1. C

    DMAR: IOMMU enabled / Error: cannot prepare PCI pass-through, IOMMU not present

    Hi, i am trying to understund why the system behave this way to find out where the issue lays, system specifications and and steps taken in attempt to fix it bellow: CPU: G4400T / I5 6500 (tried both) RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB) Motherboard: ASRock H110M-DGS R3.0 (BIOS: P7.4) NetworkPVE: RTL8111 GbE...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Proxmox - TrueNAS Scale.

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to install TrueNAS Scale VM on Proxmox 8.0 and in the process, I'm trying to pass-through 6 disk to the VM. I want to specify that my boot drive that proxmox is installed on are actually two mirrored NVMEs and it appears as ZFS in the system. 4 of the 6 disks are on a SATA...
  3. O

    Has anyone succeeded passing through the onboard graphics card of a AMD Ryzen 5 5600U?

    Apparently this CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600U with Radeon Graphics has this onboard GPU (lspci output): 06:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cezanne [Radeon Vega Series / Radeon Vega Mobile Series] (rev c2) The reason I am asking is that I have read what felt...
  4. M

    Can't pass through Radeon RX 5500

    Hello! I've already asked about passing through GTX 650 here - now I've changed it to Radeon 5500 and didn't even get the result I had gotten with GTX 650: I can add PCI Card... ...but after changing display to None and logging in to Windows 10 VM I even don't see the passed-through...
  5. D

    Bridge NIC Passthrough for use in LXC

    Hi to all, After struggling with briding WAN/LAN in pfsense/OPNSense VM I decided to use NIC passthrough for my LAN interface. I had heavy packet loss when using bridge LAN interface in pfsense/OPNsense, this topic on reddit gave me hints and I had no more issues after using NIC passthrough for...
  6. G

    PCIE Passthrough of USB chipset is not stable

    Hello! Motherboard: GA-Z77X-UD3H CPU: E3-1275 V2 I've successfully passthroughed other PCIE devices on this host and to this VM and they are absolutely stable. I want to also passthrough the embedded VIA USB controller, so that a couple of the USB ports on the back which I use for external...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] How to pass host machine serial port to VM?

    Hello, In our host system, there is serial port used for communication with other devices. We are not using it serial port as console. We want to able reach this serial port from VM, but could not figure out how to do it. All the forum posts are related to console. Here is the serial device...
  8. I

    Physical Access to VMs

    Can something like this be achieved with Proxmox? Basic Idea: 1) One Mirror Pool with 3 ZVols, each containing a Windows 11 VM 2) Pass through 3 Nvidia A4000 to these three VMs respectively as the GPU 3) Output the VM i.e., Windows on an external Monitor connected to these GPUs Plan to run 3...
  9. K

    Struggling with PCIe passthru on new PVE build

    TL;DR: pci card comes up as if it simply belongs to the host system despite clearly being set for passthru with a vm. The situation: this is a AMD build on a ASRock x570 mobo running PVE 7.1. I followed the GRUB instructions from since the boot...
  10. L

    GPU Passthrough to VM - Everything seems working but it doesn't

    Hi to everyone, I have a fresh install of proxmox VE 7.1 (uefi) and some VM I migrated from an ESXi 6 server. One of them uses a Nvidia Quadro P600 GPU for video encoding, so I needed a passthrough. I enabled Vt-d in Bios (is an HP Elitedesk 800 G5 SFF with an i5-9500) I enable Iommu...
  11. A

    IGPU passthrough Code 43 + no output

    Greetings proxmox forum, Im trying to accomplish IGPU passthrough, but this is not working. Im having the same issue discussed in this post > Everything described is the same for me, if someone can take another look and find...
  12. C

    Ubuntu Graphic Driver Problems with IGD Passthtough

    Hi all i am working on passthrough my IGD to a vm,and it's well down with the win10 VM guest except freezing sometime. when i change the VM guest to Ubuntu 21.10 ,i can only boot with nomodeset ,so i cannt use the GPU's full power. my ultral target is to run NAS + BlissOS on the PVE system. i...
  13. J

    Alder Lake GVT-d integrated graphics passthrough

    Hello! I am in the process of transferring a series of VMs from an ESXi build onto a new Alder Lake (i9-12900K) build with Proxmox. In particular I am working on getting the integrated Intel graphics passed through to a Debian 11 VM for Plex transcoding. I have been following GVT-g tutorials...
  14. F

    Problems with PCie cards, usb card and gpu

    Good morning, I have problems with Windows VMs, I install and everything works, but when I try to integrate an NVidia GPU it crashes every now and then and if I insert a PCie USB Card the VM freezes and Windows does not start, has anyone already had these problems? If you tell me all the tests...
  15. P

    OMG I mistakenly pass-thru NVME chip on M/B

    Hi, Yesterday I added a new PCIE board with NVME SSD to proxmox machine, and tried to pass-thru that to a new VM. However, I mistakenly chose vendor-ID that is onboard M/B NVME chipset, not the PCIE NVME board. I remember it because I have once successfully pass-thru PCIE device before. After...
  16. S

    Passthrough Drives Renamed after Upgrade to PVE-7

    I have a TrueNAS VM on one of my hosts that I've passed some HDDs through to. After I upgraded to v7 this VM won't boot because it can't find: /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-35000cca260de7ef3. If I look in that directory I see there are no drives with scsi- name so I'm guessing Bullseye or Prox has...
  17. D

    PCI Passthrough SATA controller turns into softlock

    Hello Specialist, I'm struggling to pass through my SATA Controller with my HDDs to OMV (OS is installed on a M.2 drive, separated PCI) and I'm kinda confused, since it all worked fine before with XCP-ng and I really don't want to switch back since proxmox is much faster and easier to...
  18. C

    Help with Kali VM hangs when attempting passthrough of second (identical) GPU

    I am setting up a homelab and I'm running into an issue passing a second GPU to Kali. Both are GTX 1080 The first GPU is passed through without issue, and the nvidia drivers are installed and operational. When attempting to add the additional hardware to pass the second GPU (identical to the...
  19. E

    LXC USB pass-through not accessible (rights, owner)

    hello, on two different laptops, connecting a mobile (different mobiles, but both in ADB) and passing it through to an unpriv. LXC give different results. on laptop A, the device entry created looks like crw-rw-rw-+ 1 root dialout 189, 138 Sep 24 07:27 /dev/bus/usb/002/011 in the container...
  20. M

    Disk product and serial on guest machine

    Hello, I am new user of proxmox after several years with vsphere and I am really happy so far. Congratulations to the whole community who mantains and upgrades this great product. While I am still familiarizing with configurations, I followed this guide to add couple of disks to my linux...


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