1. C

    unallocated space after vm disk shrunk

    Hello, I want to shrink the size of a vm from 100G to 30G. I booted the vm into gparted and resized the partition to 29G I shutdown the vm ran "zfs set volsize=30G rpool/data/vm-201-disk-0" to leave a little overhead ran "qm rescan" and got the message that the disk-0 has no 30G instead of...
  2. V

    qcow2 sizing issue

    Hello all, I have a few questions regarding qcow2 images sizes because right now I am really confuzed... Let me describe a bit about a situation I deal with. I have 1.4 TB array with contains just one single VM with 3 separated qcow2 images: # ls -lah -rw-r----- 1 root root 17G jun 14 10:44...
  3. F

    Shrinking filesystem causes corruption

    Hello, I have a VM with too much space allocated and am trying to shrink it's disk from 200G to 100G. Filesystem of VM is BTRFS and of Proxmox ZFS. Steps I've done: 1) Boot into gparted and resize the btrfs partition from almost 200G to 95G (used partition space does not exceed 100G) 2)...
  4. E

    Cannot reach GUI and Shrink Volume

    Hello. I have 2 issues: 1 - cannot reach de Gui page. but can ping the proxmox ve server, and the VM's. I've restarted it already. (a fews days ago I've working well with GUI page). 2 - No free Space on pve-root. (i think the problems are both engaged). Filesystem Size Used Avail...
  5. V

    VM (Windows 2022) - shrink qcow2 I try all steps but not work: Windows Guest Preparation I shrink partition inside Windows. The HD SIZE : 600GB , and I shrink 450GB. No I have a fee space. Then I use Windows Defrag and then and then Sdelete Proxmox shell Preparation...
  6. S

    Boot Laufwerk verkleinern oder neuen Node erstellen?

    Guten Abend :) ich habe so das kleine "Problem" dass ich in meinem Cluster einen Node habe, wo Proxmox noch auf einer alten 250GB HDD installiert wurde und das möchte ich gerne langsam ändern. Früher bereits gemacht von einer kleinen auf einer größeren Platte mittels Acronis. Jetzt hab ich...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Shrink VM unallocated disk size

    I have 2 disks from an old VM I'd like to backup just in case. The first disk is a 1TB disk and has 2 partitions of 500GB. The second disk is a 30GB disk with a partition taking all the space. First thing I did was to sdelete the 3 partitions, then boot on gparted iso and shrunk every partition...
  8. R

    Shrink / Reduce a volume with an LVM-XFS partition

    I need to shrink a Proxmox-KVM raw volume with LVM and XFS. Now, XFS doesn't support shrinking as such. It's possible to hack around this with xfsdump and xfsrestore, but this would require 250G data to be copied offline, and that's more downtime than I like. Whats the alternative? I was...
  9. C

    Shrink HDD of cloudinit template

    Hello, I'm trying out cloudinit to deploy our VMs and so far everything is working fine. I've followed the tutorial in the doc to create the template which worked fine. The template had a 3GB HDD (scsi0). I wanted to extend the disk of another VM and by accident I extended the disk of the...
  10. L

    Problem with resized Disk, revert Changes

    Hi, today i wanted to give 50GB more Space over Proxmox GUI to a Qcow2 VM. I had 250 and entered 300Gb by mistake. (German translation in my opinion of that Input Field Label was not so good) Now my Proxmox VM shows me 550GB ... The Node has only 450GB NVMe SSD. i didn't changed anything yet...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] shrink zfs raw disk (windows vm)

    Hello, i need to shrink a windows vm disk (proxmox 5.3-8). I've already shrink partition inside guest os (windows 10 ltsc). Now i have to reduce vm disk size. Disk is on a zfs secondary storage: storageZ0:vm5002-disk-0,size=150G I have already made a backup. Can you help me? Davide
  12. L

    shrinking partition in Windows then logical volume accordingly

    If I make a lv bigger, then it's easy to also make it bigger in the vm (Windows Server 2016) with disk management. Windows will make use of all the available space and that's that. But if I do it the other way around and shirnk the partition within the vm and then reduce the lv, I won't be able...
  13. T

    VM disk shrinking (.raw) using ZFS storage

    Hi, I've got a problem shrinking the .raw disk using the ZFS as storage. I've tried following statements without success :/#qm resize 101 virtio0 10G unable to skrink disk size :/# qm resize 101 virtio0 -- -10GB 400 Parameter verification failed. size: value does not match the regex pattern qm...
  14. R

    Shrink LXC Container

    Hi Everyone, My LXC Container have 1000 GB but I only need 150 GB. How can I shrink the storage? I used this pct resize 101 rootfs 150 unable to shrink disk size Can anyone explain me how can I shrink the LXC Container to only 150 GB. Best regards and thanks for help, Oliver


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