replication cluster

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    another volume 'dpool2' already exists

    Hi all. I've searched this forum but no solution helped me. Here the point: I have 2 nodes. PVE-01 and PVE-04. and virtual machine 103 on pve01 with 3 storages/3 disc's I have replication from pve01 to pve004 that did not work. 2024-02-14 09:59:00 103-0: start replication job 2024-02-14...
  2. L

    Replication of proxmox servers

    Hello, i got an issue with my servers. I got 2 servers dell emc poweredge r740, i installed proxmox in both of them but the question is, how can i replicate my VMs of server 1 to the server 2 as a mirror? if something goes wrong with server 1 i want the server 2 works and do not have any...
  3. A

    HELPPP -- Is possible Replication zfs Storage on Root?

    Hello, Im newbie on proxmox and I would like some help how to enable a replication. I have installed proxmox on two nodes with 2 drive each configured as zfs mirror as below. I want to enable Replication but when I start create replication I get error "missing replicate feature on volume...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Is is possible to specify the NIC used for storage replication?

    I have a 3 node cluster running PVE 7.1-10. I am successfully replicating a pfsense VM between two nodes in my cluster, but it's going over my LAN NIC instead of my dedicated cluster network. Is there a way I can specify the NIC for replication? Even better, can I specify a primary and...
  5. A

    SLOG and L2ARC to speed up ZFS on a spinning drive

    Hi, I'm running a PVE cluster at home, mostly for fun and some local services. I deployed it on top of a couple of dell optiplex (for the low power consumption), which have 1 NVME slot and 1 SATA slot. Initially, I put one 1TB NVME SSD inside both of the optiplex, partitionned with ZFS, and 16...
  6. M

    Replication + Heartbeat / HA

    Hi everyone. I have a "standard" Proxmox 6 server with zfs in default config (rpool with system + data on it) I am afraid of hardware failure resulting in a long downtime. So I would like to run a second node with storage replication and heartbeat-configuration that would take over in case of...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] Wie kommen die User auf den neuen Server nach der Replication?

    Hi Community, Im Moment befasse ich mich mit dem Replication Feature von Proxmox. Aber da stelle ich mir die Frage wenn mein 1 Server ausfällt, wie kommen meine User dann auf den zweiten Server? Der hat ja eine andere IP etc. wie kann ich das konfigurieren ?
  8. Y

    Snapshot Rollback + Replication issue

    Hello, i have notice this issue: if i try to rollback to a zfs snapshot when proxmox5 replication are active, i can't, it's fail with error: more recent snapshot. So i have to stop and remove replication.. and finally rollback. I'm wrong or is it the only way to rollback ? Thanks!
  9. Y

    All Replication stalled

    Hello, i have a cluster node ( ZFS / Replication /HA 3 nodes cluster ) with 3 VPS (2 LXC, 1 KVM ). All replication job on node2 are stalled but no errors log. Before reboot the node, i'm tryng a pve-zsync but return this error: /usr/sbin/pve-zsync sync --source 104 --dest...
  10. C

    Change NIC for VM Replication

    Hello, I have been search for this topic but was not abler to find any answer, forgive me if this question has already been answered. I have setup a two node cluster with a dedicated cluster link network that I want to use for replication and for corosync. The cluster was created in the GUI...
  11. M


    Guten Morgen, um Erfahrungen in Proxmox zu sammeln, habe ich mir mit mehreren Rechnern ein Testcluster und Proxmox 5.2 aufgebaut. Bei unserem Hyper-V Cluster haben wir eine Replikation der VM´s zu einem Cluster zu einem anderen Brandabschnitt. Da Proxmox auch so ein Feature bietet, versuche...
  12. N

    Migration fails everytime - found stale ....

    Receiving the below when performing: qm migrate 109 pve1 -with-local-disks -migration_type insecure Not sure what the deal is or if i am doing something wrong. Simple 3 node cluster. 15:37:19 43.5G pool/vm-109-disk-1@__migration__ 15:37:20 43.6G pool/vm-109-disk-1@__migration__...


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