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    Node Memory Usage Broken? Reports VM as Always Using Entire Allocated Memory.

    I currently have an Ubuntu and a Windows 11 VM running on my Promox node. The node has 24gb of RAM, and I have allocated 12gb to the Windows VM. I set up ballooning on both Proxmox and inside the VM, and the reported memory usage in the VM Summary matches Windows Task Manager as expected...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Debian VM RAM nicht wie zugewiesen

    Guten Abend an alle. Ich stoße hier auf ein komisches Problem und hoffe das Ihr mir helfen könnt. Ich habe eine neue Debian VM aufgesetzt mit den Minimal Server requirements wie im folgenden Beitrag (https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/debian-minimal-server/) Ich hab den Guest Agenten...
  3. G

    Как настроить под windows? Низкая скорость cpu и ram. Высокая задержка.

    Can you tell me how I should set up proxmox? for a good windows vm to work? Very low performance at the moment, the tests show very strange indicators.
  4. D

    Proxmox Ram läuft voll auf Ubuntu VM

    Hallo, ich habe auf einer Proxmox VE zwei Virtuelle Maschinen laufen, eine Debian 12 auf der Zoneminder läuft und ein Ubuntu auf dem ein Samba Share läuft. Beide haben jeweils 8GiB Ram, der Zoneminder schreibt die Video aufnahmen über ein gemountetes Laufwerk auf den Samba Ubuntu Server...
  5. E

    Pläne für einen neuen Server

    Guten Tag liebes Forum, erstmal mein Aktuelles Setup: Ryzen 9 5900X 128GB 2666MHz ECC RAM B550 Phantom Gaming 4 RTX 3090 (Stable Diffusion + LLama ChatGPT alternative) 1200W Netzteil Mein aktuelles Ziel wäre einen neuen Server zu bauen, er sollte genausoviel oder mehr Single Core Perfomance...
  6. B

    PVE uses 80% of memory

    Hi everyone, I have a server with 2 x 1TB storage - raid 1, 64GB of ram, AMD 5600G CPU. I created 1 VM where i use cPanel with 16 GB ram, and i can see that the PVE host jumped up to 80% (almost 50GB) RAM usage. What can cause this? I went through the forum posts and i see this can be just...
  7. X

    RAM Usage 100%

    Hello, i already use Proxmox for a long amount of time. Recently I changed over from an HA Cluster to a single Server. Before I had 3xHP Node with i5 and 16GB Ram per Node. Now I’m Rocking an Ryzen 9 3900x and 64Gb of Ram. Before I never ran into Ram issues, but now the Ram usage always is on...
  8. L

    Different resource usage in VM (RAM): Htop and Proxmox overview

    I observe significant differences in resource usage between my VM (Ubuntu 22) and the information provided by Proxmox 8.3.1. Does anyone have an idea for troubleshooting?
  9. L

    ZFS vs RAM?

    I have a 64GB RAM system with 16TB in a RAID HHD storage, so with 8TB used. The OS and VM/CTs are all in a 2TB SSD drive. Proxmox is set-up to use ZFS and I've noticed that my system has been peaking the memory usage, even though individually the services don't even use 25%. I've also noticed...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Proxmox - RAM usage

    How much in theory PVE 8 requires RAM for its own usage? It runs on 1 TB SSD with ZFS. If I remember it correctly, the rule of thumb says: 1TB of storage equals to 1GB of RAM usage for ZFS based system... I have on server with 32 GB of RAM and mentioned above drive installed Proxmox 8 with 3x...
  11. A

    Memory spikes win 2022 trying to defragment a 1TB disk

    Hi, I have a mv with windows 2022 in pve 7.3-3, a week ago I added a 1TB disk, but the operating system eats all the RAM, when entering the OS I identified that what is eating the memory is a process that tries to deframe the disk I have been adding to the RAM but it always has the same...
  12. O

    Wrong memory usage reported in Proxmox interface even with ballooning off?

    Hi all, one of the problems I am trying to get to the bottom to is, Proxmox thinks my OPNsense VM is using 6 gigs of RAM when it's only using 400mb or something? I first simply assumed this would be something to do with ballooning feature, and working as intended if that were desired - but it's...
  13. K

    what are the possible ways to allocate specific resources to the users?

    Hello! I'm looking for guidance on how to efficiently manage and allocate resources for different users within our Proxmox environment. What are the possible solutions within Proxmox to allocate specific storage, CPU, and RAM resources to individual users, with the goal of limiting their...
  14. A

    Very high Ram

    hi forum i have very high Ram consumption. What can I do ?
  15. L

    Proxmox memory bar separated by type

    Hello! Is there any way to make memory bars colored by type of data that's stored in it? I mean, currently it shows you almost 100% of RAM if you use half of RAM by VM's and other half is ZFS cache. My point is to separate bar into multiple colors to make it clear what is cached and what's not...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Invalid RAM Size

    Hello community, Today i did fresh install of Proxmox. While doing first setup I discovered that my system is showing only 11,62GiB RAM as usable from 24Gbit I checked ram with dmidecode -t memory -q and here is result SMBIOS 2.8 present. Handle 0x000F, DMI type 16, 23 bytes Physical Memory...
  17. L

    Proxmox wrong metric of VM Memory Usage

    Hi, we are seeing a really strange behavior on one of our VM. Proxmox () is showing a lot of less RAM ussage for that VM. VM RAM Config (we are not using Ballooning): VM Info: And if we go to the console and show the `free -h`: The VM has installed qemu-guest-agent. The VM OS is: The...
  18. T

    Weird issue: configuration done in a VM wasn't saved to disk

    Hello :) I encountered a strange issue today. One of my VM servers had some additions/changes done to it about two weeks ago. Without reduntantly explaining too much, a site with a map was added to a service its running. This new site with the map had been running fine for two weeks, but today...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Wer klaut meinen RAM? :-)

    Hallo, der PVE hat 47 GB RAM. ZFS ist auf 18 GB RAM begrenzt. Der VM sind 12 GB RAM zugewiesen. Macht zusammen 30 GB. Wenn ich nun die VM, z.B. durch Kopier-Jobs beanspruche, steigt der RAM-Bedarf des PVE, zumindest kurzzeitig, auf über 90% oder 43 GB an. Jetzt meine Frage: Wer klaut meinen...
  20. R

    Ballooning Ram acting weird

    Whenever I allocate minimum memory to a vm the vm starts to consume all of its ram even when idle but when i check host the host is freeing up ram so ballooning works normal. But the problem is with vm, that when it consumes 98% of ram i cant carry out any work in it since apps crash due to no...


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