1. C

    Windows 11 consuming ungodly amount of ram

    Hi Folks, I am testing Windows 11 compatibility on Proxmox and it was running fine the other day but I had it on an old Acer Veriton that I started off on. It worked fine but I'm moving VMs and data over to older server models, in particular a PowerEdge R420. I noticed that everything is working...
  2. P

    Proxmox high RAM usage

    I’m currently running a Proxmox PC with 16GB of RAM. This system hosts 2 VMs and 1 LXC. VM-1: This VM is allocated 6GB of RAM and runs Jellyfin along with other ARR projects. VM-2: This VM is allocated 10GB of RAM and is used for a Minecraft server. Note that the Minecraft server is assigned...
  3. S

    Proxmox host using more memory than sum of vm without using ZFS

    Hello everyone! I post here because i have a problem: in proxmox gui, on my host, i see the RAM usage is bigger than the total of ram by my vms. and, i install balloon device and service for my vms... I see a lot of topic here saying that there is a problem with ZFS, but i dont use ZFS, all my...
  4. J

    [Suggestion] PVE separate fileds for ram general ram usage and zfs pool ram usage

    Hi all, When using zfs pool for primary storage in pve, it uses nearly total ram for ARC service... I cant predict how much ram left for me, separating ram usage from services that relative to zfs and VM ram usages can solve this problem Thanks
  5. R

    Ballooning Ram acting weird

    Whenever I allocate minimum memory to a vm the vm starts to consume all of its ram even when idle but when i check host the host is freeing up ram so ballooning works normal. But the problem is with vm, that when it consumes 98% of ram i cant carry out any work in it since apps crash due to no...
  6. R


    Hello there, i have a 64gb ram server and have 2 vm running on it one has 50gb allocated other has 6gb allocated. Both devices have ballooning enabled and latest stable virtuo driver installed. But in images i have attached, you can clearly see max 7gb being used but my datacenter dashboard...
  7. K

    How to reduce RAM usage on idle (not using ZFS)

    Hi Guys, I recently installed proxmox on my old PC with 2GB Ram. I didn't install any VM/CT and I am not using ZFS, the initial ram usage is a little over 1GB, Is there a way I can reduce this much RAM usage to something like 500MB?
  8. G

    Memory problem

    Hello, first of all, sorry for my English as it is not my native language. I have a problem with some Proxmox servers and memory RAM. The sum of the memory of all the virtual machines diverges a lot from the total of the Proxmox server. All virtual machines have QEMU Guest Agent installed...
  9. T

    Hohe RAM Auslastung laut Weboberfläche

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe mir bereits mehrere Beiträge durchgeschaut, allerdings bekomme ich es bei mir nicht eingestellt. Ich habe eine RAM Auslastung laut Webgui von 90% (nur nach VM Start). Laut VM selbst liegt diese bei 2GB. Folgendes habe ich bereits gemacht. Treiber: virtio-win-0.1.215...
  10. D

    Windows VM RAM usage

    Hi Guys! ive got a wierd problem... ive updated proxmox on the latest version since i needed support for my Windows Server2022 ive followed the guide to make it work and its been great for a while... some day, ive installed Datto RMM and since my VM's RAM Usage got crazy (90%+ 24/7) ive tried...
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    [SOLVED] Ramverbrauch bleibt konstant.

    Hardware: - 64 Ram DDR4 (16GB x 4) - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - 2 x Samsung SSD (SOFT RAID 1) Problem: Wenn ich eine VM starte, ist der Ramverbrauch auf dieser unterschiedlich. Manchmal steigt er, manchmal fällt er, ganz normal. Der Ramverbrauch in der VM wie auch im Panel wird korrekt angezeigt...
  12. E

    Windows server 2016 memory usage display

    Hello! I have a windows server 2016 vm in proxmox, with 16gb of memory, installed the ballooning service which is running, but the used memory displayed by proxmox is very high (about 12gb), but in the task manager the used memory is only 3gb. Nothing happens if I stop or restart the ballooning...
  13. S

    Backup RAM overload

    Ich speichere meine Backups täglich auf eine extern eingebundene NAS. Das Problem ist, dass jedes mal, wenn meine Backups gemacht werden meine RAM usage in die Höhe schießt. Normalerweise ist sie bei 30% aber wenn die Backups laufen geht die usage bis auf 80% hoch. Merkwürdigerweise bleibt sie...
  14. B

    Which would be the best way to configure SWAP memory with HD disks ZFS file root system?

    Hello for everyone, I have an standalone node with 380 GB RAM and CPU usage is normal, 20 CT and 15 VM with Promox 6.3.6, I don't have IO delay. I just now I'm trying to configure a new CT, but I found that the container doesn't have SWAP memory (I did that setup with 2 Gb) so when I start to...
  15. A

    Overusage RAM?

    Hello i got 1 node on my new server currently have 2 VM (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit based) i allocated RAM 8 Gb each VM but the usage RAM on proxmox node was very different from 2 VM For VM 1 VM 2 Node i already start balloon service too on windows services, is that normal for node? sorry for...


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