routed bridge

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    Problem in setting up a network bridge

    Hoping someone here can help out a PROXMOX newbie... I have a dedicated server on which PROXMOX is installed. When i try to create a network bridge and apply it server is unable to come online. my network interface looks like this. kindly help me to create a network bridge. auto lo iface lo...
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    Is the Doc about NAT maqueraded trafic wrong ?

    Hi, I've PVE installed on a debian VM (A) on VMWare for testing purpose, before doing it on bare metal. Inside Proxmox, i've another guest debian VM (B) with which I try to access the internet thru a natted and maqueraded interface configured on debian A, but can't. I've followed the official...
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    How to configure Dual stack IPv4 + IPv6 Routed Configuration?

    Hello! Since a week I am trying to configure my Proxmox node (Which will host VMs) with Dual stack (IPv4 + IPv6) Routed Configuration But not working.. Here's the details Server MAIN IP: 45.XXX.XXX.145/24 Gateway: 45.XXX.XXX.1 Server Main IPV6: 2001:4860:4860::850 Gateway: 2001:4860::1...
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    [SOLVED] Hetzner subnet VM konfiguration

    Hallöchen, ich habe mir einen dedizierten Server bei Hetzner geholt und habe mich dazu entschlossen Proxmox zur virtualisierung zu verwenden, habe jedoch ein kleines problemchen beim einrichten. Ich habe für die VMs ein /28 Subnetz dazugeholt, nichtahnend, dass das die einrichtung der...
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    Routed network for proxmox on debian10 at Hetzner

    Hello, I would like to have 3 nodes running on my proxmox, and 2 container on each node. After reading the hetzner doc : I think the routed network is the case that suits me the best. ( I only have 1 Ipv4, and a whole...
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    routing additional ip to Ubuntu guest machine

    Hi I have an additional IP on my Hetzner server with Proxmox that I want to route it to an Ubuntu guest machine Here is my network configuration on Host and Guest machine My guest machine is Ubuntu 18.04 And configurations don't work My PVE Host net config: # network interface settings...
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    Hetzner Proxmox routed configuration halfway working

    Hello, i recently bought (or rent) myself my first Hetzner Root Server. I did install Proxmox on it and configured two bridges vmbr0 and vmbr1. With vmbr0 i want to route my second public ip address to my first virtualized host. I have searched the whole internet now and could not find a...
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    Traffic issue with Routed setup with multiple IP ranges

    Hello, I have 2 clusters sharing same switches and some large IP ranges. All servers have main public IP on 5.x.x.X assigned to bridge Servers may have 1 or more additional ranges added with routed setup on the bridge, so I can migrate LXCs with different ranges to all nodes of cluster...
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    How to configure Proxmox VM with static IP (and ping) on different Network Device

    Hi im new in proxmox. I have a little problem with the configuration of VM with static ip and ping from outside. I have 2 Network Devices (Attached files) The vmbr0 works good, i have already VM that cant ping to outside devices, but i tried to configure the vmbr1 using the eno2 device for...
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    cannot trace bridge from virtual machines

    Hi, I have a proxmox which have 4 VMs. I defined 3 vmbr(0,2,3). vmbr0 is connected to the Internet and vmbr2 and vmbr3 are connected to two separate physical interfaces. Each VM has 3 interfaces which are connected to the virtual bridges. I have latency in VMs when I ping other VMs and two...
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    [SOLVED] Bridge Virtual Interfaces Cannot Up / Container Need Reboot after Host Networking Changed

    Before take down bridge interface from Host: root@localcloud:~# brctl show bridge name bridge id STP enabled interfaces vmbr0 8000.0cc47ae144d0 no eth0 veth100i1 vmbr1...
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    KVM guest no Internet-Access

    I use Proxmox 3.4. This is the /etc/network/interfaces of my Proxmox-Host: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway pointopoint post-up echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth0/proxy_arp...


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