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  1. I

    PBS backups failing and bringing down the PBS UI

    My PBS is a LXC container and I had all of this working prior to a shutdown that I did. After rebooting my proxmox server, the backups have not worked. Yesterday I upgraded Proxmox frm 7.4.3 to 8 and also PBS from 2.4 to 3.0 but I still have all my backups failing as below. INFO: starting new...
  2. C

    Backup Job not working PVE -> PBS

    Hi, I have 2 Backup Jobs planned in my Cluster. They are basically identical, just different PBS Backend und some time Shifts. Yesterday i checked both PBS Servers, and found the last Backup was saved at 22.03. So no backup on 5 consecutive days: .... just found out by ... hmmm...
  3. B

    centos 7 guest with QEMU agent freezing

    I enabled the guest agent recently on a centos guest and now it's freezing everyday - seems to freeze during the backup PBS. We have to reset the server everyday. We summitted a ticket to cPanel and a tech there alerted us to this: https://gitlab.com/qemu-project/qemu/-/issues/520 I guess for...
  4. Sebi-S

    [SOLVED] Optimierung Datendurchsatz bei Remote Sync-Jobs

    Hallo zusammen, wir haben zwei pbs im Einsatz, die über das Internet synchronisiert werden sollen. Aktuell ist der Datendurchsatz jedoch noch überschaubar, obwohl Hardware, Netzwerkinfrastruktur und erst Recht Internetverbindung sehr viel mehr hergeben. Problem: Trotz höherer möglicher...
  5. C

    Backup NFS-Share with PBS

    Hi, I'm now proud owner of a PBS Community Licence and everything looks great so far :D And I just bought a LTO-6 Drive. The Integration with PBS also looks good. But I have another wish: Mount a NFS - Synology - in PBS and backup the mount to the LTO Drive. Is this possible? I can only find...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Unable to Backup CT from PVE to PBS

    Hi everyone I run PVE and PBS in my homelab, due to failure of my UPS and sudden shutdown of my servers i got stuck on the GRUB welcome page in PVE which i resolved by working around the faulty ssd which had superblock issues and was not letting pve to boot. After this incident i am unable to...
  7. U

    Bad Chunks

    Hallo, ich möchte mich erkundigen, was man mit "bad chunks" macht. Ich bin durch die GUI von PBS unter Datastore darauf aufmerksam geworden. Im Forum habe ich nur den Find Befehl dazu gefunden. find /mnt/datastore/store-pm/.chunks -name "*.bad" | head...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Filesystem type for disk bind-mounted on PBS LXC

    Hi, I have a test PVE environment at home (built on Intel NUC) where I've installed PBS in an LXC container (I don't have performance problems so I've decided to go this way instead of installing PBS packages on PVE host) that is backing up PVE VMs on an external NFS mount. Now I've got a 2TB...
  9. S

    TASK ERROR: command '/usr/bin/pbs-restore --repository

    Hi team, Greetings, I am using Proxmox for 1 year I am unable to restore the backup and I am getting the following error ========================================================================================== Error: Formatting '/proxdata/images/143/vm-143-cloudinit.qcow2', fmt=qcow2...
  10. O

    Proxmox backup server 1.1/2.2 and proxmox 6.4/7.2 compatibility

    Hello we started the proxmox live upgrade from 6.4 to 7.2. During the migration we have proxmox 6.x and 7.x proxmox nodes inside the same proxmox cluster. Will pbs 2.2 back proxmox 6.4 hosts with pb client 1.1 up? Will pbs 1.1 back proxmox 7.2 hosts with pb client 2.2 up? Or should we have...
  11. G

    Consultation on pruning schedule

    Hello, I want to schedule the next pruning: 1 weekly backup (only during the current month), 1 monthly backup 1 annual backup Are these options correct? Thanks
  12. F

    rsync error 23 on lxc backup

    I'm having an issue when backing up a container to the Proxmox Backup Server. The output log is the following: vzdump 100 --mailto href="mailto:admin@ingeco.cu">admin@ingeco.cu --storage dellbackups --mailnotification always --quiet 1 --mode suspend 100: 2022-03-30 02:00:03 INFO: Starting...
  13. E

    Extremely Slow PBS Speeds

    Uploaded 66 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 82194 microseconds. TLS speed: 51.03 MB/s SHA256 speed: 273.01 MB/s Compression speed: 552.43 MB/s Decompress speed: 972.39 MB/s AES256/GCM speed: 82.09 MB/s Verify speed: 136.66 MB/s ┌───────────────────────────────────┬───────────────────┐ │...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] Error code 10 when backing up LXC from PVE to PBS

    Hello, this container has about 900 GB, while containers below 100 GB are done correctly, "to / var / tmp / vzdumptmp3155931_118" is the problem in the tmp to pbs or node space? Task viewer: VM/CT 118 - Backup OutputStatus Stop INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 118 --node prox --all 0...
  15. M

    virtualized PBS with shared mount

    Hi folks, Relative noob here trying to setup a proxmox backup server, but running into some issues with backups completing. My PBS is running as a VM under Unraid (offsite from cluster), with a shared folder being passed to the VM. I'm passing my backup share to the VM as follows: <filesystem...
  16. Y

    PBS Hourly backup

    Hello, I have configured PBS as per attachment, I would like to have backups every two hours and keep the last 12 in order to have a backup every two hours of a whole day. Also you want to keep the last 7 days, 4 weeks and last 6 months. Now, the backup task starts only once a day at the...
  17. S

    restore backup on exist vm

    Hello dears i want use from PBS backup file as image to rebuild my vm with backup image. restore command has error in this case. "VM {vmid} already exists on node" please assist me how can i do this. thnaks


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