1. C

    [SOLVED] Inconsistency Grub Menu vs. /boot/grub/grub.cfg

    Hello! I have a question regarding the content of Grub Menu vs. /boot/grub/grub.cfg. In my case the content is inconsistent. And this is causing an issue with booting a BTRFS snapshot, because the required snapshot won't boot with the options displayed in Grub Menu. I'm running these software...
  2. R

    Feature Request: improved snapshot

    Hi, Proxmox doesn't permit to take a snapshot when your VM has a passthru device attached, which sounds rational since snapshots by definition "freeze" (save) the whole state of the VM and that's impossible for non-emulated hardware. BUT there are some scenarios where I think it's still useful...
  3. A

    The Hassle (and Joy) of Snapshots in a ZFS Cluster

    I’m running a fairly active but small budget Proxmox cluster for circa one year now. Meaning depending on the current project workload it only consists of 3-4 nodes and uses ZFS due to its replication capabilities which allow nearly HA-like failover times (5 to 10 minutes in my case) with a...
  4. B

    Unterstanding how snapshots under LVM Thin-Volumes work

    Hello, I work with Proxmox 5.2 and LVM Thin-Volumes. I create a couple of snapshots from a windows test-vm and wondering how it worked. A normal thin snapshot under LVM2 used the same size as the original thin-volume has. In my case the thin-lv has 32GiB, so the snapshot would become also...
  5. S

    LXC Backup Issues

    Hi, I have 2 issues with LXC containers backup 1. some times it's show even few days it's processing for some container but not completing the backup and I need to stop the task manually. 2. some containers got this error: command 'mount -o ro,noload /dev/rbd5 /mnt/vzsnap0//' failed: exit code...
  6. R


    Hallo, bringt Proxmox eine Methode mit, um alle laufenden VMs automatisch zu snapshotten (wobei nur X vorgehalten werden und ältere autom. gelöscht werden, quasi das "automysqlbackup" für VMs)? Gruß und Danke!
  7. R

    Sortierung der Ausgabe von "qm listsnapshot"?

    Hi, gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die Ausgabe von "qm listsnapshot" chronologisch sortiert anzeigen zu lassen? Aktuell scheint mit die Ausgabe nicht sonderlich übersichtlicht, bspw. sieht eine akt. Ausgabe bei mir so aus: # qm listsnapshot 104 snap3 snap2 no-description snap2 snap1 no-description...
  8. A

    adventures with snapshots

    I have a new problem (well, it could be old and I just noticed it.) I have a number of containers that show any number of snapshots but when I look at the disk those snapshots dont exist. Example: pvesh get /nodes/sky12/lxc/16980/snapshot 200 OK [ { "description" : "Automatic snapshot...
  9. W

    ZFS usedbysnapshot is off by a hundred gigabytes

    Hello, I have a couple of Proxmox 4.4 deployments out in the wild. On occasion, one of them will have their "usedbysnapshot" field grow to incredible sizes. If I do a zfs get all on the vdev, it's showing usedbysnap is 279G. I've listed out all of the snapshots, there are 337 hourly snapshots...
  10. helojunkie

    pve-zsync: Access snapshots

    I have a system running 5.2-1 (latest updates). I have 2 x 512GB SSDs in a ZFS RAID1 configuration and 2 x 8TB Spinners in a ZFS RAID1 configuration. The SSD are my rpool and my 8TBs are setup as "spinners". I am using pve-zsync to snapshot and sync those snapshots between my SSDs and my...
  11. P

    Find the size of a Snapshot

    Hi, Wanted to know how we could get the size of a snapshot of a perticular VM using the API we want to be able to show the list of snapshots and their sizes occupied on the disk in a custom dashboard that we want to create. Thanks
  12. K

    no local-lvm after deleting snapshot with failure and following reboot of the host

    Ich habe am 29.3. gegen 9:12 Uhr einen Snapshot gelöscht um Platz zu schaffen, dabei gab es einen Fehler, diesen habe ich nicht weiter beachtet, nur gesehen dass in der WebGUI wo ich diesen Löschen wollte, dieser noch vorhanden war. Daraufhin beschloss ich einen Tag später den Host neuzustarten...
  13. Z

    Unable to create snapshots on live VMs

    After an apt update and apt dist-upgrade I'm unable to create snapshots on live VMs. Task viewer shows below: snapshot create failed: starting cleanup TASK ERROR: VM 108 qmp command 'savevm-start' failed - failed to open '/dev/zvol/tank/VMs/vm-108-state-test'
  14. A

    How to mount disk/snapshot read only in other VM (or better approaches)?

    I'm currently looking for a way to mount a snapshot (local ZFS storage) of a VM disk read only in another VM. My best find so far is this article about moving virtual disks: . But this involves a lot of renaming...
  15. B

    DAS Shared Storage mit Snapshots

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin vor kurzem günstig an 2 HP Server + eine MSA mit FC für mein Home Lab gekommen. Jetzt versuche ich mich ein bisschen ausserhalb meiner gewohnten ESX Welt fortzubilden und probiere mich gerade mit Proxmox. Soweit sieht das alles sehr vielversprechend aus, aber an einer...
  16. T

    LXC fails to migrate; "volume deactivation failed" ???

    Hi all. Doing a little weekend maintenance to a 3-node cluster, but I have the inability to migrate 1 LXC container off a node. 2018-01-12 16:26:11 starting migration of CT 190 to node 'pve01' ( 2018-01-12 16:26:11 volume 'ceph_vm:vm-190-disk-1' is on shared storage 'ceph_vm'...
  17. D

    Snapshots on NFS or iSCSI

    Hi, I have a shared storage based on a NetApp system which exports through NFS or iSCSI. I am not able to make snapshot backups for LXC containers on NFS storage, so I am looking for something better. I read on that even iSCSI does not support snapshot, but...
  18. R

    Taking suggestions: Samba Previous versions implementation

    Is it possible (or conversely a terrible idea) to expose zfs snapshots to a container? My goal is to enable 'previous versions' via samba's shadow_copy2 vfs object, preferably backed by zfs snapshots, for document storage that can be recovered without IT (me) intervention. The documents in...
  19. F

    Snapshot Screen Blank For VM on 4.41

    Hello! I am a complete N00B to proxmox and have been doing some testing of the Proxmox package to see if it meets my needs. So far I think it is quite an impressive package. On one of the VMs I set up, I was previously able to see the "Now/You Are Here!" status on the "Snapshot" tab. I was...
  20. K

    Advice on filesystem for fast snapshot and backup

    Hi there, I need to setup a pair of Proxmox servers. I think I'm not using full HA, because I don't know yet if I'm having shared storage. So by now I'll think that both servers will have independent Proxmox instance. The problem I have with my current VMs is that they get stuck while doing...


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