1. L

    Is it impossible to setup pcie passthrough for Proliant gen8 servers ?

    Hi My server is DL380p gen8 server, and I did read about and test various solutions but ALL of them failed. I must admit that most of them are about GPU passthrough, and I just need to passthrough my p420i controller from proxmox to truenas (and a sas hba later). So is there any proven way to...
  2. W

    [SOLVED] DKIM Cname

    Hello now that we have gotten DKIM signing to work im sitting here thinking what if worst case senario came to pass.. all devices gets encrypted. handing out the TXT record that the users need to enter into there dns servers what if it changes so you have to start from scratch. this got me...
  3. V

    DNS and certificate question

    Hi! I recently started using PMG, super amazing service! I plan on expanding to a HA Cluster and I wonder how to handle certificate for my cluster I want to have one dedicated subdomain for each and then one domain for users to have in their MX records. So lets say we have A...
  4. S

    Different ways to store and share data between containers (Pros/Cons)

    Hello Proxmox Community, I have some questions about sharing data between containers. While researching I found many ways to do this and because I’m relatively new to Proxmox and maybe don’t understand the implications of doing certain things, I wanted to ask if there are any problems with the...
  5. L

    Fatal server error

    Hallo liebe community, Ich brauche hilfe beim installieren --> siehe Foto CPU AMD Ryzen™ 7 7735HS , 8 Kerne/16 Threads GPU AMD Radeon™ 680M Grafik Vorab Dankeschön!
  6. J

    Microphone delay in both Linux and Windows guests

    Relatively new to Proxmox and have been scratching my head over this for the past day. When passing through my USB XLR Interface independently (tried by passing through the port and the specific device, and the entire controller) I get about a second (sometimes 2-3) of delay between speaking and...
  7. M

    Newbie questions: retention, datastore,

    I have been using PVE for some years and I want to also use PBS now. It seems like I don't quite get some of the concepts. My setup is: one PVE cluster and one PBS on a separate physical machine. The PBS has 1 SSD as boot drive (with zfs) and a raid-z2 array of 6 HDDs for storage (called...
  8. E

    PVE not showing full 3TB hdd capacity, only shows 100gb?

    Hi, new Proxmox/server user here. I'm having trouble configuring my machine to use all 3 TB of storage on my hard disk, I already have 3 VMs set up, and I noticed that the hard disk was being occupied way faster than I anticipated. then I saw the supposed maximum capacity. any ideas on how I can...
  9. V

    Suggestions to cover my use cases appreciated (setup recommendations)

    Hello everybody, 3 month ago i got a refurbished Fujitsu Q956 Mini PC to try out Proxmox and further possibilities for private use. It was more to learn and play around a little bit. Before I had no knowledge about VMs, Linux in generall and docker and so on. I got some very basic knowledge now...
  10. D

    Help combining 2x1tb drives with a 2tb drive!!!

    hello, I have a Proxmox server, where i had 2x2tb drives in raid 1, one of the drives failed, and i dont currently have a replacement Yet, as i had just gotten these drives and they both have less than 4,000 hours on them. my question is complicated, i have 2x1tb drives laying around, i still...
  11. G

    Proxmox Mail Gateway. SMTP Server.

    Hi, I wanted to ask, I have a website that requires an SMTP server to send emails, what does Proxmox Email Gateway do exactly? Does it connect to an SMTP server or create it? I'm a bit confused
  12. Y

    Question on NAS setup on proxmox

    Hi folks, I'm a newbie and I got a server configured to have a 2TB RAID0 for system itself and 10TB RAID5 for other purposes under a hardware raid controller. I want to use a proportion of that 10TB as a NAS VM/container running on PVE. But I'm not sure how I can do this. It's strongly...
  13. F

    Kernel version missmatch?

    Hey, I've been running into an issue regarding kernel versions lately, I tried to install the hpsa driver using dkms and I got an error: ~# dkms build -m hpsa -v 3.4.20 Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 4.15.18-12-pve cannot be found. Please install the linux-headers-4.15.18-12-pve package...
  14. T

    My proxmox server doesn't appear in my router so I can't open the port

    I don't know why but my proxmox server doesn't appear in my router with all the other device. I can connect to it and it can be pinged with my main pc. Does someone have a way to make it appear ?
  15. A

    Qdevice for Non-HA cluster?

    So I'm pretty sure I know the answer. I'm building a very small cluster for now. Two nodes. One hosts the NAS and SAN and a few other 'infrastrcture-y' things. The other hosts most of the VMs that I want to boot *from* the SAN. I can manually migrate them from the service node to the infra...
  16. G

    Backup to 3 different USB rotated external disk

    Hi! I'm pretty new to the world of proxmox and for work needs i'm trying to figure out how I may be able to use a set of 3 different USB disk in rotation (1 per week) for off-site backup. I've understanded that there's no integrated way to achieve this and i've already tried looking at others...
  17. R

    New installation instead of upgrade to Proxmox 7 - general structure

    Hello, as the title already says, I would like to reinstall my Proxmox environment, as the current one has already been messed up a bit and partly serves as a playground. Among other things, this was there to gain experience with it. Now the question is, how do I best build the construct...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Can't access proxmox machine with short hostname

    Hi there, Just installed proxmox, configured dhcp, but for some reason i cant access it with short host name (proxmox). Connecting via ip or fqdn (proxmox.*isp domain*) works fine. What am i doing wrong? My setup is router with inbuilt dns at, proxmox machine at
  19. E

    [SOLVED] IOMMU enabling issues

    So I'm trying to enable IOMMU so I can pas trough a PCIe device. I've follow the guide from the documentation but in the GUI it still says: "No IOMMU detected, please activate it.See Documentation for further information.". When verifying if IOMMU is enabled using dmesg | grep -e DMAR -e IOMMU...
  20. N

    Why does my RemoteSyncOperator user vanish backups of other users?

    Hi, All! I have two PBS servers and sync job from "first PBS" to "second PBS". On the "second PBS" besides synced backups from "first PBS" I also have local backups. My sync@pbs("second PBS") user has only RemoteSyncOperator permission. Sync job has mark "Remove vanished". After Sync job done -...


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