nfs 500

  1. A

    NFS Share doesn't work

    I tried to make a NFS share with my TrueNAS Server but this error keeps showing on the screen.
  2. F

    [SOLVED] NFS not online after NFS server reboot

    Hello, So we are currently facing one issue with one nfs mount which was mounted on our cluster. We only used it for VM backups. We started facing this issue after our NFS server(debian 11) was rebooted. pvestatd is flooding the log with: Sep 14 23:06:00 node01 pvestatd[3331]: storage...
  3. Z

    Issues with NFS share not reconnecting if I have to reboot the nfs server.

    Hello, I am tired and finally at my witts end with NFS. I currently have a setup in a home lab environment. I run a few VM's to include an unraid server (that currently hosts my dockers). It currently holds a couple VM's that I run from proxmox. If I have to reboot the unraid server for any...
  4. J

    Create storage failed for nfs storage mount

    I installed proxmox 7.1-2 as a cluster. I tried to configure NFS (v3) as Shared Volume with NetApp storage, and the following error occurred. create storage failed: mkdir /mnt/pve/aff_Proxmox_01/images: Permission denied at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/ line 1292. (500) I have 5...
  5. A

    NFS Backup share disconnecting during backup operation

    I have 5 NFS shares coming from my Unraid server into my Proxmox cluster of 4 nodes (named Prox-1 through 4 respectively). These shares are: AppData Archives Backups ISOs VM-Datastore They connect fine, but the Backups share will error out partway through a backup operation, and the Archives...
  6. K

    NFS/Cifs mount?

    Dell r720 - Proxmox 7.1.7 Dell r720 - Truenas 12.0-U7 They're on separate subnets but it's always been like this and they both can communicate both ways nothing has changed other than the errors just showing up one day and my backups are not working... I have no idea what it is I've freshly...
  7. L

    NFS share not correctly unmounted

    Hi together I tried to configure a new NFS share on my Proxmox Cluster. I made a mistake and deleted the working NFS share from the GUI. After the storage change I tried to remount the NFS share from the GUI with the same name. I keep getting this error: I searched the web for a workaround...
  8. F

    NFS storage is not online (500)

    Liebe Proxer und Proxis, ich habe einen NFS export gemounted. Im Prinzip hat alles funktioniert. Plötzlich kommt die Meldung: Keine Ahnung warum, aber der NFS Mount ist da! # df -h 7.2T 6.0T 1.3T 83% /mnt/pve/NFS-ISOs # mount...
  9. aasami

    NFS: storage 'bkp' is not online (500)

    Hello all, I know this issue was covered several times on this forum, but my symptoms are a bit different. I've used NFS storage for a few months but, now the storage shows offline in Proxmox GUI. Although on 2 nodes out of three it is mounted and accessible when checked from command line. Here...
  10. S

    NFS not mounting properly on the Datacentre cluster

    Hello All, I have created a cluster of 5 Proxmox VEs together. When I am trying to mount an NFS from another server for live migration between the cluster. It shows not online in the storage. Please help me with this?
  11. P

    NFS Shares: storage is not online (500). Why?

    I have a Proxmox 5.1-35 ( and FreeNAS 11.0-U4 ( server. Everything was fine until few days ago, maybe 4 days, Proxmox stopped seeing NFS shares on FreeNAS. The message in /var/log/syslog: pve01 pvestatd[1277]: storage 'Backups' is not online This happened for all NFS...
  12. D

    PVE 5 / NFS3 (not coming online)

    I installed Proxmox 5.0-32 this morning onto a new cluster that I built. We are trying to mount it to a Tintri NFS appliance that only supports NFS version 3. If i manually mount it from the server to a test directory using NFS v3 it mounts just fine, however Proxmox doesn't seem to want to...
  13. R

    Proxmox 4 Backup NFS Error!

    Hi, I have an nfs from my server hoster. in the proxmox webinterface under the point storage i add a new storage "nfs". everythink is working fine. the storage is mounted and i can see it in the webinterface. now i started a backup job, but the backupjob have errors: INFO: "....." failed...
  14. A

    NFS shares give me an error 500.

    NFS shares give me an error 500 in the proxmox gui, blocking vm's that require it for boot to stop working. Sometimes when the Share is function and a boot of a vm is made the system eventually locks up. What I have tried: Configuring cat /etc/pve/storage.cfg nfs: hdd01 server...
  15. B

    NFS storage is not online (500)

    Hi, I have a 2 node Proxmox VE cluster running 4.1 I have multiple storage targets pointing to my NAS running FreeNAS and serving them via NFS. I keep running into issues where the web interface will report Storage 'NAME' is not online (500). I know that my NFS storage in accessible though...


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