1. O

    Proxmox node shutdown/reboot/hang without any useful logs

    I have a Proxmox node which cannot access today (it shows red cross). I check the syslog and it just say "-- Reboot -- " and something like this The problem occurs without any useful logs to find the root cause Can you help me find the cause of this, this is the 3rd time this problem occur in...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] passing a physical drive through to vm - need help

    Hello, I am trying to add a physical drive to a vm and ran into an error message saying "Configuration file 'nodes/hl/qemu-server/103.conf' does not exist" I did a little googling on this and saw a few posts about creating a new config. This is a cloned vm from a ubuntu vm i originally made...
  3. J

    Node Memory Usage Broken? Reports VM as Always Using Entire Allocated Memory.

    I currently have an Ubuntu and a Windows 11 VM running on my Promox node. The node has 24gb of RAM, and I have allocated 12gb to the Windows VM. I set up ballooning on both Proxmox and inside the VM, and the reported memory usage in the VM Summary matches Windows Task Manager as expected...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] High Availability On Numerous Hardware Configuration

    I'm interested in configuring high availability but I couldn't find information about how it works with different hardware configurations. I have a really beefy main server, and my other servers that would be in the 3 HA node aren't as powerful. 128 Cores 4 TB of RAM 44 Cores 1 TB of RAM 88...
  5. D

    Clone the boot SSD in cluster mode

    Hi, I've seen few threads about cloning the boot disks to another disk/SSD, some used clonezilla (which, as of this moment, still having problems cloning the Proxmox boot SSD), some use dd. My problem is a bit different: I have a cluster of 3 nodes (prox,prox2,prox3, I've created the cluster...
  6. N

    Cluster: Stay logged in in node shells

    Dears, I run 2 PVE nodes in a cluster for hobby/learning. I login with PVE auth, root user on PAM is disabled for login. Now when I log into the shell of one of the nodes (as root), I'm immediately logged out if I leave the shell (for example: clicking on another item of the datacenter GUI)...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Move VM from a dead node to a second node

    New to proxmox, I was trying to rename the initial node pve1; however, it disabled the initial node and created a new one, vm-dev. The VM (TrueNas) is still located on the dead node; I can’t seem to find any working tutorial that would help me. Any help would be appreciated! Also, I need a...
  8. S

    Need Help Removing Node from Proxmox Cluster

    Hello Proxmox Community, I hope this post finds you well. I'm currently facing an issue with my Proxmox setup, and I'm seeking advice on how to gracefully remove a node from a Proxmox cluster. Issue Summary: I accidentally created a Proxmox cluster with only one node, and now I'd like to...
  9. H

    SSH connection between VM's accross different VLAN's while using Firewall

    Hi, I read over some other threads that this issue is known but the solution does not seem to be official. That's why I'm posting this one. Example: VM1 on vlan30 and VM2 on vlan60 - VM1 can ping VM2 (and vice versa) - VM2 cannot ssh VM1... But VM1 can ssh to VM2 - PVE firewall is activated...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] How to force a node to catch-up? config_version is behind by 1

    Hi there, I have added a new node (pve-nuc6-5) while one was offline (pve-nuc6-4). As a result, pve-nuc6-4 remains offline despite being accessible. I noticed that pve-nuc6-4 was one version (Corosync.conf) behind the rest of the cluster. How do I force it to sync to the last version...
  11. Y

    Performance Testing

    Greetings my friends. I wish you a good ending of the week. I have this particular question on my mind it's been a while now. On my laptop, I run a Python code that takes about 30 seconds to compile and run. My objective is to run the same code on a cluster of 3 nodes and determine how much...
  12. I

    [SOLVED] temporarily lost pve cluster node reappears

    Hi! I think everything is under control but i would like to ask for confirmation that this is expected thinking-behaviour-etc of PVE cluster. Events happen in 20-ish node non-HA-configured v. 6.4 cluster (and also VM's are not configured to start automatically). Starting point is all nodes are...
  13. N

    One of my Proxmox Nodes suddenly keeps randomly freezing (Pre and Post PVE8 Upgrade)

    Hello guys, I've been trying to find the cause of random freezing of one of my Proxmox Nodes for a week now, but I cant find anything, as I havent done something like this up until now. Here is the output of journalctl -b -1 and the general Syslog before the failure attached. Also here as a...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Error 500 cluster not ready. Please help

    Hello, I had a cluster, one of the servers disappeared. After that I cant run any of my vms. And inside of the cluster tab the cluster information is grayed out but it still shows that there are two nodes. When I look at the status of Corosync it says "Could not open /etc corosync/authkey: No...
  15. K

    [SOLVED] Adding a new Node with VMs/LXCs to cluster

    So it seems that you cannot add a node to a cluster if said node already has VMs/LXCs configured and running. Presumably this is a failsafe in case of ID replication. Is there a recognised way of adding the node to the cluster without having to migrate all the VMs/LXCs away, making a clean node...
  16. powersupport

    Proxmox cluster not functioning

    Hi, We have 7 node cluster and it was working well till yesterday, suddenly it got an issue, VMs stopped, the cluster was not stable, etc, randomly I shut down node 3, then all issues were resolved, and the cluster is working fine, then started the node again to test, as soon as the node up...
  17. N

    [solved] Help with removing node(+ceph) from cluster

    Hi to all i am very new in proxmox environment, so maybe it is a basic question but i am unsure how to proceed there is a cluster with 6 node call it sm7,8,9,10,11,12 well, when i assembled the cluster, every node was in good shape, but... last pc start to behave oddly so i want to remove it...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Node not in cluster after debian update

    Hello everyone, first time post, sorry if the formatting is wrong. So I started in a company and took over a proxmox cluster on Debian 11. After toying with proxmox for a few months, I decided to check the last thing on my predecessor's to-do list "keep the system up to date". Simple enough...
  19. S

    Api command in node

    Hello, I would know how to execute this command 'qm set 123 --ipconfig0 ip=,gw=' in a node with the API. If you know how to do it differently (With the API) I would know it too. It's to configure the ipconfig in cloud in it on a VM I just deploy (with the API)
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Execute command in node with API

    Hi, i'm trying to do this : $params = array("commands" => json_encode(array( "pct exec ". $lxcid." -- bash -c 'echo PermitRootLogin Yes >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config'" )))); if($pve->post("/nodes/proxmox/execute/", $params){ echo '{"result": "good", "desc": "cmd 1 ok"}'; }else{ echo...


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