1. N

    [SOLVED] Shared SAN inkl. Snapshots Unterstützung

    Hallo zusammen, gibt es aktuell Pläne einer Verwirklichung von SAN (iSCSI / SCSI) Support mit Snapshot Funktion bzw. den offiziellen Support eines shared Filesystems um qcow2 verwenden zu können? Falls nicht, gibt es eine Empfehlung welches shared Filesystem hier evtl. gut und sicher in einer...
  2. B

    Proxmox, Fibre Channel, and 3PAR

    Hello. So I've gone through what I think are the docs regarding PROXMOX and fibre channel presented LUN's. I'm using an older 3PAR 7200 in my lab, attempting to get shared storage between a PROXMOX cluster. So far, I have a fully operational cluster with a shared NFS volume, which performs...
  3. V

    Shared Storage with FC-SAN

    Hello, I'm trying to get the best storage possible using fiber-channel SAN. With Multipath, I'm able to get the SAN appear as disk on my nodes, and I'm able to create a PV/VG on it. So I have now a Shared storage based on LVM, on my SAN, available on all my nodes. The only issue I get, is...
  4. D

    Recommendation Request: Dual Node Shared Storage

    Had a client request a fully redundant dual-node setup, and most of my experience has been either with single node (ZFS FTW) or lots of nodes (CEPH FTW). Neither of those things seem to work well in a dual node fully redundant setup. Here's my thinking, wanted to see what the wisdom of the...
  5. Y

    Advice for a redundant SAN?

    What is the best Open Source solution to create a SAN for a 13 node proxmox cluster? I wouldn't want to use a product that after a year I find the license cost doubled or the company going bankrupt ;-) In the past I tried with Ceph.. but the snaps were much much slower than ZFS and over time...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] ACME Certificate Can't Add Subject Alternative Names?

    I was able to successfully get a Lets Encrypt cert for my PVE box, using the domain:, but I am only able to access the server as such. If I connect to the server locally at https;//PVE:8006/, I get an err_cert_common_name_invalid error in chrome. Is there any way to add SANs to...
  7. M

    3-nodes HA cluster and enterprise shared storage: mid 2022 considerations - need advice

    Hey people, Could you kindly clarify few things regarding enterprise like virtualization and proxmox. I'm originally from a VMWARE camp, but experimenting now with migration to Proxmox, as we are non-profit organization and just don't have budgets. So, traditionally, for redundant HA...
  8. L

    Several newbie questions regarding best practices on how to setup a iSCSI SAN

    Hello, we have recently installed a HP MSA 2040 to use with iSCSI. I am a total newbie in this field and decided to just try and learn stuff on the way. Therefore even though it's generally working right now (one host has access to the SAN and I was able to add a mount point to an existing CT)...
  9. L

    create storage failed: pvcreate error ... device is too small (pv_min_size) (500)

    Hello, I'm in the process of setting up a HP MSA2040 SAN to work with Proxmox. As I just started using a SAN, I have a little over zero knowledge of these things, so there most probably will be errors in my setup (or terms I don't use correctly). Current status is: - MSA2040 is connected via...
  10. S

    san storage in proxmox

    hi all , I have proxmox server , this server connected to san storage to get 11TB , my problem is he read 4 disks with same storage , for example #lsblk sdb 8:16 0 12T 0 disk └─sdb1 8:17 0 12T 0 part sdc...
  11. T

    proxmox external scale up storage

    Hello, I am looking for a SAN storage solution in scale-up configuration if possible in HA for VMs and lxc containers under proxmox. The ceph solution is very attractive in tandem with proxmox in a scale-out configuration but the hardware I have does not allow me to do it...
  12. P

    Migrating thin provisioned disks results in the transfer as if it's thick provisioned.

    If you have a thin provisioned disk (say 128GB), but the actual size of the disk is only 6GB after install, why does proxmox need to physically move 128GB of data when migrating a disk to another network storage location (even though the file is 6GB)? What is the limitation here? It does not...
  13. A

    Is it possible: PVE + shared storage + HA + replication to remote site?

    All of my previous experience of PVE setups related to stand-alone hosts, and PVE is perfect for that. Now we want to connect shared SAN storage to several PVE hosts to have HA available. SAN (we rent it) seems to be FC connected. At the same time we want to have the same VMs copied...
  14. A

    Use FC storage in PVE cluster

    I used to use standalone PVE hosts, with local attached disks. Nice and tiny setups :) Now I have a chance to set up PVE cluster with shared storage. It involves some like 2 groups each consists of "6 hosts and 1 SAN". All hardware to be rented so we can make some adjustments at this point...
  15. S

    Servers + storage with SAN HP MSA2012fc

    Hi all. I am in a school and recently I recived some hardware HP (1 blade C3000 + storage HP MSA 2012fc). I am studying to set blade with Proxmox and MSA as storage in backend via HBA-FC . Question: what is best setting for storage to use for VM, ISO files, backup, etc...? I tested the...
  16. P

    iscsi over zfs + ovios linux

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to use ovios linux for my tests as a network storage. There was a connection problem. Generated a key and sent it to san. I am trying to add a disk to the virtual machine and I get the error: No configuration found. Install iet on at...
  17. aasami

    [SOLVED] How to initizlize remote iSCSI LUN device with multipath?

    I have exported an iSCSI LUN with multipath to a PBS server in the SAN. How should I initialize this remote disk? It doesn't show up in drive list. # lsscsi [1:0:0:0] cd/dvd QEMU QEMU DVD-ROM 2.5+ /dev/sr0 [2:0:0:0] disk QEMU QEMU HARDDISK 2.5+ /dev/sda [3:0:0:0]...
  18. O

    Very bad iSCSI performance despite no config change

    Hello! I have a small cluster with my VMs living on LVM over iSCSI on a hp msa2050 SAN. I built it back in January and it was nice and quick - didn't even bother with multipath or any tuning because even with 10+ VMs running, it was fast enough. I left it running, doing nothing, until this...
  19. M

    FC-SAN Einrichtung

    Hallo, gibt es irgend wo eine Anleitung wie ich eine LUN in Proxmox einrichte geht das per GUI oder nur per CLI ? Hat jemand das schon mal gemacht ? Aktuell betreibe ich 5 Nodes in einem Cluster und würde gerne das vorhandene FC SAN nutzen. grüße mmo
  20. Y

    Witch 40G Card for a Omnios San Storage Setup ?

    Hello, I'd like to install a test cluster with shared iSCSI storage / SAN. I read that the recommended solution is to use it as storage Omnios/Comstar. Can anyone recommend an Omios compatible 40G QSFP+ network card? ( tested ) I'm reading Illumos compatibility list, but is not so reliable, i...


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