Single File Restore - File Permissions

Oct 17, 2023

I'm not able to figure out, how to see the file permissions of files within a vm backup(from a PVE-Node). Filesystems inside vms are formatted as ext4.
When I need to restore a single file, which is very comfortable with the GUI, I also need to know the file permissions of the restored file.

As I see, there is no option in the GUI. If I open "File Restore" in PVE I can browse all files, but the only visible fields are "Name, Size, Modified, Type". It would be nice to add some fileds here, like permissions, owner, group etc. (maybe I'll create a feature request for that)

If I download some more files/folders I receive a zip file, but the used format doesn't allow any file attributes as I understood.

I also tried to list the files of a snapshot by executing proxmox-file-restore on a PVE-Node:

if i open a snapshot in GUI I can see, that the snapshot was attached:
~# proxmox-file-restore status
Qemu:     ({"cid":10,"pid":3853116,"timeout":265,"uptime":339})

but I am not able to access the files :-/
~# proxmox-file-restore list vm/103/2023-05-28T00:31:55Z /drive-scsi0.img.fidx/part/1/
Error: permission check failed.

I didn't succeed with that approach and I even don't know, if this list would show the file permissions at all.

Any tips/hints to get the file permissions/ownerships are welcome.
Thanks in advance
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you should be able to map the backup archive as loop device and mount this on the host by running
proxmox-backup-client map <snapshot> <drive>.img --repository <repo>
# replace loopX with the loop device you get as output from previous command
mount /dev/loopX
# Then navigate your contents
# unmap once done
proxmox-backup-client unmap loopX

This will allow you to inspect all the files, including their metadata, extended attributes, ecc.


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