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    5700G passthrough?

    Has anyone done passthrough an AMD 5700G iGPU to any VM? Good igpu, it is a pity that it would be wasted if you could, for example, transcode.
  2. A

    PCI-E and VR Passthrough (Windows 10 VM)

    Trying to pass through a Vive HMD with a windows VM and GPU passthrough as shown in this link, for whatever reason I'm getting the Vive USB port coming up as Unknown USB Device (Port Reset Failed) and I'm not sure how to fix this. Additionally I have tried this a few times already and...
  3. C

    AMD Ryzen with Two Nvidia GPUs, One for Host, One for VM Passthrough?

    Hi all, I have an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X based Proxmox homelab, the system is working fine, with a single Nvidia Quadro T400 in PCIe Slot 2 passed through to my Windows VM. No issues there everything is working as expected. What I like to do is install a second Nvidia T400 in PCIe Slot 1 to...
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    Host crash every day on i915 [drm] GPU HANG: ecode 9:1:85dffffa (gpu passthrough)

    Hi, I followed few forum posts and wiki entries to pass from my host to windows 10 based gest intel integrated graphics card to be used as quick sync encoder, since then almost every day host crashes in a way that is not even accessible by network. Most of the time last entires in log before...
  5. S

    GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti passthrough AMD Ryzen 9 5900X VM Ubuntu Server 20.04

    Hi, I needed to passthrough GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti to VM to use it for Plex server hardware acceleration. Took me a lot of time to find a working configuration so I want to share. May be will help someone I used the following sources: Plex on ProxMox Tutorial WITH nVidia Hardware...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] True Headless PVE with single GPU passthrough

    I have a home lab setup using a relatively low specced Ryzen5 2600x (no integrated graphics). My Mobo has VGA and DV ports, but presumably these will only work if the CPU has a built-in GPU. I also have a nvidia 1080ti mounted in a PCI-e slot which I'd like to use with PCI Passthrough, however...
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    Downgrading Proxmox OS installation 7.0-8 to 6.X

    Hello, Apologies if this topic was covered elsewhere, I just could not seem to find the topic in the search. About a month ago I installed not upgraded, installed fresh Proxmox 7.0 and all was fine until I decided to virtualize a plex server using Ubuntu server 20.04 with my Nvidia 1660 for...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] GPU-passthrough issue, stuck at: dmesg | grep -e DMAR -e IOMMU

    I've followed a youtube video, didn't work, and as I followed the wiki instructions slowly step by step I realized that the problem is that there's no DMAR-IOMMU output in dmesg. If i try "dmesg | grep -i dmar" there's no output If i try "dmesg | grep IOMMU" there's this output: [ 1.059328]...
  9. G

    Upgrading Proxmox from 6.2 to 6.4 broke GPU Passthrough

    Hello guys. I had a Proxmox server running fine for about a year with two VMs, one Windows and one MacOS, each with their own GPU (RTX 2080 Super and Vega 64 respectively). For some dumb reason I decided to upgrade my server, and already in the process (after upgrading to 6.4) I started to have...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] GPU passthrough working for 2 GPU but not for 1

    Hi ! I'm trying to set up a GPU passtrough to a Win10 VM. I've followed all instructions and procedures, and it's partially working, but I've got a weird case and no more clues... The host has 2 video cards : A GTX1660 on PCIe slot 1 A GT640 (Asus GT640-2GD3) on PCIe slot2 When I add the...
  11. S

    PCIe GPU Passthrough with 1 GPU on AMD 5900x

    I am attempting to pass through my main gpu (GTX 760) on an B550 Aorus Master MB with an amd 5900x processor. (I do not need the GPU on my system and am perfectly comfortable managing things through ssh and the web interface.) I have followed the guides and my GPU IOMMU group seems to be...
  12. J

    NVidia allows PCIE Passthrough in latest drivers.

    Apparently in the latest Nvidia drivers they have added "Beta" support of pci passthrough of graphics cards. So no more masking the VM, just directly passthrough the GPU. Of course you still have to make sure the host system is not using the card. Take a look at GeForce PCIe Passthrough...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Pcie NIC down when start a vm that has a gpu passthrough

    I changed a mother board for the pve host. Everything is fine. But when I start the VM who has a gpu passthrough, the PCIE NIC is down. Here are some syslogs: Apr 03 02:52:27 pve pvedaemon[1380]: <root@pam> starting task UPID:pve:00000C72:0000725A:606767EB:qmstart:103:root@pam: Apr 03 02:52:27...
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    Proxmox Stuck on Boot after passthrough

    Hi everyone, I have my PROXMOX server installed on a intel nuc10i5 8gb ram and two ssds On one Home assistant VM, pihole in a CT and in the second ssd a Ubuntu VM with zoenminder. I tried to passthrough the GPU but when i restarted proxmox, now it's stuck whitout GUI and terminal. Here two...
  15. J

    No video from VM if iGPU not connected to monitor. Must BOTH Intel iGPU and discrete GPU be connected?

    I have a monitor connected to the Nvidia card in my Proxmox box and have successfully passed it through to a Linux VM. However I find that I must also have the onboard Intel iGPU connected to the monitor for it to work (even if not switched to that input on the monitor), otherwise I just get a...
  16. T

    Can't select EFI boot option from BIOS

    It's a long story before I came here to ask this question. In short, I am trying to passthru the GPU to a guest OS (an OMV5 instance). I followed the official instruction(, but failed while starting up the OMV instance due to BIOS was...
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    Advice about passthrough two vga to two vm

    Hi, here my configuration 1. Intel i7100 with oboard VGA 630HD 2. Asus GTX1660s on PCIE 3. I have 2 VM, a Windows 10 with 1660s, and a Linux Problem: 1. If I did not plug in GTX1660s to the host, i can passthrough 630HD to any VM (either Windows or Linux) without issues, all worked perfectly...
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    6.2-4 - Error: IOMMU not present

    Hello, I have gone through several YouTube tutorials on GPU Passthrough step by step with several different W10 VMs that i’ve created each time. I've read and tried to understand/apply the results from every GPU/PCiE passthrough thread i have found, but still can't get it to work :(. Of the...
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    [TUTORIAL] ML360 and Radeon RX 570 - VGA Passthrough

    Server : HP ML350 G6 with 2x Xeon GPU : Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 570 ITX 8G G5 SOLVED !!!!!! after 3 years !!!! I've tried again with different combinaison, and I can now share my solution for a Radeon RX570 : Identify the GPU you want to passthrought (to get...
  20. J

    one GPU -> many screens

    Spending time on GPU passthrough and seeing it evolve brought forward a topic of people running VM in passthrough with direct output to the screen attached to the GPU. Obviously, this had me wonder if it would be possible to have this one GPU output to multiple screens directly, this card has 1...


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