prune & gc

  1. F

    bk stucked in verification

    Hi, these days verify job got a problem with earliest backup of the set, the one that have to be deleted. Prune job is configured to maintain the 7 latest backups, it seems that it can't delete the first one and got stucked in the verification process. I tried to prune the first one manually...
  2. S

    Create SMB share on datapool

    Hi, I'm new to proxmox backup server and wanted to know if its possible to create a simple SMB share for virtual machines on the same network that could be used for e.g. MySQL dumps/backups. I noticed that samba is already preinstalled and I could just create a share under /mnt/datastore/... but...
  3. TwiX

    Purging a datastore

    Hi, My 2 synchronized PBS have a ZFS datastore which is 80% full disk space. several hundreds of VMs and the issue is that when a VM is not backuped anymore, snapshots stay on the datastore forever. We have to manually delete groups one by one... So I'm wondering if I could purge an entire...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Prune & GC & Verify on encrypted Backups and are the Backups still incremental

    Hello, I want to store the backups of my PVE encrypted on my PBS. I am now wondering whether the pbs can still run a prune/verify/gc on the backups, since the pbs does not have an encryption key? My second question is whether the backups are still incremental at all?
  5. S

    Prune and Retention policy

    Hi, I am trying to configure correctly the retention policy of my PBS. I want to have the following config: - to keep the last one - to have 72h per some of the LXCs which is backed up on hourly basis - to have 7 days backup of all LXC's even this which is backed up on an hourly basis. The...
  6. S

    Wie viele Vollbackups?

    Hallo liebe Proxmox-Gemeinde, ich muß einschränken, daß der Backup-Server, auf dem meine Backups gehostet werden, nicht von mir sondern von meinem ISP betrieben wird. Ich habe also auch nur eingeschränkte Rechte und kann wie ich gerade festgestellt habe sehr wenig selber rausfinden. Ich habe...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Understanding Garbage Collection with Remotes

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to understand garbage collection a bit better, I'll lay out two scenarios and ask you what happens so that I can better understand. PVE --> Backs up to --> Local PBS Remote PBS <-- Pulls from Local PBS 1. Garbage Collection on Local PBS: Keep last 10 Garbage...
  8. G

    PBR Remote Sync - Limiting the sync

    Our main backup server has 20+TBs of available storage (our colo server), while our offsite only has 12TB (public bare metal cloud). Since I can't easily get additional storage at my offsite location and I only need to offsite store a smaller set of last-resort backups (say, the 5 most recent...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] "unexpected error on datastore traversal" error during garbage collection

    Hi, I'm running Proxmox Backup Server 1.1-2, with storage on iSCSI. Backups are running without problems, but I cannot prune any old backup because I get this error: 2021-04-28T07:33:53+02:00: starting garbage collection on store mydatastore 2021-04-28T07:33:53+02:00: Start GC phase1 (mark...
  10. R

    Removing Backups older than 7 Days

    Hey, i have Backups for 2 weeks now and i want to delete Backups older than 7 Days, my Prune Settings are the following: When i start the Garbage Collection, i get: Removed garbage: 0 B Removed chunks: 0 What i am understanding and doing wrong? Thanks :)
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Pruning seems not to prune: Keep last = 3, but more than 11 snapshots are kept

    Hi, this is my setup for the Prune & GC job: But even though running manually it does not remove older snapshots.... Is this probably a permission problem? Thanks Rainer


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