1. L

    2 stuck OSD's in ceph database

    I tried to remove all OSD's from a cluster and recreate them, but 2 of them are still stuck in the ceph configuration database. I have done all the standard commands to remove them, but the reference stays. # ceph osd crush remove osd.1 removed item id 1 name 'osd.1' from crush map # ceph osd...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Removing ceph DB disk

    Hello, I've added some more drives to our 3 node ceph cluster, started creating OSDs and accidently created LVM,CEPH (DB) disk instead of OSD. I do not need a seperate DB disk. How can i destroy it and re-create it to regular OSD? Actually i did the same mistake on two nodes. Here's output...
  3. M

    OSD with iSCSI

    Hi, Could anyone help how to configure OSD with iSCSI??
  4. F

    [SOLVED] CEPH Reef osd still shutdown

    Hi everyone, I'm working with a 3 node cluster running with ceph 17 and I'm about to upgrade. I also add a new node to the cluster and install ceph 18.2 . The first OSD i'm creating seems OK yet after a few moments it's shut down. In the logs here is what I can find : May 18 15:34:44 node4...
  5. M

    Having trouble clearing some ceph warnings.. Reduced data availability & Slow ops

    Hey all, I'm having trouble clearing some warnings from my ceph cluster. 1.) HEALTH_WARN: Reduced data availability: 1 pg inactive pg 1.0 is stuck inactive for 5m, current state unknown, last acting [] 2.) HEALTH_WARN: 2 slow ops, oldest one blocked for 299 sec, daemons [osd.0,osd.1] have...
  6. P

    Bluestore erroring opening db

    Hello, I'm managing a cluster of 4 nodes using proxmox 7.4-17 with CEPH. After a messy shutdown caused by a long power outage, a couple of VM images were corrupted, but we could restore them from backup. However, two of the OSD services refuse to come back, showing this kind of error: Apr 18...
  7. I

    [SOLVED] Ceph configuration - best practices

    Long story short... not possible. I'm planning to install and use ceph and HA in my working cluster enviroment. I have 4 nodes with 256GB RAM each and 2x10G NICs dedicated for ceph cluster network traffic. I already know this may be not enough for perfect performance so I'm planning to swap NICs...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Ceph OSD adding issues

    Greetings community! After few month of using ceph from Proxmox i decided to add new disk and stuck with this issue. ceph version 17.2.7 (2dd3854d5b35a35486e86e2616727168e244f470) quincy (stable) Running command: /usr/bin/ceph-authtool --gen-print-key Running command: /usr/bin/ceph --cluster...
  9. Y

    Ceph - 4 Node NVME Cluster Recommendations

    I need to build a 4 node Ceph cluster and I need an effective capacity of 30TB. Each node is configured like this: Supermicro 2U Storage Server 24 x NVME, X11DPU, Dual 1600W 2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6240 18 Core 2.6Ghz Processor 768G Ram 2x 100G Network 6 x Samsung PM9A3 3.84TB PCIe 4.0 2.5...
  10. N

    [SOLVED] What is Quay.io ?

    Hi, when I try to attach a new osd to my ceph cluster, I get an error regarding the link https://quay.io/v2/ I would like to know where this error comes from and why ? And what is the real use of the quay.io/v2/, does ceph retrieve information on the remote server ? Thanks in advance Error...
  11. UdoB

    [SOLVED] FYI: do not extend Ceph with OSDs connected via USB

    Just written down for your amusement, on a lazy, dark and rainy Sunday afternoon: Someone (me) might try to extend a Ceph cluster by adding NVMe (or other SSDs) via USB3 Adapters. For a small homelab this should be feasable, isn't it? My three PVE nodes already run a single Ceph OSD on an...
  12. G

    OSD rebalance at 1Gb/s over 10Gb/s network?

    Hi, I'm trying to build a hyper-converged 3 node cluster with 4 OSD each on proxmox but I'm having some issues with the OSDs... First one is the rebalance speed: I've noticed that, even over a 10Gbps network, ceph rebalance my pool at max 1Gbps but iperf3 confirm that the link is effectively...
  13. L

    Hyperconverged Proxmox + Ceph Cluster - how to reconnect the right disk to nodes

    Hi, i had created a 3 Nodes Proxmox cluster with 3 Lenovo M720Q (for simplicity i call the nodes N1,N2 and N3). Then i had added 4 disks (D1, D2, D3 and D4). All was working fine. Then i move all the SFF PC and the disk from my desk to the rack but unfortunately i do not write down the...
  14. H

    Ceph failed OSD disk replace

    Hello, We have a failed OSD disk to replace on a production server. We have to hot replace it using remote hands in data center. Are theese steps correct? 1.Set global OSD flags: noout/norebalance/nobackfill 2.Out and destroy failed disk 3.Wipe failed disk under Disks /dev/sdx 4.Physically...
  15. C

    Replace all SSDs on a 3 nodes cluster

    Hi everyone, I have a 3 nodes cluster running on PVE 6.4 with a total of 24 SSDs with CEPH. Considering that: - the cluster can be brought to a total stop - each node is more than capable to host all the machines - new SSDs are bigger (from 960GB to 1.92TB) - I'd highly prefer to not stress the...
  16. M

    PVE 7 to 8: VM crashes after migrating, OSD not found

    I run a 3-node PVE with CEPH. I migrated all VMs away from node 3, upgraded to the latest CEPH (Quincy) and then started the PVE 7 to 8 upgrade on node 3. After rebooting node 3 (now PVE 8), everything seemed to work well. So I migrated two VMs, one each from node 1 (still on PVE 7) and node 2...
  17. L

    Virtual machines freezes with no console vnc output.

    Hi ! I have a cluster of pve 7.2.7 and ceph 16.2.9 About a month ago, some virtual machines in my cluster with CIS rolled on them (https://github.com/ansible-lockdown/UBUNTU20-CIS ) started to hang up for no reason. Only resetting the machine helps. There is nothing in the logs of the machines...
  18. J

    Kernel Crashes on IO error on dev dm-X

    Hey People, I have some devastating issues with my Backup Ceph Filesystem. It started with a failed disk some days ago, which is set it into recovery/rebuild mode. Its based on two erasure coding pools, one being 8/7 and the other 12/11 with a total of 16 disks. I didn't worry about anything as...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Ceph health warning: unable to load:snappy

    Hello, after a server crash I was able to repair the cluster. Health check looks ok, but there's this warning for 68 OSDs: unable to load:snappy All OSDs are located on the same cluster node. Therefore I was checking version of related file libsnappy1v5; this was 1.1.9 Comparing this file...
  20. G

    Ceph: actual used space?

    Hi, I'm running a Proxmox 7.2-7 cluster with Ceph 16.2.9 "Pacific". I can't tell the difference between Ceph > Usage and Ceph > Pools > Used (see screenshots). Can someone please explain what's the actual space used in my Ceph storage? Do you think that 90% used pool is potentially dangerous...


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