1. D

    openvswitch: kein Netzwerk nach reboot

    Hallo, nach der Umstellung des PVE-Netzwerks von Linux-Bridge auf OVS habe ich festgestellt, das nach einem reboot des PVE-Hosts das Netzwerk nicht funktioniert, obwohl es vorher funktionierte. Die Ausgabe von IP a und IP r ist ok, der Host hat seine IP im VLAN, aber keine Verbindung intern zu...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Issues Moving CEPH Traffic to Fiber Cards on Proxmox - RBD Unavailable After Switch

    Hi everyone, long time lurker but hey, there's a first time at anything right? So i have posted about a problem i'm facing on the proxmox reddit, and someone PM'd me to post it also here, so here's a copypasta of the original post with added all the things they told me to try over there, hope...
  3. P

    Open vSwitch (OVS) with RSTP and OVSIntPort - ARP issue

    Dear community, We have setup similiar to OVS with RSTP and have a strange issue. The difference to the described setup is, that instead of 10Ge interconnects we have 10Ge and 1Ge Fallback - Uplinks to the switches. So far the VMs are working fine. But from one of the nodes we can not...
  4. S

    Host cannot ping Guest when in same VLAN (but only *one* VLAN) via ovs

    Problem Statement PVE Host cannot ping or communicate to VM on same host, only when that VM is in a specific vlan (that is shared with the host). Issue persists across hosts, but always only the one specific vlan has issues - guests in another vlan (also with a vlanX interface on the host) work...
  5. I

    ovs made bond with vlan and custom mtu

    Hi! I apologize to open up another lot-discussed-topic, at the moment everything looks to me working well but still i would like to get confirmation if my thinking is good and specific configuration is good. My effort is computer has four physical interfaces and two of them are 10g and...
  6. aPollO

    openvswitch-switch Upgrade bricht Netzwerk

    Hallo, ich habe heute gesehen, dass das Paket openvswitch-switch inzwischen aus den Proxmox Quellen ausgeliefert wird. Am 19.01. und 01.02. scheint das aber nicht der Fall gewesen zu sein. Das Paket aus den PVE Quellen triggert keinen Neustart der OVS Interfaces. Das Paket aus den Debian...
  7. A

    Problem with VLAN tags

    There are seven servers in my data center. Each has eight network interfaces. Each physical pair of interfaces is bonded (OVS Bond) with Bond Mode - LACP (balance-slb). In turn, each bond is combined into a vmbr (OVS Bridge). Two different servers have one PfSense virtual router virtual machine...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: ... [openvswitch]

    Hello, since upgrading to Kernel 5.15.35 I have following warning (and a second similar one) during boot: May 15 17:04:57 pve-2 kernel: WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1228 at include/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack.h:175 __ovs_ct_lookup+0x907/0xa40 [openvswitch] May 15 17:04:57 pve-2 kernel: Modules linked...
  9. M

    OVS Bridge Full Mesh with VLAN support

    Hello, I'm using OVS configured for supporting 3 node cluster with full mesh connection (it's basically copied from wiki and it works perfectly). The problem that I'm facing now is separation of networks for different intention - I have an iSCSI share on one of the server nodes and I'd like to...
  10. L

    Doubt in configuration using OVS; duplicate macadress when using OVSINTPORT

    Hello all, I'm a new starter in proxmox, and I have a doubt regarding OVS and SDN. I have two proxmox servers, each one dual port NIC My doubt, first regarding OVS: 1- created two OVS bridges on each proxmox server, using a dual port NIC, but one OVS bridge associated with one port, and second...
  11. F

    ovs_bridge for first interface + DHCP for VMs?

    Hi there, I am really new to all of this so excuse the question, if too stupid :) I want to use OVS and I understood that PVE needs a static IP. I replaced the basic linux bridge with OVS and it works just fine. /etc/network/interfaces (part of) auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto enp9s0...
  12. F

    OVS_bridge for first interface + DHCP for VMs?

    wrong forum now here
  13. S

    [ovs] mtu on several devices are "wrong" after a reboot

    Hey there, after testing the behavior a bit, there are probably two bugs I noticed. One "bug" is resolved with an ifreload or with ifup -a. 1. A ovs_bonds Interface have the mtu of 1500 - despite setting it to 9000 (ovs_mtu 9000). netstat -i (only bond0 and vmbr9) Kernel Interface table Iface...
  14. K

    [SOLVED] OVS - Problem with MTU 9000 on VMs assigned to vmbr0

    I'm investigating the issue what MTU over 1500 doesn't work for me from the (Windows) VM (works fine from the host, and I've set the MTU in adapter properties within the OS). While looking into it, I've noticed that if VM is assigned to vmbr0 than fw* interfaces will have MTU 1500 but if I...
  15. M

    ARP resolution not working while using Firewall and OVS

    PVE 7.1-10 Kernel: Linux 5.15.19-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.15.19-1 I have created two vms (id 9000, ip and 9001 IP with ubuntu linux 20.04 on a proxmox 7.1-10 cluster. Both vms have proxmox firewall settings enabled (see configuration below), also the cluster has...
  16. M

    Open vSwitch (OvS) not working with Proxmox 7.1

    I'm encountering issues with ovs on a brand new setup of a Proxmox 7.1 Server. What I did: 1. Installed current Proxmox 7.1 2. Changed proxmox apt packages sources.list to "pve-no-subscription" 3. apt update 3. apt full-upgrade 4. apt install openvswitch-switch 5. Adatped the...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Throughput issues across VLANs with OVS and virtualized pfSense, is my network configuration the problem?

    I'm trying to hunt down a network throughput issue I'm having in my virtualized environment. It was suggested that perhaps my OVS config could be to blame and so I wanted to get a sanity check on what I'm working with. X-post...
  18. N

    [SOLVED] Error ovs multicast in new PVE 7.0-13 cluster install

    Hello! I have fresh cluster install, 5 nodes. I have all last updates. pve-manager/7.0-13/7aa7e488 (running kernel: 5.11.22-5-pve) Setup is 5 IBM blades and CISCO 3110G stack for LACP. If i have "classic" network with linux, a new node can join. If i use ovs config - node cant join and get...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] ifupdown2: ovs_extra parameter

    After upgrading to ifupdown to ifupdown2 (as part of PVE7), I have a problem to configure NetFlow with ovs_extra in /etc/network/interfaces. Following statement worked in ifupdown: ovs_extra --id=@nf create NetFlow targets=\"\" active_timeout=60 -- set Bridge vmbr0 netflow=@nf In...
  20. K

    Protect the KIDS! Simple vm to vm config

    Hey, I just want a internal (virtuell) connection between tow VMs. is it Possible to creat that without OVS (Open Virtuell switch) ? Have a nice day.


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