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    Media Server blew up, help with new layout

    Hello all, I was running UnRAID as a media server, when multiple drives failed, incl. the parity. So I'm nuking and rebuilding my server. Main things running are Plex, the "-arr" suite, SABnzb, Deluge, Nextcloud (or similar) among other things. Nothing wild yet. I had my eyes on Proxmox for a...
  2. J

    Proxmox Backup Server Synchronization the Same on Site A and Site B

    So I have an on premises Proxmox Virtual Environment with VMs on it, this gets backed up to another on premises Proxmox Backup Server which then gets Synced offsite to a Remote Location. This Remote Location then gets synced to an Offsite Location with ZFS Redundant Storage for further security...
  3. E

    Datastore Sync Job, only sync last n backup

    Hello all, is it possible for the sync job to decide that i only want sync last n backups? I´m on the Version 2.4-1 Thanks for answers :)
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Remotes and PAM realms.

    Hi there. I'm try it the remote feature, but I have noticed that we can no create a user using PAM realms, either in the WEB GUI or using proxmox-backup-manager user create, via cli. So in order to use a remote in pbs02 to sync jobs from pbs01, was needed to create the user as pbs realm, and...
  5. T

    [TUTORIAL] Connect automatically to SFTP Remote Storage and use it for Backup (e.g Strato HiDrive)

    Community, for my case I've been looking for a workaround to bring out my backup data weekly without creating a new pbs server remotly. For this workaround and my solution I'm using my existing external SFTP Storage from a german company Strato (Product "HiDrive). So let's rock ... 1. Login...
  6. F

    Boot up VM from remote client?

    Hello everyone, I couldn't find an answer to this problem. Let's say I have several OS VMs like Win, MacOS, Linux Desktops. To save power consumption and resources it would be a cool feature to boot up a VM when a thin client boots up itself. Can I trigger a boot command in an easy way? Thanks...
  7. T

    Architecture Logic Check | Non-Critical Storage

    After seeing Backup Server go GA, I was immediately interested in putting it to use in my home/lab environment. Currently my storage server backs up to warm storage over sftp with Duplicacy and it has some amazing compression+deduplication. It's also cross-machine deduplicating so any machines...
  8. I

    [SOLVED] Best way to launch one VM from remote ?

    Hello, I have set up a gaming w10 VM for my little brother on my server which he accesses using parsec. Parsec is only working when the VM is up and running but It is a waste of resource to let the VM always on. To turn off the VM you can do it once you are in parsec however I can't come with a...
  9. P

    Thinclient and Remote Desktop Virtualisation Server

    I would like to run virtual machines on a server and access these virtual machines from a thin client. After some research I discovered Proxmox. I am a software developer and I am looking for a solution that allows me to experiment with different operating systems and containers at home. I...
  10. J

    Is it possible to set bandwidth in the synchronization job?

    In some scenarios it is important to limit the internet bandwidth occupied by the task of synchronizing backups between two 'Proxmox Backup Server'. Is this possible today or is it possible to implement this feature?
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    Tip: MOSH SSH Alternative (working)

    As an alternative to traditional SSH, I have successfully installed MOSH on Proxmox VE 6.2-9 and can manage it from Ubuntu 18.04.04. This is not surprising, as PVE is now Debian-based (which is excellent). But if you are looking for a way to manage the Proxmox console remotely that is highly...
  12. M

    Proxmox on remote server: security best practices?

    Hi, I'm considering switching my current 'cloud' VPS setup to a dedicated server (e.g. Hetzner) with Proxmox running 2-3 VMs. Currently I'm only running Proxmox in my homelab, which works great but obviously has other security requirements than a remote setup. Are there any pointers to best...
  13. Z

    Unable to parse directory volume name with pct create

    Hi, Tried to create a lxc container over command line: # pct create 108 local:vztmpl/debian-9.0-standard_9.7-1_amd64.tar.gz --hostname --cpulimit 1 --cpuunits 1024 --memory 512 --swap 1024 --ostype debian --onboot 1 --net0...
  14. W

    remote sftp & SSH

    greetings !... is it possible to connect to a guest (CT or VM) using SFTP i.e. via a remote MacOS terminal outside of the Datacenter ? Basically I am trying to work with the folder structure and files directly using a terminal or IDE or FTP client... without going via the host... same applies...
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    [SOLVED] VM RDP kein opengl oder direct3d

    Hallo Zusammen, ich bin was Linux oder auch Virtualierungsplattformen angeht noch nicht lange unterwegs, habe mich aber schon etwas in diese Themen eingelesen und auch schon, zumindest für meine Verhältnisse, eine Menge ausprobiert. Zu meinem Problem: Ich habe Proxmox als OS installiert und...
  16. U

    remote access problem

    Hey. Few days ago I installed a Proxmox VM, I can get web environment with my local host, but I can't get it from my computer's job. Someone know how can I solve it? Thanks..


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