1. D

    [SOLVED] [HELP] Windows via LAN to samba share folder Proxmox VM

    I have a Proxmox VM using ubuntu. i want to share the folder in ubuntu to LAN. i have installed samba for it. i can ping the VM ip from my windows pc with the same network, but i can't access the share folder. i'll try with windows explore and cmd with command 'net use' what should i do?
  2. R

    Problem connecting to Synology nas from a proxmox ubuntu container

    I am a noob regarding Proxmox VE but really like what I am seeing right now. Problem is, containers are useless to me if it cannot connect to a shared folder on my Synology NAS. I have found a lot of threads on the forum alrea dy, however, none of the solutions seem to work for me. I am running...
  3. M

    Alpine cant mount smb share with 'netmount' enabled on boot

    I'm facing an issue with my Proxmox setup, specifically regarding automounting an SMB share on boot within a privileged LXC container running Alpine 3.18. I have followed the steps outlined below, but the share doesn't mount automatically on boot. 1. Added the following entry to /etc/fstab...
  4. D

    Weird performance issues of two disks in Mirror mode - beginner question

    Machine is a reused gaming PC R5 1600 16GB 2133 RAM Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Proxmox installed on a 120GB SATA SSD Disks in questions are two WD Red Plus 4TB (yes CMR variants, wd40efzx) running in Mirror mode. Drives are assigned to a Ubuntu server VM whose...
  5. DerDanilo

    Samba Re-Mount issue causes server crash

    This happened already in the past (1,5 years ago) before Proxmox VE started supporting mounting CIFS shares via GUI. Back then I wrote a script that would check every Minute if it can read the content of a file on the samba share and trigger a forced unmount and remount of a failed share. After...
  6. H

    Sharing CT samba shares

    I have CT that operates as a samba server and I wish to make the shares available to other CTs and VMs. The following states samba shares should be referenced in fstab on PVE and then created as a PVE directory type storage...
  7. J

    Save iso on third HDD

    Hello proxmox community, Today I want to try something new. I have 4 HHD (sda, sdb, sdc and sdd) On my sda and sdb I have my proxmox system on raid 1. I would like dowload and save my iso on sdc. How I can make this ? (I read Samba can help me..) Thank you.


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