1. I

    Why my CEPH is so slow?

    Hi there. So I went thru many, many posts on this forum but I cannot find some working solution for my CEPH. Here is my configuration Cluster and ceph operate on one 10G network, VMs use separate 1G networks I have 3 nodes setup where each physical machine has 256GB of RAM (usage max 70%) For...
  2. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers and Performance of Windows on Proxmox - Continued

    Hello All, Here's another technote in the Windows on Proxmox series. In Part 4, we quantify and compare IOPS, bandwidth, and latency across all storage controllers and AIO modes under ideal conditions (i.e., "unloaded"), utilizing Windows 2022 running on Proxmox with iSCSI shared block storage...
  3. Y

    CPU Performance issue

    Hello, I have multiple Proxmox instances all are running on hp del360 gen8 Today I added 2x RAM and 2x SSD to one of my servers. I haven't yet started to use new hard drvies(level 1 RAID at hardware level). My VMs became too slow. I think my RAM performance is okay but CPU usage jumps to sky...
  4. G

    Bad NFS performance over vlans.

    Good evening, I hope there is someone who can help me in the right direction. I manage my ZFS pools in Proxmox and, where necessary, pass them on to the VMs via NFS. In my proxmox server I use a duo port Intel 10GB network card. I access the proxmox GUI via 1 port and all VMs are assigned to...
  5. W

    Bad hardware raid perfomance on AVAGO MegaRAID SAS 9480-8i8e

    Hi everybody, I am a new proxmox user! I have strange (bad) perfomance results between native fresh windows and VM on proxmox. my config: root@proxmox:~# qm config 100 agent: 1 boot: order=sata0;ide2;net0 cores: 8 cpu: x86-64-v2-AES ide2...
  6. D

    Proxmox Backup Server

    Hello, I am using Proxmox VE with Proxmox Backup Server My backup process is built on an internal 10 gigabit network, I also use ZFS for Proxmox Backup Server with 32GB memory allocation for ARC Storage capacity 47 TB of which 40TB is occupied RAM 64GB CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4 @...
  7. S

    Beginner Seeking Advice: Optimizing NVMe Performance in Proxmox for VMs

    Hello Proxmox community, I hope you all are doing well. I'm writing to seek your advice and guidance on an issue that's been giving me a bit of a challenge. I've just started exploring Proxmox, and while it's been an exciting journey so far, I could really use your collective wisdom on a...
  8. K

    [TUTORIAL] Hey Proxmox & Community - Let's talk about resources isolation

    This post is going to be pretty long too long to fit in a single post, but it represents a summary and lessons learned over ~3 weeks of experiments. This post is a half-tutorial and half-RFC so maybe PVE can be improved, as well as a half-tutorial how to actually achieve good results. This...
  9. S

    Ceph performance advices

    Hi, We are on the point of changing our current IT infrastructure with a small Proxmox cluster of 5 nodes : Dell Precision R7920 Xeon Gold 5118 or Xeon Silver 4112 128 GB ECC RAM Data/VM disks (Ceph) on 5x3 16 TB Exos HDD. System/ISO disk on NVMe SSD via a PCIe adapter. Currently these are...
  10. B

    Schlechte Performance von SSD Speichern

    Hallo zusammen, mir ist aufgefallen das die Performance der Datenspeicher weit unter dem ist was ich erwarten würde. Ich habe 2 Datenspeicher Eingerichtet: NVME SSD Pool (ZFS Mirror) : 1x SAMSUNG MZVLQ1T0HALB-00000 1x KINGSTON SNV2S1000G SATA SSD Pool (Ext4 formatiert) : Verbatim Vi550 S3...
  11. G

    What can my NUC10i5FNK handle!?

    Dear Proxmox users, Let me briefly explain my situation first. At the moment I have 2 different servers. Intel NUC10i5FNK 32GB RAM / 1TB NVME DIY server Intel XEON 2146G - 64GB RAM / 1TB NVME / 8 WD-RED 4TB. Both are now running Proxmox 7.3-3 The Intel NUC: LXC Container Domoticz (DzVents...
  12. M

    Network packet loss in high traffic VMs

    Situation: we're running KVM VMs based on Debian/bullseye on Proxmox/PVE with 10GB NICs, but experience packet loss with the virtio-net interfaces under high network traffic situations (RTP/UDP). This underlying problem also exists on VMware clusters. VMware provides a solution for that: one...
  13. S

    *.pxar vs *.fidx

    There is a large (3tb) file storage of mixed content on a non-virtual host (text files, archives, videos, etc.). From the documentation it is clear that I can backup as a .pxar or completely as an .img device (after starting it in the console it says that .img.fidx is being created) But from the...
  14. D

    Mariadb lxc perfomance

    Hello! I have incomprehensible results of mariadb benchmark in proxmox. I tested it with sysbench oltp read only benckmark and got this results: without virtualization 11195.22 transactions per sec in kvm with scsi disk 8358.25 transactions per sec and in lxc 7362.25 transactions per sec Why...
  15. I

    ceph performance estimation calculation?

    we are planning to add a new ceph pull that will be consists of 60 HDDS across 5 servers with 40GB duel network. (one for ceph sync, and one for clients) in future all the hdd slots will be populated how far this assumption from the reality: HDD have a read speed of 100MBs the data is...
  16. B

    NUMA in Proxmox

    Hi everyone, I have a host with 2 sockets (8 pcores/each, 16 cores/each with HT) with Proxmox 5.4.13 installed. Each Processor has 32 GB of RAM memory. I have "NUMA" enabled in all VMs. When I run numastat, the results are not the expected ones. I get too many numa_miss events: root@pve1:~#...
  17. A

    zfs performance

    Hi. i have server with hard-raid. The raid has 8 ssd. I made two logical disk. In first disk i use ext4, where is OS-system. On second disk i had test with ext4 and zfs. When use ext4 i have perfomance 1.3 GB/s. When use zfs and compresion=off then i have 540MB/s. When use zfs and...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Node configuration

    Hi all. I wanna ask a few questions: 1. if proxmox nodes in HA cluster must have the same specs (ram, cores). Ive read the documentation for HA but im not sure if it is implied that nodes must have the same specs. i will create a test cluster anyways this week, but would save me time if i have...
  19. K

    Disabling cephx auth

    Hello. Brand new here, did a bit of research on the forum before asking but want to double check before doing something bad 8-) I've setup a brand new cluster of 5 servers. Each server has two E5-2697 v3, 256GB of RAM, eight 2TB Hynix SSD as OSD and a pair of 80GB SSD for boot. It also has six...
  20. H

    Proxmox 5.4-6 VMs very slow

    Hello, I have a slow problem with my VMs (linux / windows) under proxmox, despite the server is efficient server (12 CPU, 64 GB RAM), I gave the machines a lot RAM and CPU but still the slowness exists, as well as the internet connection is perfect Regards, Thank you,


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