ping failure

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    [SOLVED] Proxmox 8.2.2: Destination Host Unreachable but local network is fine

    I just had this happen to a 2nd node. This one while still setting it up, before joining cluster. I had this happen to a node I had & I tried a bunch of things but eventually ended up migrating everything off it & re-installing. I thought it had happened as a result of an in-place-upgrade to...
  2. M

    cannot ping or

    hi ! very very new to proxmox and virtualization im trying to get dns to work so i can use a bittorrent container, probleme is i cannot ping or name it.. neither on the node neither on the container - i can ping whats inside my local network but nothing outside...
  3. F

    Proxmox suddenly not accessible via web gui, SSH or ping. Appears to be still working via terminal on device itself.

    I'm making this enquiry on behalf of a friend but seeing as I got him in to this I feel kind of responsible! That said, I'm still an absolute novice so terminology will likely be well off. Please be gentle! So, he states that after initially configuring a couple of containers (for running...
  4. R

    Can't connect to internet

    Hello, I managed to install proxmos on my server but it seems like I can't connect to the internet, any update command fails, I've done some troubleshooting but everything seems to be fine, below you can see multiple commands I've tried. curl ip a cat /etc/network/interfaces...
  5. T

    VMs and physical Hosts can't access/ping each others (no firewall)

    Hi, I have installed a proxmox server (let’s call it PVE1). I have three NICs inside, which and all are used for virtual bridges : - vmbr0 - - the management network, that’s the one I access the admin page from ( - the gateway for vmbr0 is -...
  6. V

    Cannot ping the Internet, DNS, other hosts in my NW

    hi guys, I'm trying my hand at networking, but I've run into a problem where I can't ping a machine or the internet. What I have done myself so far (which could be the source of the problem): i have set up a netplan for my gateway server (sudo nano /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml) I...
  7. C

    VMs keep loosing access to ips with other vis on another Node

    This issue may somehow be of my own doing but I'm going to ask because I can't work out why. I have a 2 node cluster, both notes use the same x.x.x.112/28 IPs. Node 1 is x.x.x.122 and node 2 is x.x.x.123 The issue I keep getting is sometimes the VMs from one node can't connect to VMs on the...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Kein Internet aus LXC Container

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin Proxmox Neueinsteiger und verzweifele gerade schon an dem ersten Container. :confused: Die Installation von Proxmox ging ohne Probleme. IP: GW: Nach der Anmeldung auf der Weboberfläche konnte ich auch die neusten updates herunterladen und...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Peer/Cluster Communication not Working

    Hi, I've setted up two Proxmox Servers in my home lab, each one running in a distinct physical server, but can't ping each other, neither join the same cluster. Both PVE can: Ping the gateway (; Ping outside ips ( Ping other devices in lan; Receives pings from my own...
  10. L

    guest system network error with a unmanaged switch

    I have a pve 7.4-1 host and two win10 guest system, they both work well when the host is directly connected to my router. But when I add a unmanaged switch between the host and the router, all the guest system have network error while the host is still good to work. The guest system failed to...
  11. M

    VM as a router - unidirectional random connection loss

    Dear all, first, please apologize my ignorance regarding networks and firewalls, resp. inability to use the search function, as i am afraid, i found similar issue in the past, which i cannot find again. We have a PVE cluster, in which one of the nodes hosts a VM configured as a router with...
  12. N

    PVE Host cannot ping to gateway

    Hello everyone! Today I met a problem that gave me a headache. The PVE host cannot ping the gateway (and no internet), but the VMs can (have internet). There are three ethernet cards in the PVE, two of which work: enp23s0f0 (as eno1 in the map) and enp2s0 (as eno2 in the map). enp23s0f0 is...
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    [SOLVED] New Disk plugged, Webgui and Ping not reachable

    Hello, when I plug a new M.2 in my Asrock Deskmini x300, proxmox boot normal. The Server gets the static IP, but webgui and ping doesn't reach the Server. When I disconnect the new Storage, Proxmox runs normal and Ping and webgui work. Someone an idea?
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    [SOLVED] Can't Ping Proxmox Gateway Can Ping VLAN gateways

    Hey everyone, Proxmox and Linux beginner here. I've messed with Linux, but I still consider myself a beginner. I'm coming from running ESXi for the last 10 years. Everything just worked on ESXi with VLANs. I'm trying to get the same thing going in Proxmox with VMs and Containers. First I had...
  15. L

    High Packet Loss & NFS Issues

    I am having an issue with my Proxmox 7.2 install. I am getting between 65-70% packet loss almost all the time, and I am unable to connect to my NAS via NFS where I store my VM disks and ISOs. My Proxmox machine is the only one having trouble, and nothing has changed setup wise (at least before...
  16. A

    Can't ping anything beside gateway from server

    Hello, this is my first time configuring server and things like this. I was able to get address from DHCP server and now I can ping gateway. But still can't link outside of network or any other PC in room. I can ping server from other computer. eno1 should be my working interfaces (I hope so)...
  17. S

    Cannot ping local or external network

    So I made a mistake while trying to switch IP's for the vmbr0 holding my proxmox IP, on my main node within a cluster. Well, I can log into the node now on iLo, but I can't access web GUI or ping anything at all. I'm honestly not sure what happened. I've checked the typical '/etc/hosts...


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