1. D

    [SOLVED] How to force a node to catch-up? config_version is behind by 1

    Hi there, I have added a new node (pve-nuc6-5) while one was offline (pve-nuc6-4). As a result, pve-nuc6-4 remains offline despite being accessible. I noticed that pve-nuc6-4 was one version (Corosync.conf) behind the rest of the cluster. How do I force it to sync to the last version...
  2. R

    Preseed proxmox without internet connection

    Hi I'm having some difficulties with installing Proxmox with my requirements. I'm trying to create a custom installer image based on debian with Proxmox on top of it. Why? I need to be able to install Proxmox automatically without an internet connection. What I can't use As far as I know, I...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] vzdump hang up with offline nfs storage

    hi, if a storage was mounted with nfs and a backup is running, storage goes offline (power lost for exsample), vzdump is hang up, prozess can not be kill, not stop in web gui and not with kill -9 pid pve-manager/7.2-11/b76d3178 any ideas for fix or is a bug in main software for proxmox team...
  4. F

    Sind meine Platten kaputt? Oder was ist hier los??

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mal eine Frage. Ich habe mir einen neuen Serverschrank gekauft und meinen Server in diesen eingebaut. Seit dem dieser jedoch dort steht geht der Server jedoch nach einiger (ungleicher) Zeit offline. Er wird nicht mehr in der FritzBox angezeigt oder in einem LAN Scan. Es...
  5. Dunuin

    How to handle datastore on NFS share that is offline most of the time?

    Hi, Right now I got a single PBS-VM1 on Host2 that got its datastore from Host2 via NFS. And this PBS-VM1 and NFS share is available all the time. Problem is that I can't backup Host2 or guests on it, because if Host2 fails there would be no running PBS to restore them from. I also got Host1...
  6. M

    node seems to be offline

    Hello guys I had a problem using proxmox in my Debian machine. my problem are in the web GUI when I want to create a VM it shows a warning that the node seems to be offline like this image. but if I navigate to the node information it says online and have uptime like this image. and this...
  7. V

    storage is not online (cifs)

    Hi, I have a PVE 6.4 that I did not want to upgrade directly so I installed a new 7.0 and joined them in a cluster. On the old one my cifs storage was working perfectly fine but on the new one it does not connect. My syslog is full with messages like pvedaemon[126626]: storage 'STORAGE' is not...
  8. W

    Proxmox Secure Communications Configuration

    This may end up being quite a loaded question but… What would be the best/easiest way to setup SSL/secure communication for the WHOLE server including all VMs and Containers? Is it possible to have local/LAN access ONLY, with remote access only available via a VPN/tunnel? Would it be possible...
  9. Z

    Problem with ssds

    Hello Proxmox Forum, I have since I installed proxmox permanently problems that after x amount of days apparently my ssds are offline or abort the connection and thus my complete proxmox setup crashes. I have installed the ssds normally and direct on the sata ports in the server where proxmox...
  10. S

    Two out of Three nodes offline after network outage

    I have a three node hyperconverged cluster running PVE 6.2-6 and CEPH. After recovering from network problems involving VLANs reverting to an older configuration and waiting overnight, only one of the three nodes shows that it's online. A Fencing message went out this morning about one of the...
  11. S

    Proxmox web interface offline repeatedly

    Since a few days I experience strange outages of the proxmox web interface. This happens every few minutes for a short amount of time and then the web interface is back online again without any manual action. The strange thing I noticed is, that during this outage, the proxmox server is pingable...
  12. H

    Migration ohne Shared Storage

    Hallo zusammen. Ist es möglich die Migration, gerne auch offline, ohne Shared-Storage zu nutzen, dass also bei der Migration gleichzeitig automatisch das Image auf ein lokales Medium einer anderen Node umgezogen wird? Wenn ich das ohne Shared-Storage versuche, dann bekomme ich die Meldung...
  13. S

    [TUTORIAL] Cluster made of permanent + adhoc nodes

    Hi, I wanted to share my bits with you concerning my home lab cluster made of: - Permanent on-state machines - Ad-hoc machines (in order to reduce power consumption) Of course, besides the "usual" problems of voting (solved by assigning a much higher number of votes to the permanently-on...
  14. D

    [SOLVED] NFS Storage offline

    Jul 29 00:49:03 node02-sxb-pve01 pvestatd[2410]: storage 'ovh-nfs-node02' is not online Jul 29 00:49:13 node02-sxb-pve01 pvestatd[2410]: storage 'ovh-nfs-node02' is not online Jul 29 00:49:23 node02-sxb-pve01 pvestatd[2410]: storage 'ovh-nfs-node02' is not online Jul 29 00:49:33 node02-sxb-pve01...
  15. J

    Cluster nodes "offline" but working

    I have created a new cluster with 4 nodes, the problem is that when I reboot them all of them are working, but after some minutes some of them says that are disconnected. When this happens I execute in the shell node: service corosync restart After execute this command the node is online...
  16. G

    Network is unreachable

    Hello, noob here, I've tried many of the solutions listed but can't figure it out. I'm installing proxmox onto an old dell optiplex I have connected to my shitty AT&T modem. I set the computer's ip to static and set the ip in proxmox when installing to the same ip (I left the rest to default)...
  17. P

    Nodes getting offline

    Hi, I have a cluster setup with 2 nodes (proxmox01 and proxmox02). Proxmox01 is my primary node, then Proxmox02 is my second. What I noticed is everytime proxmox02 gets a bit loaded (system load reach around 2.0) because of the "kvm" process, it automatically get disconnected from the cluster...
  18. B

    NFS storage is not online (500)

    Hi, I have a 2 node Proxmox VE cluster running 4.1 I have multiple storage targets pointing to my NAS running FreeNAS and serving them via NFS. I keep running into issues where the web interface will report Storage 'NAME' is not online (500). I know that my NFS storage in accessible though...
  19. I

    Cold Standby

    Hi all, Firstly, a little background so you know where I am: I used to run two physical CentOS servers at home as active/standby for a few personal projects. The active server ran mail, ownCloud, databases etc etc, and each night the active server sent a WoL to the standby and rsync'd...


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