using Proxmox with several different hard drives. Proxmox runs locally via ZFS on a storage, there are no problems here either. We have created additional NVMe hard drives as additional storage and are also recognized by Proxmox and are functional. However, there is now a problem...
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    mount storage pool

    hello , I have hard disk used for " Proxmox server " with size around 12TB has many of virtual machines and backup I added this hard disk to my current " Proxmox server" and mounted this disk under "/last-system" directory I need to make this directory as storage pool without losing the data...
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    [SOLVED] new nvme for VM's

    Hi, I got a new nvme m.2 1TB drive for VM's ONLY so that they are quick and snappy! What's the best way to expose it to proxmox as? I was thinking of thin provisioning? Do you have any recommendations? Many thanks
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    best way to add different sized disks with 9305-16i hba to proxmox? disks not showing in vg

    Hey all, I played around with proxmox a bit and originally had my 6 disks which range from 1tb to 2tb to 10tb directly connected to the motherboards sata ports, and I was able to create vg's with said disks, in the gui it says " vgcreate sda /dev/sda error: Run `vgcreate --help' for more...
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    Advices on hardware update and storage

    Hi everyone, I currently administer a Proxmox server installed (by someone else who's not there anymore) on an old Dell XPS 8100, Core i7 860, 16Gb RAM, 4 x 500Gb HDD, 3 monitoring and ticketing VMs are currently running on it. I want to upgrade all this with two Dell Precision T5600 (for...
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    Two-Cluster Setup containing 5 nodes Each

    Hi everyone, I am trying to figure out how to configure two separate clusters which I need to run. Each cluster will contain 5 nodes - 4 Dell R720s and a supermicro 36-bay server for the storage making it 8 Dells and 2 Supermicros in total. The Supermicros will house 20 x 14TB SATA drives per...
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    Partition Management

    Hello, The VMs so slow , I concluded that this slowness because of the use of a single disk for all functions (ISO, disk image ....), but I did not understand how I can manage my available disk to have good management i have 4 disks : device mapper ??? help pls ?
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    Ceph and ZFS, with mixed disks and 1Gb interconnects

    Hi all, Been playing with proxmox installs via pxe booting, and setting up new hardware which is a dell c6100 with each node having a single SSD + 4 SAS spinning rust each. It's a budget setup with standard dual port 1Gb ethernet cards. I'm curious as to the best setup here, given that I can't...


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