1. E

    Datastore Sync Job, only sync last n backup

    Hello all, is it possible for the sync job to decide that i only want sync last n backups? I´m on the Version 2.4-1 Thanks for answers :)
  2. S

    Offsite backup

    Team, I got two node PVE v7.3-3 (clustered) running 8 VMs (id 100 to 107). I can backup / restore the VM on these two PVE nodes all ok. In parallel, I got PBS v2.3-1 where these 10 VMs are backup like, if I look in command line on PBS, see picture. Each VM got multiple backups (say 10 copies)...
  3. P

    Retention & sync jobs

    Hello all, I'm thinking about migrating to PBS for on-site & off-site backup. While the connection between headquarters and branch office is relatively (very) slow, the backups have always lagged behind for some days (using copy job in Veeam). The lagging is not a problem while is ok that i...
  4. T

    Limit number of backups sent to remote (off-site) backup server

    Hi Everyone, Perhaps I've missed something in the forum or in the manual, but is there a way to reduce or limit the number of backups sent to a remote PBS? For example, say my on-site backup server had 8TiB and was used for A LOT of backups, but my off-site was say 4TiB usable, could the sync...
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    proxmox backup replication? (second twin off site)

    finally i revived the hardware for our first BBS, and before installing i would like to ask some questions to know what is the best approach to meet our requirements backup lxc\vms (that that pbs is designed to ) 1. what is the best method to do : nfs share to store vm backups (hyper-v...
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    Restoring encrypted backup outside the cluster

    Friends good night! I am testing PBS in parallel with the full backup of some VMs and now with the option of incremental backup I can deploy something that I would like to do for a long time. My client has some local Proxmox and 2 PVEs in the OVH cloud, my goal is to use PBS to, in case of a...
  7. M

    Remote backup to B2

    How exactly should PBS be backed up to systems other than another PBS host? In particular I was wanting to set up an offsite backup to Backblaze B2. Is it fine to just take a normal file level backup of the datastore using some third party backup software? I'm assuming the backups are just...
  8. C

    Off-site backups of Windows server VMs from various PVEs on the internet

    I'm considering using proxmox on 2-3 totally different sites. Details: These sites do not belong to the same organization, but management (including backup) has been delegated to a small (two person) firm. PVE boxes on each site are connected to the net using either ADSL or VDSL links...


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