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    Help recovering backups from failed boot drive

    Hello, I am recovering from a failed boot drive due to a power outage. My VMs and backups were on the boot drive; I plan to change this moving forward. I have a new Proxmox installed on a new disk and the old boot drive plugged in as well. So far, this post has been very helpful, but I am...
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    [SOLVED] Ceph Recovery Process stopped and can no longer see OSD's in tab

    This morning a loss of power to the one of the servers in the ceph cluser knocked out the cluster. After I got that server up and running again, the ceph cluster started to recover. And at that time I could see the OSD's in the OSD tab. But it got to 72.36% and the recovery stopped, and I can no...
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    Proxmox Backup

    Hello , I Hope You are well , This Is the second time i make a copy, and This error appears in the same status 86% #uname -r 4.13.13-2-pve
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    Ceph very slow rebalancing ~300Kib

    Hi i have recreated a osd in my hyperconverged cluster. I have a 10Gbit link so it should be really fast to rebalance. But it seems like to rebalance only with some kilobytes: I have already set ceph tell 'osd.*' injectargs '--osd-recovery-max-active 4' ceph tell 'osd.*' injectargs...
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    Proxmox no loger start - recover files from a Linux Container

    I have/had proxmox running on a raspberry pi 4 on an micro SD card. All was working fine until a run a update form the proxmox ui now the pi is stuck in a reboot loop. I need to get the data from my LXC if that is possible. I have managed to get the vm-100-disk-0.raw, vm-101-disk-0.raw...
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    Grub-rescue after a partition redimension

    Hello, I have a serious problem, and it is that after resizing a hard disk from the proxmox console, when I restart I get the famous "grub-rescue" lvm not found. I say famous, because I've seen a thousand forums and a thousand solutions that don't work for me. I've tried an installer on a usb...
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    vm disk Wiederherstellen Recover

    Guten Tag, Ich habe aus Versehen meine VM Disk gelöscht. Das war nach einem Backup, was ich wiederhergestellt hatte, passiert. Als ich es bemerkte. Habe ich den Server heruntergefahren. Aktuell versuche ich die HDD (10TB) mit Hetman Recover auszulesen. Aber das dauert c.a 4000h. Gibt es die...
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    Restore deleted PBS backup within grace period before GC

    Out of curiosity, is there a way to recover a deleted PBS backup within the 24 hour grace period as noted in the official documentation before the garbage collector ran? If so, what command can be used to re-reference the 'unused chunks'? Screenshot as seen here:
  9. G

    unable to find a keyring - need help to recover ceph

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this? ceph-osd --check-wants-journal root@node2:/var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-1# ceph-osd --check-wants-journal 2022-04-14T20:55:43.210-0500 7f71cd669f00 -1 auth: unable to find a keyring on /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-admin/keyring: (2) No such file or...
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    VM disk deleted while running

    Hi, I managed to delete a VM disk a long time ago, while it was still running. Now, 8 months later, I stopped and tried to start a VM but it won't start because the disk is missing. 8 months ago I did a move: create full clone of drive virtio0 (ssd:100/vm-100-disk-0.qcow2) Formatting...
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    Recover VM from erased drives

    Hi, this is just a dive into the deep but we are looking for a way to recover the data that was on a KVM VM that was on erased drives with HP Drive Reset and running another OS on that node. We are currently running CentOS 7 on that node that was used for Proxmox. I do remember the ID of the VM...
  12. G

    Crushmap vanished after Networking error

    Hi I have a worst case, osd's in a 3 node cluster each 4 nvme's won't start we had a ip config change in public network, and mon's died so we managed mon's to come back with new ip's. corosync on 2 rings is fine, all 3 mon's are up osd's won't start how to get back to the pool, already...
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    LVM Partition's emty using iSCSI

    Hi Everyone, I have a serious problem, we installed a SAN for 3 nodes FUJITSU 2540 and 1 Stocking Harbor, I created 2 LVMs partitions on Stocking (SAN_VM for VMs and SAN_BACKUP for BACKUP), all Disks of VMs are stored on SAN_VM. today, after a power failure, I restarted the elements of our SAN...
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    [SOLVED] Recover data Debian Machine not booting

    Hi, today i was working on a VM based on debian and i installed systemd as a sostitute of sysvinit. Rebooting the machine result in the VM not booting with error "TASK ERROR: command 'systemctl start pve-container@1113' failed: exit code 1". Unfortunately the machine (for a strange reason) had...
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    [SOLVED] No more proxmox config after apt upgrade/auto-remove

    Hi, I have recently upgraded the system of my proxmox server, on a dedicated Hetzner server. This step was promptly followed by the execution of "apt auto-remove". Since that moment I was not able to log onto the server with SSH. So I decide to reboot. And now the system is unresponsive. Using...
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    "bare metal" backup/recovery

    Hi, I've tried to find some info about bare metal backup/recovery of proxmox installation (with ZFS). After searching and lot of trying I came up with some "walkthrough", although not a real bare metal. The scripts etc. are gathered from lot of places (also this forum) and updated for my needs...
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    [SOLVED] Help needed in recovering node with ZFS mirror

    Hello! I have a problem with one node. After reboot it failed to start pve-manager and the services it said there is no free space left on /. So i managed to free about 300Mb removing unnecessary caches and packages but df said root is still 100% full. Then i took another drive installed clean...
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    [SOLVED] No space left while recovering

    [ Thu Jan 07, 10:46:09 | root@yls2:~ ] # pct restore 107 vzdump-openvz-107-2016_01_05-14_22_06.tar.gz --storage YLS2D0 Formatting '/mnt/pve/YLS2D0/images/107/vm-107-disk-1.raw', fmt=raw size=21474836480 mke2fs 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014) Creating filesystem with 5242880 4k blocks and 1310720 inodes...


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