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  1. Sebi-S

    [SOLVED] nvme Fehler nach Kernel-Update auf 5.15.35-3-pve

    Hallo zusammen, nachdem ich mehrere frisch aufgesetzte pve-Nodes auf die aktuelle Kernel-Version 5.15.35-3-pve upgedatet habe bekomme ich Fehlermeldungen, die das komplette System lahm legen. Die Weboberläche ist in der Folge nicht zu erreichen. Auch ein Reboot dauert extrem lange (>5min)...
  2. V

    Proxmox VE: Problem after rebooting network

    Hi all, i've a Proxmox VE 5.1-36 on OVHCloud. In this Node i have 10 virtual machines about, and i use the file interfaces with various NAT port forwarding. Today i inserted a rule for a virtual machine, i rebooted the network manager and i ran into a problem. Proxmox was able to go internet...
  3. E

    How can I use HAproxy in Proxmox?

    I installed HAproxy version 1.7.5 on the Proxmox server and forwarded the incoming domain names to the virtual machines located in Proxmox 5.0-30, but all connections are completed with 503. I am sure the HAproxy configuration file is correct but I still get 503 even address; "haproxy?stats"...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Packet Loss from Outside Proxmox Host

    Hello! I have this proxmox server wich have N containers. When i ping containerX from my notebook (or anywhere else in network) i have 95% of packet loss. When i ping containerX from Proxmox i have 0% packet loss. When i ping containerX from containerY hosted in same proxmox server i have 0%...
  5. W

    upgrading from 4.4-24 with ceph to 5.xx

    Hi, I am aware of this: - We have three (3) identical nodes: 256Gb of RAM, 4Tb of HD, ... same on each node - Each node is running proxmox 4.4-24 with CEPH enabled - We do not have any shared storage, all VMs are on nodes' hard drives Could...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] snapd lxc - container ubuntu 18.04 problems Error message

    Hello everyone, I have a ubuntu lxc - container with ubuntu 18.04 and installed snapd, but with problems. In my lxc config I have the following lines added: features: nesting=1,fuse=1,mount=nfs lxc.cap.drop: I can start the snapd container with rocketchat server but in syslog I have the...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] SMTPD Banner Mail Gateway Cluster / Promox VE LXC Container PMG 6.0

    Hello Everyone, I have now two Proxmox Mail Gateways in a Cluster. Now I would like to have two different SMTPD Banners, one for each machine. (PMG Mailin01 and PMG Mailin02). If i change it on one machine the second machine have the same SMTPD Banner. If I edit changes will override by...
  8. C

    Proxmox in Strech update Proxmox6

    Mich würde interessieren, wie das Update funktioniert, wenn Proxmox in Debian "Stretch" installiert ist. Kann man trotzdem nach der offiziellen Anleitung updaten oder ist da etwas zu beachten? Gruss
  9. M

    Lighttpd does not start anymore

    Hello, Today, Lighttpd will not start on my Proxmox server anymore. This leads to the fact that the web interface is not reachable. Besides, if I Ping: Temporary failture in name resolution. But it is also funny if I run ip address, that is then in the IP eno1 but is...
  10. M

    Lighttpd startet nichtmehr

    Hallo, heute startet auf meinem Proxmox Server nichtmehr Lighttpd. Dies führt dazu dass das Webinterface nicht erreichbar ist. Außerdem wenn ich z.B. Google oder meinen Router anpingen möchte kommt diese Meldung: ping: Temporary failture in name resolution. Komisch ist aber auch, wenn...
  11. N

    External SSH into Proxmox VMs without VPN?

    So right now, I have a working Proxmox VE 5.3 Server (installed on a Dell PowerEdge R710) with several working VMs. Proxmox and the VMs are all setup with HTTPS. Because the Server and VMs are running off a single IP from the Server, I have had to reverse proxy all of the VMs through an Nginx...
  12. G

    Shuttle DH310...It’s works !

    Hi to all, Just for sharing my experiences to setting up Proxmox VE 5.3 and more on Shuttle PC. I built-in a hardware setup Shutlle DH310 Based and I7-8700, 32g RAM/SSD m2 and SSD SATA. All works fine included Pass-thru WiFi device (pve 5.3.x) function. Just one thing to know, you need to...
  13. Q

    Proxmox Storage not Active

    Hi guys, I have added a NFS storage to proxmox cluster, but it show that "Active = No" like below image, can u guys explain it for me? I can do backup like other shared storage. but it doesnt show the disk size. (Usage)
  14. M

    Can't install Windows Server 2016

    Hello everyone, somehow I can't install a Windows Server 2016 VM. After 33% of copying files, I get an "io-error" in relation with storage. I think it might be that I only have 18GB max of local node(?) storage availabe (VM has 1TB, got a total of 1.87TB of storage in RAID 1). I have almost...
  15. M

    New cluster using Proxmox 5

    Hello, First of all I must say that the latest Proxmox 5 GUI is amazing, top notch. I just setup a new cluster using 3 servers, and I have a weird problem. The moment I enable the Firewall on the "Datacenter" level, the other 2 clusters show as offline. I tried allowing LAN/WAN IP's on the...
  16. K

    Hetzner networking configuration once again

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for solution for my networking configuration and can't get it work. What do I have: - One public IPv4 IP - IPv6 with /64 What do I need: - main PVE server working on IPv4 IP - all containers working with IPv6. Each container should automatically obtain IPv6 which...
  17. W

    Can't access proxmox

    I have a Proxmox 5 installation running with few VMS. I created a cluster on it with command pvecm create nerdcluster Also changed hostname on this server with hostnamectl. Once i rebooted, Proxmox is no longer accesable. systemctl status pveproxy shows it as running, but shows some key...
  18. B

    Proxmox 5 Clusterjoin error

    I tried joining a new node, and it crashed the host server : First step I created a cluster on first server. Second step on second server : pvecm add Please enter superuser (root) password for '': Password for root@ Etablishing API connection with host...
  19. S

    Disable ZFS thin-provisioning (sparse)

    Hi everybody, I am facing following problem: currently I have "sparse" enabled in "/etc/pve/storage.cfg", which means thin-provisioning: zfspool: local-zfs pool rpool/data content images,rootdir sparse 1 Now as far as I understand, this leads to not showing the...
  20. 0

    Intel C612, X10DRL-i, Proxmox 5?

    I want to buy a server on Intel C612, X10DRL-i. Will it support Proxmox 5? I didn't find answer on supermicro website.


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