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    Spam Report links lead to a wrong host

    Hello! Could you please help me correct the wrong links in the Spam reports? I have an Exchanage server And I have a PMG server PMG is configured to send and recieve mail for and it works perfectly fine. When user recieves a SPAM report it...
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    [SOLVED] Daily spam reports bounced because relay=local

    I noticed that some spam reports bounce, while others do not: Oct 7 00:05:15 pmg postfix/local[247078]: 8D03AC11D3: to=<>, relay=local, delay=0.1, delays=0.07/0/0/0.02, dsn=5.1.1, status=bounced (unknown user: "j.doe") Oct 7 00:05:15 pmg postfix/smtp[247081]: C5DA2C1361...
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    Change spam report sender name

    I would like to change the name of the spam report sender, because it appear like this: from: "Proxmox Mail Gateway" I would like to change that name. I already tuned the report template on /var/lib/pmg/templates/ but there is no match with that name chain. Hope guys...
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    Change the frequency of SPAM report

    Hello, I have some customers who would like to get weekly spam report instead of daily spam report, would this be possible in some way ? Thank you, Yann
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    Spamreport Template Macros - List of Macros

    Hi PMG Community, I am trying to build my own "" to inform the users with the help of a script more frequently on new items in their quarantine. Background is, that we implemented a "Bad Filestype / Extention as Attachment" rule, to filter attachments based on their fIletype...
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    using spam-bar instead of spam-stars

    traditionally, our (pre-PMG) exim4-mailserver has used spamassassin's `$spam_bar` to indicate the spam-level with `+` signs, e.g. X-Spam-Score: +++++++ now PMG uses `__SPAM_STARS__` instead, which is similar in concept, but uses a different characters (`*` instead of `+`), e.g. X-Spam-Score...
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    Changing spam report date

    I am wanting to change the spam report time from 00:00 to something else. I can't find any solid info on this, nor can I find a task for this (that I can decipher) from the debian crons. Does anyone know where this is set?
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    [SOLVED] Adjusting who receives daily spam report

    Hello, Our employees who have email are beginning to receive daily spam report emails from our Proxmox Mail Gateway. I would prefer these daily spam reports be sent instead to our network administrator as it will be their daily task to review/action spam for our employees. Is there a way to...
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    pmg quarantine-view for endusers problems

    hi when daily quarantine digest mails are sent to endusers i have those problems: when user "logs" in via url (authentication mode = ticket) the ui is english even the browser-language is german. no way found to change the language in this quarantine-view. bug? all user see the "no valid...
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    Spam Report Costumization

    Hi All! I am new to PMG and want to ask if there is any possibilty to change the HTML Code, or at least the language of the Daily Spam Reports? As a suggestion I would also like to be able to define the hours of the day my users get the Spam Report. Thank you! Max


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