1. S

    [SOLVED] Proxmox change IP address

    Hi, I recently attempted to change the IP address of my Proxmox server (> and updated it in the /etc/network/interfaces file but to no success. Surprisingly, reverting to the old IP ( while connected to the (192.168.10.XX) network resolved the issue...
  2. T

    Soft lockup about once a day

    Hello, My Proxmox node has been getting in a bit of a bind the last few days (first happened on March 30). About once or twice a day it has gotten into a soft lockup at different times during the day as can be seen in the picture below and the whole system becomes unresponsive. After a reboot...
  3. J

    VNC Shell über API unverschlüsselt starten.

    Hallo, wenn ich eine Shell per API anfrage ist diese über VenCrypt verschlüsselt. Mein WebSocket zu VNC Proxy bietet aber keinerleie möglichkeiten dieses Protokol zu entschlüsseln. Wenn ich mir anschaue wie ProxMox die Shell selbst startet ist mir ein ``-notls`` Argument aufgefallen. Wenn ich...
  4. T

    Welche Nics für Proxmox zu empfehlen?

    Hallo zusammen, Ich bin neu hier und möchte meinen ersten Proxmox Server „bauen“. Mich interessiert in dem Zusammenhang, welche Netzwerkkarten ich dafür erwerben soll. Ich denke an 2 Stk. 1 Port 2,5 Gbit PCIe Die meisten bezahlbaren haben einen Intel I225 oder Realtek RTL8125B Chipsatz Und...
  5. D

    One out of three nodes networking issue - node unreachable

    Hello, I have 3 identical servers running identical version of Proxmox with all of therm fully upgraded. Each has 2 network cards installed, one is on-board quad 10gb and another is PCie quad port SPF+ 10gb. I have created two bridges, each bridge having all 4 ports assigned. Both bridges has...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Can't create container (after removing cluster node?)

    I have started experimenting with proxmox only a few days ago and created a little data center here at home with two linux nodes that now run my home network in a few VMs and containers. I learned a lot, the experience has been very nice so far and I haven't tried any real shannanigans (yet). I...
  7. D

    Proxmox Host Reboot unexpected

    Hi My Proxmox Host Server reboot unexpected on 17-Dec 2:0x am , What I can found is only its doing the backup job , then it reboot . Can anyone help ? •Dec 17 02:00:03 cancer-anf-hk4 pvescheduler[153377]: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 101 --quiet 1 --mode snapshot --notes-template...
  8. O

    Passthrough nvme - issue?

    Hey there, I've got a few questions / issues regarding a nvme ssd passed through in a VM. The server has 2 nvmes - one as LVM storage for VM disks, another (Seagate BarraCuda Q5 ZP10000CV30001) passed in a VM. The VM is Windows 11, installed directly onto that nvme as ovmf Q35 ***without*** an...
  9. P

    Kann es sein das PDFtotext nicht bei update des PMG installiert wird?

    Wir haben das PMG geupdatet und es funktioiert auch außer das pdftotext denn im Syslog steht folgendes Dec 07 10:29:31 optspam pmg-smtp-filter[156730]: WARNING: Can't exec "/usr/bin/pdftotext": No such file or directory at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/ line 2080. Dec 07 10:29:31...
  10. A

    Superblock LVM problem container boot

    Hi all, New proxmox user here (few months of use, love it) I think I broke something due to my little knowledge of how storage works. I had a container running linux with a docker setup and it was running out of space (vm-101-disk-0) Based on .bash_history this are the commands I used...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Disk Problem?

    Hello, I use a MiniPC as a proxmox backup server. I have a 2.5 inch 128GB SSD connected via a USB3.0 adapter. The operating system is installed on it. And I have an 8TB USB hard drive connected for the backups. I know this is not the best solution, but it has worked for me for over a year...
  12. J

    PVE Web UI fails to load on poor network

    Hi, I'm experiencing issues loading the PVE Web UI of a remote home server to which I have a somewhat poor connection. To be more specific: I'm running a remote home server, which gets internet over a mobile network connection with quite bad upload. I have a site-to-site WireGuard tunnel...
  13. A

    VM Not utilizing full core on the host & core binding not working

    Hi, we installed a new hostsystem a couple weeks ago but have some performance issues in certain vms. The hostsystem is on 7.4-15 with Kernal 5.15.108-1 and it is primarily used for game / csgo servers. We are running a Ryzen 1700x, 64g ram and 2x 1tb nvme zfs raid1. Inside the vm we run ubuntu...
  14. P

    Backup Job zu Cloud Storage Probleme

    Guten Morgen, aktuell bin ich dabei eine Art Offsite Backup zu organisieren. Habe dazu eine Hetzner Storage Box angeschafft und diese per fstab direkt an den Backup Server gemountet. Danach bin ich hingegangen und habe diesen im Proxmox Datacenter als Storage hinzugefügt. Da die...
  15. P

    PMG DNS Probleme

    Hi ich hatte seit heute 10 Uhr DNS Probleme denn jeder anfrage bzw Jede IP stand angeblich auf der ZEN.spamhaus liste und auch auf allen anderen. Ich nutze Technitium DNS Server vorher nur ein DC mit DNS. Der NDS auf dem DC leitet jetz alle anfragen die er nicht kennt an den Technitium. Warum...
  16. T

    Probleme mit zurückspielen von Backup VM's

    Hallo, Ich habe ein Proxmox Cluster von 3. Auf einem der Proxmox Clusters sitzt der Backup VM. Ich habe dort 2 datastores. Einen auf der Festplatte selbst wo der Backup VM sitzt und der andere bei Hetzner Storage Box. Beide zeigen das gleiche Problem auf. Backups zu erstellen geht sehr schnell...
  17. M

    Web Gui nicht erreichbar

    Hey. Ich habe probleme, meinen Proxmox Server über die WebGui zu erreichen, per ssh funktioniert es aber. Irgendwelche Tipps? LG
  18. G

    Backups getting hung with high I/O wait

    I have PBS setup as a VM with the specs below Guest: CPU - 2 cores RAM - 6GB Bios - OVMF Machine - q35 Controller - VirtIO SCSI Single OS Drive - 32GB QCOW SSD Discard on Backup Drive - WD 4TB RE 7200RPM HDD, passthroughed to VM using SCSI and iothread = 1 PBS version - 2.3-3 Linux...
  19. gladiolah

    Unwanted reboot every few weeks

    Hello together I have several proxmox hosts running and one of the hosts restarts every few weeks without my influence. Maybe someone has an idea how it comes to the reboots. To me the syslog looks normal, but maybe I am missing something here: May 03 22:45:40 Host-24 postfix/smtp[1105472]...
  20. L

    Connection Error problem

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with my proxmox GUI connection. When I try to access inside the GUI I receive this message "Connection error - Sever offline?". I tried to restart my PC manually and nothing... I also tried to remove all browser history but nothing. How can I resolve this...


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