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    How can I access to my Kali SSH using Tailscale (installed on my PVE node)

    Hi, I have installed Tailscale on my PVE node and I can access to my Proxmox UI, but I can’t SSH to my Kali VM via SSH. How can I fix it? Thanks
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    How do I ssh from one VM to another?

    Dear Proxmox users, I am trying to learn ansible by setting up an ansible environment at home, but I have run into an issue, none of my proxmox hosts seem to be able to ssh into eachother. Trying to ssh with either the hostname I assigned them returns a "could not resolve hostname: Name or...
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    [SOLVED] How to ssh into VM?

    Am a newbie and have proxmox running since a day. My proxmox networking seems fine - i can ssh into it and web gui is working. I really don’t get how VM networking works - does the VM get a different IP? How do I ssh into a VM from my local network? Let’s say I want to access vm 101. pct...
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    Unable To Access Proxmox Web GUI From Outside LAN

    Hi Guys, I really appreciate it if someone can assist me with this. I have no issue accessing my Proxmox Web Interface from my local network but from outside (via the Internet) I can't make it work. Yes, I have enabled port forwarding for 8006 to my Proxmox server in the router. The same issue...
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    Create LXC container : SSH public key - "failed to recognize ssh key" error

    Hello, I would like to know how to get around this minor annoyance. When creating a CT, I like to pre-load my ssh key files. I make them with puttygen and save as a .ppk and .public file However, the proxmox webui does not accept these key formats even though they are all very similar I was...
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    SSH not permitted on LXC container ?

    Hi, How can I make SSH work ? Any LXC container that I create, SSH is not working by default. Is there a way to make it works without enabling #PermitRoot in the sshd config? Thanks!
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    restore and ssh lost

    Morning, I have some problems with restore. My hypervisor is in proxmox 7. Backup are in storage local. When i do a restore, with interface or with command line, i lost the ssh of my vms in this hypervisor after a certain time. And before the end of restore, the ssh go back. Someone can help me ?
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    cloud-init github key

    Hi, I'm following a cloud-init / terraform walk-through (see link). Can i "qm set VMID --sshkey" for multiple users somehow? Thx, Martijn
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    PROXMOX - quick access to template VMs (like Flavor in DevStack), autoconfig [network and SSH] public access (like Router in DevStack)

    Hi, I'm trying to create solution in PROXMOX something like 3 templates (flavour in DevStack: - - 1) -1GB RAM | 10 GB HDD | 1vCPU | access to and from the Internet | SSH - login details generated automatically - - 2) -2GB RAM | 20 GB HDD | 1vCPU | access to and from the Internet | SSH - login...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox Cluster Node changed ssh key file

    Hello... i made a bad thing on one of our Proxmox servers in a cluster.. i accidentaly changed the ssh key file root@ram:/etc/ssh# ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -f ssh_host_rsa_key now it cant connect to the vms via console.. how do we fix that issue? or is it a reinstall that is req? :( EDIT...
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    VM SSH

    [google translate] Hello, I discover your system with joy. I am trying VMs at home, ... There is one thing that I cannot do however, it is to connect in SSH to the virtual machines. Could you tell me how I can activate SSH on my virtual machines please? (Ps: they are activated in the...
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    External SSH into Proxmox VMs without VPN?

    So right now, I have a working Proxmox VE 5.3 Server (installed on a Dell PowerEdge R710) with several working VMs. Proxmox and the VMs are all setup with HTTPS. Because the Server and VMs are running off a single IP from the Server, I have had to reverse proxy all of the VMs through an Nginx...
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    how to SSH access internal VM

    Hi i have two questions: 1- I have forgot SSH password to an internal IP address of a VM under proxmox, how i can gain access to it again? Last time, one admin simply removed password and i used to login like ssh root@ entering at main proxmox SSH command line. 2- If i buy...


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