pbs 2.4

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    Edit backup job via CLI

    Hi guys! I wonder how to edit existing pbs job via cli? I can create tasks with pvesh but how abiut editing them? For example I need to transfer couple of hundreds backup jobs from one datastore to another. How do I do that?
  2. C

    A container always fails to backup to PBS

    PBS 2.4.6 and PVE 7.4.17 are all uptodate. Out of all the containers, only 1 always fails to backup to PBS. Once a day backup, and it would fail continuously for 9 days, and then it might be successful for 1-2 days, and fails again. Here is the output from email: 104 confluence FAILED...
  3. R

    After Proxmox Backup Server installation it stuck with a green screen at boot

    I have an old pc and planned to set it up as PBS for my Proxmox VE on other machine in my homelab. My old machine has first generation core i7 processor (8 core), Asus deluxe p6t gaming motherboard, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA graphics card (as the motherboard does not have any graphics option to output)...
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    my pool "rpool" simply vanished

    My new install of PBS (using latest 2.x) has been running fine for a few weeks, and in the last few days it suddenly becomes unavailable in PVE. Upon rebooting the PBS, I realise my rpool is gone. There has been no warnings about degrade, nothing about IO delays, nothing. Please see screen...
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    When trying to backup a VM ERROR: Backup of VM 201 failed - timeout: no zvol device link for 'vm-201-disk-0' found after 300 sec found.

    Weird when trying to backup a proxmox backup VM. This is the error I get, even though the VM 201 is running and operable. When I enter the command zfs list -t all it does not show the disk for vm-201-disk in any location even though it's supposed to be in local-zfs. Task viewer: VM/CT 201 -...
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    [SOLVED] Permission denied (os error 13) backup connect failed: command error: unable to create backup group

    Please help. I used to be able to make backups to this particular PBS server. I had to create a new VM and make backups. This is the error I am getting when I try to do that. ERROR: VM 108 qmp command 'backup' failed - backup connect failed: command error: unable to create backup group...
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    Tape Backup Zeitplanung

    Hallo, Aktuell wird Wochentags Mo.-Fr. eine Migration auf Tapes durchgeführt (Single-Drive), zusätzlich jeden ersten Samstag im Monat auf ein Monatsband. Nun ist es aber so, das nach der Freitags-Migration keiner mehr da ist, um am ersten Samstag im Monat das Band einzulegen. Gibt es die...
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    external storage crash - proxmox status unknown config locked snapshot

    proxmox 7.4 pbs 2.4-1 i have cluster of around 20 hosts, with dally schedule for backup of many vm\lxc to pbs i had an external (not proxmox) storage crash, that many vms\lxc had nfs mount to it. the backup caused most of the servers gui to hang, leaving most many lxc\vm in locked ) only...
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    Proxmox Backup Server works

    hello, tell me please, is it possible to simultaneously run the task of verifying backups at the time when new backups are being made, similarly with the task of garbage collection just noticed that I have a lot of backups in an error state, while backups are made every day and their number is...
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    Had to reinstall PBS, can't use old datastore

    Hello, I had to reinstall PBS. I've reimported the zfs pool and it's now mounted on the system at /tank1. When I look in the gui I see it listed under ZFS. I restored my copy of /etc/datastore.cfg and rebooted the machine. When I look at /etc/datastore.cfg I can see the following...
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    Tape Backup Contents Page not advancing

    Hello, i run a PBS with the Version 2.4-2. Now when i run a tape backup and the backup job is finished there is no new entry on the Contents Page of the Tape Backups. Normally i would see on which tape which vm is stored and so on but after upgrading to the latest version this doesnt happen and...
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    PBS 2.4 + LDAP with User Filter: TASK ERROR: filter parse error

    Hi, i tried to use a user filter at ldap configuration. https://pbs.proxmox.com/docs/user-management.html#ldap / https://pbs.proxmox.com/docs/configuration-files.html#domains-cfg states this would be a normal ldap search filter. when I am searching for Users with attribute accessTo=pbs-host...
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    [SOLVED] Prune & GC & Verify on encrypted Backups and are the Backups still incremental

    Hello, I want to store the backups of my PVE encrypted on my PBS. I am now wondering whether the pbs can still run a prune/verify/gc on the backups, since the pbs does not have an encryption key? My second question is whether the backups are still incremental at all?
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    Save to Open Port 8007 for PBS?

    Hello, I would like to synchronize my backups from my PBS in the local network to my PBS on an offsite server. In order to do that I have to open port 8007 as far as I know. Now I am wondering if it is safe to open this port to the internet. If the port is open, you can also access the config...
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    [SOLVED] PVE Backups auf PBS außerhalb des Heimnetzes

    Hallo, Ich möchte meinen PBS außerhalb meines Heimnetzwerkes aufstellen, damit ich ein offsite Backup habe. Die Backups sollen natürlich verschlüsselt übertragen werden. Wie kann ich das machen? Hoffentlich kann mir einer Helfen :)


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