1. P

    Proxmox 8 API exec not working

    Hello everyone, we use the API in Proxmox quite extensively, especially the agent -> exec function to execute commands in VMs. After upgrading from Proxmox 7 to Proxmox 8, this specific function no longer works properly, we get specifically: array(2) { ["data"]=> NULL ["errors"]=>...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Revoke API Tickets

    Hello Im using PHP for connecting to the Proxmox API. Since the construction on how PHP is build, that means that there is at every page reload a new Connection with new ticket created (i think?) So now im wondering if its possible to revoke a API ticket after every request and get a new one...
  3. parrotassassin15

    [TUTORIAL] How to set up noVNC on a web application.

    A little back story I have had many issues with setting up noVNC after countless hours of research I finally got everything working as designed. I would like to post a quick walkthrough of how I did this so people in the future will have less issues. I am using the following API Wrapper for...
  4. I

    Using The MailGateway API

    Hey Guys, I am having a very hard time understanding the proxmox mail gateway's api calls... I am 99% sure it's just me, so hopefully someone can help me? How can I call for example the login function, and the GET /api2/json/config/domains/ function afterwards? Also do I need to allow an IP...
  5. I

    Proxmox VPE API - IP Configuration Failed

    Hello everyone, I need help please. So, today I've been wrote script for update ip configuration using Proxmox VPE APi. I've read this the documentation From the parameter explanation, we can add the ip configuration with ipconfig[n]. It...
  6. D

    PHP API VncProxy und VncWebSocket

    Guten Tag, ich bin mittlerweile mit meinen nerven am Ende. Ich versuche gerade über meinen WebServer eine VNC Verbindung zum Proxmox Server aufzubauen. Steuerungen wie neustarten und stoppen von VMs mittels der Api funktioniert. Allerdings das einbinden der VNC geht nicht. Aber ich verstehe...
  7. M

    API - Add user to VM as Administrator

    Hello. I am trying to integrate Proxmox API into a PHP based tool we have, and I have been able to create a virtual machine, start it up and create a user. I want to add the created user to the created VM as an administrator of that machine. $fields = array( 'user' =>...
  8. E

    Get current status without table of VM/LXC

    Hello, Unable to retrieve data about the status of the machine, unfortunately no longer. The reason for this is that Proxmox version change. Before: root@prox:~# pvesh get /nodes/prox/lxc/101/status/current running root@prox:~# So I could get data with PHP but with the new version it has...
  9. O

    LXC networking problem

    We have 5 physical machines hosted at OVH. Each of them have Proxmox 5.2-10 installed Machines are inside of OVH vRack. we have separate LXC for database, separate LXC with loadbalancer and several separate instances with our web application stack (php and nginx). When we put more LXCs with...
  10. S

    Undefined offset: 1

    Hello, I'm trying to upload an iso image to proxmox server via web api using CpuID/pve2-api-php-client but it seems it's always error in "Undefined offset:1" any solution for it? this is my code include (app_path().'/pve2-api-php-client/pve2_api.class.php'); $pve2 = new...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Proxmox PHP API - Create lxc container.

    Hello, I have a problem with creation of LXC container via PHP. API is connectig correctly with pve, because i can start / stop existing container, i am able to list nodes, and check what VIM is next. but while creating LXC i receive bool(false) value. My code look's like that: <?php require...
  12. F

    Release of ProxmoxVE Client Api ,Net/Php/Java

    Hello everyone, I created from documentation the Client Api in 3 languages. For now, supported languages are .Net, Php, Java. For details see:
  13. V

    API ends everytime with ssl3_get_server_certificate

    The api (PHP) open the connection to the host and I see they get back time infos and something. The the api send a create statement and then I get every back the certificate error. I see in the host, that the remote host could not verify the certificate: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Cache-Control: max-age=0...


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