1. N

    Trying to sort out permissions on media server

    Hi apologies if this has been asked already, I have setup proxmox on a mini PC I have created 4 containers 1 Plex 2 Qbittorrent 3 Sonarr, Radar 4 File Server I have a 512Gb M.2 Drive all containers and Proxmox is installed on that, I have a second 1TB SSD, I have setup the file server and...
  2. T

    Single File Restore - File Permissions

    Hello, I'm not able to figure out, how to see the file permissions of files within a vm backup(from a PVE-Node). Filesystems inside vms are formatted as ext4. When I need to restore a single file, which is very comfortable with the GUI, I also need to know the file permissions of the restored...
  3. K

    what are the possible ways to allocate specific resources to the users?

    Hello! I'm looking for guidance on how to efficiently manage and allocate resources for different users within our Proxmox environment. What are the possible solutions within Proxmox to allocate specific storage, CPU, and RAM resources to individual users, with the goal of limiting their...
  4. K

    PLEX Deluge Storage permissions

    Dear Promox Forum I have had a Promox server for over a year now, it was running on an old laptop as a media server. I have moved to proxmox from a Raspberry and Docker. So i am not afraid of terminal but honestly sometimes just copy pasting commands without deeper knowledge about them, The...
  5. D

    Permissions for Changing Tapes Location

    I am trying to figure out what permissions I need to give to my operator (my son :-) ) to allow him to change the tape location. (He unloads the tapes and sets the location when no onsite. I have tried Admin under /tape still says permission check failed. Running 2.4-1
  6. M

    Propagation of pool permissions to member VMs?

    Hi, I'm using the feature of granting permissions for groups on VM pools for the first time. There's one thing I don't completely understand: should pool permissions be propagated to member VMs ("propagated" in the sense of: being visible in VMs permissions)? I'm very sure that in the case of...
  7. C

    Datastore Import Issue

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me, however i've spent the last 3 hours trawling though the forums but nothing has worked; Essentially, I reinstalled my PVE cluster earlier this evening so I could deploy PVE8.0. Install complete, fine tuning on the VE side complete so I go to bring...
  8. R

    Backup access for users results in Permission check failed (/storage/null, Datastore.Audit(Datastore.AllocateSpace) (403)

    Hi, Despite the User having Datastore.Audit and Datastore.AllocateSpace rights (on the VM and the Pool via the appropriate PVE roles) , we have the problem that we are not able to allow users to do a backup. The backup tab is present but the user gets Backup access for users results in...
  9. X

    Role Permissions

    What are all the permissions I need to grant a role if I want it to be able to see a vms console, see the summary, send commands in the console, and using a file editor like winscp have access to the vm?
  10. X

    Role Permissions

    What are all the permissions i need to grant a role if I want it to be able to see a vms console, see the summary, send commands in the console, and using a file editor like winscp have access to the vm
  11. Jan Wedershoven

    Dedicated permission to manage HA resources

    Hello everyone, we are running a couple of PVE-Clusters where non Admin Users can manage/create their own VMs. I recently rolled out a script that checks each VM for an HA group and sets the default group accordingly. In order to allow users to add VMs to a specific HA-Group, I need to assign...
  12. O

    Proxmox and the Ressource-Pool Permissions.

    Hello everyone! my question is about the permissions within a proxmox cluster. We have 8 nodes in our cluster and want to make some of them available for other users via the resource pools. So I created users, added these users to a group and allowed this group to access the pool. Within the...
  13. N

    [SOLVED] Allow user to create VMs, but only see and manage those created by itself

    Hello guys, I've been trying to find a better solution for my problem: -Allow a user (test) to create VMs and manage those fully, but prevent user (test) from doing anything else, not even seeing if there are other VMs on the Host I did this by moving all VMs to a pool, which user (test) is...
  14. M

    LXC Id Mapping

    Edit: I solved the issue myself, see the first reply in this thread I am currently trying to get the iGPU to work in an unpriviliged lxc container, which runs Jellyfin. I am trying to figure out what exactly I need to do, and used the following links as a basic: Hardware Acceleration...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] Can't create API Token: Method Post not implemented (501)

    I need your help... I already do a search but can't find the solution for this... I'm trying create a new API token but when I save the information, I got this error What I'm doing wrong? EDIT: Proxmox VE 7.2-7
  16. B

    NTFS Shared Mount Permission issues for Docker in CT

    Hi, Not sure what logs or docs to add, please lmk what might help to better understand the issue. I'm running an unprivileged Ubuntu 22.04 Container Template with docker & docker-compile, everything installed as per docker docs instructions. I'm running the Arr suite (Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr...
  17. F

    How to reset Proxmox permission settings?

    So I ended up doing a mistake when I was changing the permissions of some drives I have from when I didn't use Proxmox (just a regular Deb server). I ended up chown -R root / by accident. Yeah big mistake. But not really. Instead of the folder I thought it was going to do, it ended up doing the...
  18. X

    Understanding LXC UID Mappings

    Reading the Unprivileged LXC containers wiki page, it seems UID mappings are needed in the LXC config files to allow permissions for mount points. I thought that the >100000 range of host ids was already mapped to the CT starting with id 0 when you create a new unprivileged CT. Why does the...
  19. X

    Trouble with LXC mount point permissions

    I created an unprivileged container with the number 101. I mounted a single disk ZFS pool from the host by adding an mp0: line to the /etc/pve/lxc/101.conf file. I noticed the container does not have write permissions to this mount point. After reading the Unprivileged LXC containers wiki page...
  20. H

    [TUTORIAL] How to join a Proxmox cluster to an Active Directory Domain

    This tutorial will walk through the steps necessary to join your Proxmox server to Microsoft Active Directory on a Windows 2019 Server. You will be able to sync your users and groups into the Proxmox Permissions Panel in the GUI, and log into the web console with active directory credentials...


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