power failure

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    Freezing VMs after power failure

    Hello! We're switching from VMWare to the Proxmox. We're running PVE 8.1.4. We connected the APC UPS to the PVE and configured all the necessary parameters. However, we can't find the following: In case of the power failure, the UPS (when the battery is at 20%) will shutdown the host, which in...
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    After a power outage I'm facing this issue: TASK ERROR: cannot prepare PCI pass-through, IOMMU not present

    Hello I'm facing this issue or error message when I try to power on the Virtual machine after a power outage Task viewer: VM 100 - Start OutputStatus Stop TASK ERROR: cannot prepare PCI pass-through, IOMMU not present How can I solve this? Thank you advance for your help and support
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    Power failure -> LV not available -> mount fail -> Failed to initialize container

    Hi. I had an power failure. System could reboot from bootdisk (ssd). But one drive is now broken. I am not a lvm expert. Which Things and commands could i learn to fix the problem? Mount commands? repair commands? VM 101 needs disk "hdd". everything seems to be available. but GUI shows that...
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    Power hit on server and now system unable to mount nfs shares. Services failing including sssd.

    Ok .. so i'm a idiot. Lets just get that out of the way. New server and I don't have it plugged in to battery. We had some bad weather yesterday and there was a power blip. Server's power supply tripped from a spike and the system was powered down when I got home. I started up the system and...
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    best storage for a cluster in a hostile environment ?

    What is the best storage choice for a Proxmox cluster in a hostile environment ? By hostile environment I mean an environment with frequent power outages... VERY frequent power outages ... Like 300 power outages in 2 years... The best of course would be to eliminate these power outages by...
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    Proxmox doesn´t work after power outage

    Hey there, I am completely desperate. After a power outage my Proxmox Server is no longer working. I´m searching for like 2 weeks but can´t figure out what is causing all of the problems. systemctl --failed UNIT LOAD ACTIVE SUB DESCRIPTION ● pve-cluster.service loaded...
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    [SOLVED] Neither GUI nor ZFS pool after power surge

    Hi, I had a power surge at home a couple days ago and since then my proxmox server has stopped working. I've been reading lots of posts and documentation to try to find the reason but I can't find anything conclusive. My setup is 5 hard drives: 1 ssd, 2 individual 500 gb in lvm-thin and 2 1TB...
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    Hang on boot after hard reset on 6.1 and Zpool hangs on import

    Hi everyone, Proxmox and all it's VMs froze earlier today with no way to interact with the system (web interface said that a connection could not be established) so it was hard reset. There are no discernible error messages and it just stops at the end of the following (with a blinking...
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    Limitation of fencing attempts

    Hello everyone, I build a Proxmox 3.4 two node cluster with two Dell R210 and a third node as iscsiTarget. This works still great. I use IDRAC for fencing and DRBD as storage. But after a powerfailure of node1, node2 tries to fence node1 with IDRAC. But IDRAC doesn't really work without power...
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    Ceph Node failure

    Hi, I have 3 nodes Proxmox Cluster with Ceph. I'm happy with current setup and performance. Now we are planning Disaster Recovery. We are using separate NFS storage for VM backup. I have few questions and I need expert advice. Our Ceph pools are setup with 2 replica. We have 4 OSDs in each...


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