resize lvm

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    Remove local-lvm and increase local

    I wanted to show the steps that I took to accomplish this task. I am a real beginner to Proxmox, and I struggled with the idea of changing the disk partitions using a live disk and GParted, etc. So, I looked for an easier method for me to do this, and I hope this helps someone. I had...
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    [SOLVED] Menghapus local-lvm dan menggunakan seluruh disk untuk root pada Proxmox VE

    Cek dulu seluruh disk dari Command line : root@pve:~# df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 63G 0 63G 0% /dev tmpfs 13G 1.3M 13G 1% /run /dev/mapper/pve-root 78G 2.7G 72G 4% / tmpfs 63G 46M...
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    [SOLVED] Resize Ubuntu VM disk

    Hi Guys, I would like to increase the size of my VM 20go more to achieve the total of 52go ,how can i deal with it ? , there's my configs screens : Thank you in advance .
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Resized container MP, now can't boot.

    I have a debian container (199) that I needed to increase from ~1TB to ~25TB. (Note: the name of the /dev/x14TB/ is named because it's a raid card of 14TB drives, not a single 14TB drive) I shut down the container and used the web gui "resize disk" button and I got this error. Size of logical...
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    Extending Physical Volume (PV)

    Hello. During initial installation, i selected HDSIZE as 50 GB on my 250 GB NVMe SSD. Proxmox did it thing and divided the 50 gigs into all partitions that was needed. However, over time and VM usage, i became short on space and now i want to extend the local-lvm (so the data local volume) to...
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    Disk partitioning

    Hello. A while ago, when i set up proxmox on my HP ProDesk 400 G4 Mini (, i specified the HDSIZE on installation. I thought the 50 GBs from my 256 gb SSD would be enough and the rest of the space i would use for VMs. Now i'd like to resize the...
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    Proxmox migration to another disk with clonezilla

    Hi there. I am fairly new to proxmox and had a little problem the other day. The other day I decided to change the main disk where Proxmox is installed. The fact is that I wanted to change it because that disk that was being used needed it for another project. So I was looking for information on...
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    Remove unallocated space

    There is a proxmox node that has storage /media/storage2 which used by two virtual machines. Images VM101 and VM103. Too much space was accidentally expanded on vm 101. How now to delete this unallocated space on the virtual machine with the OS Windows and free up space in the storage of nodes...
  9. K

    Resize disk

    You can resize (increase) the lvm using the gui why can you not decrease the disk size or can you Keith
  10. M

    Replaced HDD - Resize VG

    Hello, my server is using a raid1 with 2 x 2 TB HDDs. Originally, proxmox was installed on 2 x 320G HDDs with raid1, but one HDD crashed and i have replaced both hdds with 2 x 2 TB hdds (i have cloned the date with dd). The system is up and running since more than a year but now i have a...
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    VM disk resize

    Hello, Could you please advise hows to do disk size under KVM VM? It is including expand or reduce size. Target for Linux/Windows KVM VM. Thanks!
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    LXC + LVM disk full. How to shrink LV ?

    Hello, I recently moved from proxmox 3 to 5.1 and I am a newbie with LVM. I have a disk full issue, we have 16 LXC with 20GB disks but data LV is only 143GB (My bad ! I know). Current status is: PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree /dev/sda3 pve lvm2 a-- 222.75g 15.86g LV...
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    How to enlarge Qemu linux lvm vps

    Hello, i have a Qemu VPS Cloudlinux 7 (centos 7) with LVM. I'm tryng to enlarge the root partition using Gparted Live CD but i have this error when i try to enlarge SDA2: "partition length of 4401920000 sectors exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed ..." My Volumes details: vgdisplay...
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    Lvm Or Not inside a Qemu Kvm VPS ?

    Hello, i'm working on a P2V of a Cpanel server (centos 7). What is the best FS / Partitioning ? I'm reading that using LVM i can do a Hot Resize but i lose performance ... I think i will need to resize mi virtual hd in the future .. Is it ok ext4 ? Thanks !
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    Resize LVM after creation ?

    Hi, I'm a super-proxmox-noob so go easy on me! :) I wanted to create a 100GB LVM but it only generates a 15.82GB LVM and I don't know how to resize it. Or is there a way to convert LVM-Thin to LVM ? Why? I was reading on the forums here that LVM is faster for Windows, so I want to give it a...


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