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  1. R

    Can't connect to proxmox server, internet is pingable

    Hello, I've been trying for hours to setup a basic proxmox server, but no luck, I can't connect to the server remotly. Tried different variations from the internet: Proxmox server commands: ip a cat /etc/network/interfaces ping ping cat /etc/resolv.conf I've attached my...
  2. M

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox VE Installer on Debian 12 Bookworm

    I've developed a script that streamlines the Proxmox installation process atop Debian 12 (Bookworm). You can access to contribute or for more information in this Github Repository Requirements - Installed Debian 12 Bookworm - Superuser permissions su root - Installed Git apt install git -...
  3. R

    ZFS configuration for new build, question about SLOG/L2ARC/Special

    (ZFS newbie, I might be using wrong terminology, please correct me if I do ) I'm going to migrate my Unraid server to Proxmox. With regard to storage I could use some help. The hardware: 2x NVMe 1TB SSD's (Seagate Firecuda) 2x SATA 18TB HDD's (Seagate Exos) Both the SSD's and the HDD's will...
  4. S

    Question about new install

    Hello all, I will deploy a Proxmox host in the next few days and I wanted to poll users here about the best hard drive strategy. I have had reasonably good experience (as a hobbyist) with 6.4 in the past on a Dell Precision 7810 paired with 2 Xeons 2698v4. Here is the host setup: - Ryzen...
  5. Z

    Choose MAC/LAN-Port at setup

    I am new to PVE and would like to install it on my barebone PC Shuttle DS10U. The device has two LAN ports and - as usual - with one MAC address each. But during the setup of Proxmox is always displayed only one MAC address. Even when the LAN cable is plugged into the port of the other. This is...
  6. I

    How do I access the harddrives of Proxmox from a different machine?

    Hi there! I am absolutely new to Proxmox and just started it on a small home server to play around with it and to learn for future projects. Proxmox is running and as a test I installed Plex with a helper Script (TTECK). Everything works fine, I've got a 500GB HDD for the system and a 4TB HDD...
  7. M

    Intel Nuc 10th Gen i7 + 2TB NVME initial setup suggestions

    Hi, I’ve just ordered an Intel Nuc 10th Gen i7 (6 cores) with 32GB of RAM and a 2TB NVME disk to build my fist proxmox VE box. I’m going to install as additional package also the backup server since I can’t use a dedicated hardware for it. I‘m thinking about adding in the next weeks an...
  8. N

    Single Machine Host / Workstation > X-Windows with 1 GPU & Network port?

    Hi! I've been scouring the forums trying to find the answers. Also googled a lot, but I haven't found anything specific related tho exactly this configuration. If I missed it, my apologies. Goal: Run both MacOs VM (Proxmox VE on SSD) + Windows 11 (NVME, native) on a single workstation (5600x...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Good Practice for Disks Setup

    Hi, in my 2nd attempt to switch over to Proxmox from OMV, I want to move away from an ancient Dell Server with Xeon X3440 that is great for disk storage capacity but terrible on power consumption, noise and thermal exhaust. Therefore, I want to downsize my homelab server to an unused MacMini...
  10. B

    Should I use IT Mode or RAID Mode in my controller

    Hi, I'm a new user to Proxmox, I haven't installed yet, just currently building the server it will sit on. Given Proxmox supports ZFS, should I use a RAID enabled controller, and let that deal with RAIDing the drives? Or should I use a RAID card flashed to IT mode, and allow ZFS to handle the...
  11. A

    Setup recommendation

    Hi, I am in a process of testing Proxmox for my home lab - I have Intel NUC with 1 TB SSD drive installed inside and NFS storage. I am bit struggling to pick the right setup for - I am currently running esxi so I am booting from a USB stick and my SSD drive is simply used as a storage I...
  12. K

    Assistance planning proxmox network

    Hello all, I'll begin with saying I am new to Proxmox however not new to Debian. I recently set-up my old PC as a Proxmox server as I bought a decent laptop and well.. didn't need a PC no more. I see that most people online use 2 physical network interfaces on their Proxmox servers, however I...
  13. S

    Proxmox setup and WLAN

    Hi, I have just completed a build on a small server, using consumer grade components. I want to setup a bare metal hypervisor, and for the life of me I can't get the network interfaces to work. I started out trying to use VMWare ESXi, then Hyper-V Server 2019, and finally after further research...
  14. K

    A correct setup for a HP Z800

    I have been looking at purchasing a HP Z800 workstation. The idea of have 12 cores/24 threads sounds like I can really be productive. I have yet to get the correct storage layout, but it would seem that the Z800 has only 4 drive bays and no real room to add for instance, a 1TB boot HD for...
  15. F

    login new install

    Hi, I am a brand new user of proxmox ve and I do have trouble entering the server after installation I provided a login mail address and a password during the setup wizard. but when trying to login teh first time after installation is not possible using the same credentials. just to be sure I...
  16. Proxygen

    [SOLVED] Setup/Config Recommendations

    This is my first time running my own virtualization environment. PVE looks like the best option. I'd like to get some advice on setting it up. I have a Supermicro box (HW RAID 1 available) with the following config 2x WD Red 4TB drives 1x 2TB NVME SSD 1x Xeon E 2136 2X 16GB RAM 2X 1Gbps NICs 5...
  17. I

    Installations HILFE gesucht

    SOLVED :D Hallo, ich suche Jemanden der mir BITTE meinen Server mit proxmox, latest, richtig einrichtet und 2 oder 3 CTs erstellt.... natürlich nicht umsonst ;) !! Ich habe grad nicht wirklich Zeit UND keinen Kopf um mich auf proxmox 5 einzuschiessen. Bin seit gut 10 Jahren SUPER klar gekommen...


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